Editor's Note
Idaho police recently seized nearly 7,000 pounds of cannabis, but the Colorado-based company that bought what it claims is industrial hemp is now suing for its hemp back. For decades, states like Idaho and the federal government treated hemp just like any other cannabis plant and despite legalization through the 2018 Farm Bill, nine states still do not allow hemp cultivation under any circumstances: Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio and Connecticut. Many other states only allow pilot programs or are just making forays into allowing hemp cultivation. Four states -- Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas -- still prohibit hemp-derived CBD. Lawmakers in these states face new challenges because it can be difficult to discern a hemp plant from a marijuana plant. The outcome of this lawsuit could provide a precedent for future cases where the federal and state law contradict each other.
Idaho State Police says it seized 6,701 pounds of illicit marijuana from a truck passing through the state last month. The Colorado company that bought the plants in Oregon says it's legal hemp. But the truck driver caught in the middle is now facing felony marijuana trafficking charges. ...

The Idaho State Police says their analyses, and canine units, can only test for the presence of THC -- not the concentration.

The agency has since sent a sample of the hemp seized to a lab to test how much THC it contains.