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As wildfires burn across the West, it's clear that something needs to be done to protect the health of our forests and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. Can Congress take action before it's too late? The Cleaner Air Partnership advocates for improved forest management practices to reduce the risk of wildfires and avoid the associated air pollutants that impact the health of our communities.
Federal action on forest health moves at glacial pace. Meanwhile forests are ablaze...
Congressional representatives call for wildfires to be treated like natural disasters
Push to end the practice of "fire borrowing"

The cost of fighting wildfires in consuming major portions of the USDA Forest Service budget. Funds intended for forest management, including hazardous fuels removal, timber harvest, and trail maintenance are burned up fighting fire. Legislation seeks to change budgeting practices.

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Senate Committee holds hearing to examine wildfire funding and forest management issues
Draft legislation aims to find bipartisan solution
The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, lead by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, received testimony on a discussion draft of bipartisan legislation. Entitled the "Wildfire Budgeting, Response and Forest Management Act", the draft legislation intends to address the serious challenges of wildfire funding and forest management.
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