Gervon Abraham  CANTO CSR Chair
In March 2017, I was selected to become Chairman of the CANTO CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee. I am humbled by the appointment and look forward to doing work that drives CSR in CANTO and throughout the region.
Having some considerable experience as a Public Relations practitioner CSR is my "VALHALLA" It is a place I hope to reach, a mythical place, and my journey to that place will continue as I work with CANTO and within this region.
In my experiences however, I feel relatively comfortable stating that a lot of Public Relations passes as C.S.R and affords organizations the opportunity to call themselves good corporate citizens.  I am not vexed but saddened by same and feel called to a higher place, the place where I want C.S.R to mean something (to you), something different, to all the members of CANTO.
The organizations which we work for and have responsibility for approving and executing projects are some of the largest in the Caribbean, and compared to other industries, our sphere to influence and change the region is unequalled.
The role that technology plays, which all CANTO members play as being practitioners and transmitters of revolutionary, game changing, equalizing and global shrinking technology must equally be seen for its capability of changing the lives of the people who are not at the centre.  By this, I mean the people who don't rush to buy the latest gadgets but still marvel at technology and its capacity to change life.
I want that CANTO Region where when we consider the next new "device" or "technology," we know what it means for persons with disabilities and not only what it means for persons with the disposable income to afford same. When CANTO members build a new website, we must be sure that it is built to enable as many persons as possible with disabilities to access it. 
I want a CANTO Region where the products and services which we sell all have attributes that enable persons with disability and they know it.  A region where regulators and operators and all stakeholders can work together to make this happen on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  I want the region to want this with me.  I want to see more projects for more people whom the technological revolution is yet to touch.
I want CANTO to be an agent of change.  I would like you to join me to engineer a "CANTO disruption" of the region.  Let's chat about that C.S.R place where Technology and the Region can meet.
Please let me know if you would be willing to join the CANTO C.S.R Committee, nominate or delegate someone to join the Committee. Your feedback by 12th May, 2017 would be appreciated.
For further information please contact:
Tel: 868 622 4781, 622 3770