Cannabis, CBD, Regulations, and the AHPA are what Asa Waldstein, a veteran of the dietary supplement industry, sit down and talk about in this episode if Concierge For Better Living with Doc Rob.

Asa is also the SVP Operations at Functional Remedies, which is a team of botanists, scientists, innovators, and visionaries that have come together with a common ethos: help others, never settle, stay curious, and grow things. These principles ground them as well as guide them forward to create the most efficacious hemp oil on the planet. During these tough times, it gets harder and harder to find light at the end of the tunnel. Asa helps do this by diving deep into the dietary faction of cannabis. He also explains how old practices with cannabis, such as canning, can and are making a comeback in today’s cannabis industry.

Asa and their team stand by the fact that all hemp products are not created equal because all hemp plants are not created equal. For over a decade they’ve cross-bred and cultivated agricultural hemp to yield the most nutrient-dense plants with the most potent & balanced blend of phytocompounds found anywhere. Direct from Functional Remedies’ own farm, these whole plants are transformed with their proprietary Lipid Infusion process that preserves the many beneficial nutrients (like terpenes and flavonoids) found in hemp. This unique process is more time consuming but far superior to CO2 and chemical processes that strip the nutrient content.