Italian Director Marco Bellocchio’s
Poignant Documentary Marx Can Wait
Screens In Official Competition Tonight
Italian director Marco Bellocchio’s (pictured above) new feature Marx Can Wait screens in the Cannes premiere Official Selection tonight. Marco Bellocchio is also the second guest of honor along with Jody Foster to be presented with the Honorary Palme d’or during Cannes 2021. Marco Bellocchio's Honorary Palme d’or which he will receive on closing night is a tribute to his unique body of work that has marked contemporary cinema with potency and freedom. 
In Marx Can Wait, which is a profoundly moving and painful personal documentary, the Italian filmmaker attempts to understand, humbly and retrospectively, his twin brother’s suicide at the age of 29. A family tragedy that he has never really recovered from, both a source of guilt and inspiration. Blending excerpts from his films and conversations with people close to him, Bellocchio investigates this fraternal figure that never ceases to haunt his filmography.

Pierre Lescure, President of the Festival de Cannes, in a salute to the director, says: “Marco has always questioned institutions, traditions, personal and collective history. In each of his works, almost involuntarily, or at least as naturally as possible, he revolutionizes the established order.” Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate, adds: “We are proud to distinguish Marco Bellocchio, one of the great masters of Italian cinema after 56 years of fascinating work, in succession to his director friends Bernardo Bertolucci, Manoel de Oliveira, and Agnès Varda. He is a filmmaker, an auteur and a poet. Honoring him with the Honorary Palme d'or is self-evident for everyone that admires his work.”
Agnès Godard One Of The Few Women
Directors Of Photography In France And Worldwide
Receives The Pierre Angénieux Tribute And Award
Angénieux, an official partner of the Cannes Festival since 2013, celebrates Agnès Godard (pictured above), Claire Denis historic collaborator, with the prestigious Pierre Angénieux Tribute in a special ceremony surrounded by an invited delegation dedicated to her tonight during the Festival de Cannes.

Agnès Godard comments: “For me the magic of cinema is the moment when sensation and feeling flow into one another, the alchemy of a visual experience, seen and lived, which brings the images to life.” On Angénieux zooms, Godard comments: “I started to work shooting mostly with fixed focal. Then, little by little, I included Angénieux zoom lenses in my practices. The Optimos have taken up more and more space. I have just finished a film shot only with Angénieux Full Frame zooms. These lenses have imposed themselves without any hesitation. There is not a single shot where I have not been seduced and impressed by the luxury of their quality." 

Each year, a major and successful director of photography is awarded with the Pierre Angénieux Tribute in a ceremony opened by Delegate General Thierry Frémaux and presented by French journalist Pierre Zéni. The event represents a unique opportunity to turn the spotlight on these professionals, without whom cinema would not exist. Past recipients include Philippe Rousselot (AFC, ASC) in 2013, Vilmos Zsigmond (HSC, ASC) in 2014, Roger A. Deakins (BSC, ASC) in 2015, Peter Suschitzky (ASC) in 2016, Christopher Doyle (HKSC) in 2017, Edward Lachman (ASC) in 2018, and Bruno Delbonnel (AFC, ASC) in 2019.

About Agnes Godard: Born on May 28th, 1951 in Dur-sur-Auron in the Cher department of France, Agnès Godard said that she “started with no contact within the film industry. Neither by friends nor family,” and first headed towards journalism studies – a career she pursued for several years – before shifting towards cinema. After studying cinema at the French university Censier in Paris, she went on to study at the IDHEC, one of the most prestigious of French film schools and graduated in 1980. Godard started as a camera assistant alongside the great master of image Henri Alekan. Godard assisted Robby Müller for the Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas and became second camera operator followed by director of photography. Besides Wim Wenders, Godard also worked at the time with prestigious directors such as Peter Greenaway or Alain Resnais. Her reputation is mainly based on her long-lasting collaboration with French director Claire Denis, with whom she has worked closely on more than 15 films.

About Angénieux: Angénieux is world-renowned for its camera lenses. They are used worldwide for cinema, TV dramas, music videos or commercials. The history of the brand started in 1935, more than 80 years ago, with the creation of the Pierre Angénieux Company. Cinema enthusiast and genius inventor, Pierre Angénieux laid the foundations of the modern zoom lenses and ensured the continued success of his company which experienced an incredible destiny. Pierre Angénieux was not only interested in cinema: he also turned to photography, television, optronics, and medical. Angénieux lenses went all the way to the moon! Chosen by NASA in the 1960s, they have participated in different missions of the prestigious American organization. They were aboard Apollo 11 and participated in the extraordinary success of the mission, that, 50 years ago, showed the images of man’s first step on the Moon. Angénieux became a company within the Thales Group brand in 1993.
The Healing: A Documentary About The
Crisis Afflicting Veterans And Ex-Racehorses
Can Revolutionise The Way The Australian
Defence Force And Racing Industry
Responds To The Issue
Escapade Media has secured worldwide rights to Nick Barkla’s new documentary The Healing from his Melbourne-based company Staunch Films. The documentary will World Premiere July 21, on Opening Night of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. Nick Barkla (pictured above) comments: “Five years in the making, I’m thrilled to be able to finally share The Healing with the world. It was a privilege to document the journeys of the humans and horses in the film, and I’m sure audiences will be as moved and inspired by their transformations as I was.”
Natalie Lawley says: “Escapade has followed this project during the last 18 months, and we are delighted to have secured the distribution rights. This film examines the global issue of military PTSD in a new light through equine welfare. The healing of both human and horse. We are really looking forward to launching this film.”
The Healing examines the global topic of PTSD in military veterans (pictured above Rick, veteran with ex-racehorse) and how an innovative equine welfare program provides hope and healing for both veterans and ex-racehorses, giving them both a second chance at life. Set against the stunning backdrop of country Australia, The Healing is an inspiring journey of recovery that immerses us in the emotional drama of two very different worlds. The film explores a life-saving equine welfare program that brings traumatised ex-racehorses and traumatised veterans together to help heal each other. The stakes are literally life and death for the horses and humans participating in the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance’s 5-day program. All were highly trained, regimented and of great service and value to their employers, but were then discarded and left to fend for themselves.
Their previous skills have rendered them useless in the “real world,” and they now face uncertain futures. The two vulnerable groups are brought together by professional horseman Scott Brodie, whose unique system of retraining teaches both horses and humans new skills that build trust, patience, and confidence. In an extraordinary mutual-healing, the horses are retrained for second careers as equestrian, therapy, or recreational horses. The veterans regain their pride and focus, return to work, and repair relationships with family and friends. International Sales of The Healing (1 x 53’ 4K & HD) Escapade Media.

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