NETA Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs) are a group of industry leading companies that NETA has invited to join forces in working together towards a common aim: improving quality, safety, and electrical system reliability. Click here for more information on the NETA Corporate Alliance Partners.
Be Sure to Check Out These Upcoming Events Hosted by OMICRON
7th Annual Northeast Power and Energy Conference (NEPEC)
May 17-19, 2022

NEPEC's mission is to foster a special community of power professionals in the Northeast. This event continues to provide professionals from industry, academia, utilities, government, and manufacturers an opportunity to exchange knowledge on systems, equipment, and designs responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power.
OMICRON electronics Corp USA
(800) OMI-CRON
5th Annual North American IEC 61850 Tutorial and Workshop
June 8-9, 2022

One of the major trends in our industry is Digital Substations and IEC 61850. Utilities around the world are looking to IEC 61850 for their substation modernization projects. Regardless of where you are on your route to IEC 61850, there's something for everyone in this three-day 5th Annual North American IEC 61850 Tutorial and Workshop. Industry experts share practical examples highlighting aspects of IEC-61850-based protection, automation, and control systems, including cybersecurity. NETA Companies are invited to join us on the route to IEC 61850.
What's New With Our Partners?
A-Rent Test Equipment
(630) 748-8900
A-Rent Now Offers
Calibration Services

A-Rent now offers NIST-traceable calibration services for a wide range of electrical test equipment on a 3 day turnaround time. With A-Rent, you aren’t just buying a sticker. Our engineers understand the functionality of your equipment and calibrate with the correct standards and procedures to ensure proper functionality and precise measurements. Optional adjustment, repair and firmware upgrade services are also available for many items.

Click below to see the wide range of equipment that A-Rent calibrates and to request a quote.
Protec Equipment Resources
(866) 352-5550
Protec Training Series 2022 - NFPA 70E Training (20 CTDs) 

Protec Equipment Resources has launched a new NFPA 70E training course for the electrical testing industry! "Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker" is aimed at qualified electrical workers to help them build capabilities, knowledge and safe work practices when working around energized electrical systems. Protec now offers a live online instructor-led 2.5 day course that meets OSHA requirements and the NFPA 70E 2021 standard for electrical safety in the workplace. This course is approved for 20 NETA CTDs.  For more information, visit, contact your Protec sales rep, or email
P.S. - Don't forget to join us for a FREE monthly "3rd Thursday" webinar series on practical learning topics throughout the year, hosted by Tom Sandri. Register at
ECP Solutions
(713) 222-9191
ECP Solutions: A Safety Training Solutions Provider

In 2022, the ECP Solutions team noted a distinct shortage of safety training available throughout the industry. Recognizing the critical need for these types of services, ECP Solutions now offers training on a variety of topics, including Basic Safety, Safety Management, Third Party Safety Management (ISN, Avetta, etc.) and even CPR/First Aid, NFPA 70E, and PPE.

Learn more about the safety solutions ECP Solutions offers by visiting
Doble Engineering Company
(617) 926-4900
Doble Test Assistant 8 Delivers Greater Diagnostic Power & Instrument Support for Comprehensive Field Testing & Analysis

DTA features the First Response Analytics Knowledgebase™ (FRANK™) an artificial intelligence system that “thinks”, helping you instantly analyze your test results along with clear recommendations and explanations. It provides automated control and testing for both the Doble M4100 and M7100. This allows companies to maintain a mixed fleet of Doble power factor test sets on a single platform.

Furthermore, this software is complete with a new and intuitive user interface and runs in the Microsoft Windows operating environment, making it easily accessible without the need for additional software or programing capabilities.
(888) 902-6111
Field Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer! Exclusively for Rent from intellirent

Intellirent, division of Electro Rent, supports transformer testing and maintenance. We have the most extensive fleet and are proud to now offer MTE’s HydroCal 1011 HP. In an exclusive rental partner agreement with MTE and ZTZ services, renting this most comprehensive and modern piece of equipment is now possible. Whether you have an emergency situation or simply want immediate DGA results for a large transformer testing project, an easy to interpret, yet comprehensive test is now at your fingertips. Key features include:

  • Individual measurement of hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), acetylene (C2H2), ethylene (C2H4), ethane (C2H6), oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and propane (C3H8) 
  • Moisture in oil (H2O) measurement
  • Maintenance-free near infrared measurement system with headspace gas extraction acc. IEC 60567 – Operation by integrated 7" color TFT (800x480 pixel) touchscreen or via genX webserver from any smart phone, notepad, or PC 
  • Communication interfaces Wi-Fi, USB or ETHERNET 10/100 Mbit/s 
  • SD memory of test results, history and diagnostic data of power transformers and oil-filled electrical equipment
  • Integrated thermal report printer
The software provided will show immediate analysis of measured gases, provide alerts when out of range, and provide analysis tools such as a Ducal Triangle on its 7" color monitor. Please click the link to get more information on MTE’s HydroCal 1011 HP, or call one of our Inside Technical Support team members at 888-902-6111.
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