Editor's Note
The hemp industry is voicing concerns over the definition of "Marihuana Extract” in the Farm Bill and how the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is planning to implement the legislation. DEA Special Agent Sean Mitchell is quoted as saying, “The DEA is aware of the concerns of the CBD industry, and is evaluating policy options." Going forward the industry seeks to gain insight into interpretations of the law based on real-world scenarios.
We are a week into a 60-day comment period around the DEA’s implementation of the Agricultural Improvements Act – more commonly known as the Farm Bill. It started when it confirmed four rulemaking changes to its existing regulations around what hemp is in the post Farm Bill world.

... [T]he part that rattled the hemp industry is that “the definition of ‘Marihuana Extract’” is limited to extracts “containing greater than 0.3 percent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on a dry weight basis.” That’s because at certain points during the process the crude oil may spike above the federal limits, turning it into a schedule one substance.

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