Volume 12, Number 11                                                 July 10,  2017
Left - Telluride Airport Runway Rehab;
Right - Sterling Ranch Development Douglas County (Click to Link to Photo Gallery) 
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Upcoming Webinar Notice
lAST_MINUTE-REMINDERUpcoming Webinar:  Parking Lot Maintenance - July 13 
Webinar:  REMINDER - July 13
Managing Commercial & Private Pavements: For HOA's, Property Managers/Owners - July 13, 11:30am - 1:00pm  The session will provide an overview for Commercial and Residential property owners to help them with short and long term maintenance and for budgeting purposes. This will address asphalt parking lots big or small or simply the maintenance of those pavements for private and commercial uses.    To Register   No Cost to CAPA, CDOT, CARSE, APWA Members
Headline  News  on-line
CAPA Annual Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fund Raiser - Registration Now Open!!  
The tournament is open to the first 216 players who register. Join our Title sponsor Moody Insurance and major sponsors Brannan Sand and Gravel and Wagner Equipment as we enjoy a beautiful golf course, Fox Hollow in Lakewood on Friday September 15, 2017. Other sponsors include Alpha Milling, Westest, Faris Machinery, Seal Master Denver, Yeh and Associates, Mark Ryan Inc and the list is growing. You can join this growing list of sponsors.  To see registration or sponsorship opportunities, click here! 
WASHTO 2017  - An Emphasis on Work Zone Safety  Extremely Cool Transportation was the theme for the 2017 Western States Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (WASHTO) Annual Meeting held in Juneau, Alaska, on June 25 - 28, 2017.   Senior management from the 15 western states gathered for the event, including officials from the Colorado DOT.   A featured breakout session sponsored by CDOT was entitled Using Smart Technology to Reduce Accidents & Save Lives.   The session was co-presented by Dave Eller - CDOT Region 3 Director, Curt Davison,
Safety Manager - Oldcastle Materials, and Tom Peterson from CAPA.  Alan Eckman, Vice President-AECOM Denver, was the moderator.  The session focused on the increased challenge of keeping our work zones safe, a new high tech advanced warning system has been introduced to the work place and ideas for DOTs to consider to streamline the implementation process.  

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance - Western States had an exhibit booth at WASHTO that featured the Drivability Theme of Asphalt Pavements.  Great to see several of CAPA associate members including Todd Gonser of Cutler Repaving (shown above with Tom Peterson and also a breakout session presenter) and Jim Lynch of Ingevity.             
CAPA Annual Family Picnic - Come One, Come All!!
CAPA is hosting a family picnic for members. Bring all of your family!! Spouse, special friends, kids, and grand-kids to come and enjoy. This will be on Saturday afternoon August 12, 2017 at Sheridan Community Park from 1:00 to 4:00pm. We will have catered food, beverages, fun and games. RSVP's are requested for the caterer.
CAPA Welcomes 2 New Members! 

City of Federal Heights: An Affiliate Agency Member located in the north metro Denver area. Established in 1940. The current population is approximately 12,500. The City Engineer is Jeff Hill and the Public Works Director is Don Stahurski.

F & D International, LLC
.  F&D International is a new Affiliate Member providing full-service architecture, engineering and project management services.  The firm provides public and private clients with a wide range of services for their capital construction projects. Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary staff of professionals which includes architects, interior designers, engineers, planners and project managers. Contacts include Todd Ficken, Scott Kallase, and Teri Ficken.
Darcie Lopez needs our help! A CDOT Central lab technician, Darcie has had a series of medical issues and is unable to work.  CDOT has set up a collection point for anybody who is willing to make a donation to help Darcie in her time of need. There is a Go Fund me page set up to help or for more information, contact. Norma Gonzalez at CDOT. So if anyone wants to help in her time of need it will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


The four developer teams for the  $1.7 Billion Central 70 Project  have submitted their proposals and they are currently being reviewed by CDOT. Selection of a final contractor will take place later this summer.


Efficiency & Accountability Committee  CAPA Executive Director Tom Peterson has been added to the CDOT Efficiency & Accountability Committee.  The Committee was established as a provision of the Senate Bill 228 legislation and meets monthly.  It is comprised of elected officials, the hair of the transportation commission, industry stakeholders, and senior CDOT staff.  The next meeting is planned for Thursday, July 20, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, @CDOT Headquarters. 

CDOT has issued the 2017 CDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction book. The intent is to use the 2017 edition on all projects advertised after October 1, 2017.  This book along with additional information and provisions may be found on the 2017 Construction Standard Specification Provisions  2017 Significant Changes

Industry News & Events INDUSTRY_NEWS-EVENTS
Local Agencies  are asked every day to stretch  the taxpayer's dollar as far as it can possibly  go. So in response, Public Works Departments,  Departments of Transportation, Home Owner's
Association and local business must budget  limited capital funds for annual maintenance  for their asphalt pavements. The City of Greeley is creating test sections around town utilizing various maintenance techniques at one location to evaluate them under the same conditions of traffic and weather. One of these was featured in the Spring Colorado Public Works journal on Pages 12 to 16.   Read the entire CPWJ Article
Changes Proposed to MGPEC Asphalt Specifications The Metropolitan Government Pavement Engineers Council (MGPEC) is close to finalizing Item 20 (Asphalt Spec.) and CAPA will host a Quick Action Group meeting to complete the process. The meeting is planned for Tuesday, July 25th from 1:30 to 3:30pm.  The group will vet the current draft version and have a final product to submit to the Steering Committee at the August 24th General Meeting.  If you have comments on Item 20, please plan to attend. More Information:  Mike Skinner.

The CSU Department of Construction Management invites you to participate in its Fall 2017 CM Career Fair; Tuesday, September 26th, 2017; 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm; Hilton Fort Collins  ( To  Register )  
Asphalt on the NET  On_the_NET
ROADWAY SAFETY RESOURCES: A Road Construction Industry Consortium Program
The Roadway Safety Training Program (RSP) provides two levels of instructional modules: Basic Awareness modules presenting an overview of common hazards in highway and road construction and simple prevention measures and Advanced Modules for presentation to supervisors, managers, and others responsible for work zone design, set up, and control. RSP is designed for use by supervisory personnel with safety and health experience or by safety and health personnel to orient new workers as they arrive on the jobsite. The Basic Modules are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.   Learn More about Workzone Safety

POROUS ASPHALT is an environmentally friendly tool for storm water management.  Recently, a project, designed by F&D International of Boulder is the highest elevation use of porous asphalt in the world (8,200') and is also the first city street in the Colorado to use porous asphalt.  Learn More...
NASCAR races continue across the country.
A focus at the recent WASHTO Conference was drivability. The Asphalt Pavement Alliance has completed exhaustive research on asphalt drivability and understanding what is important to our customers.  Link to Study
The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University held its Application Research Steering Committee Meeting on June xx -xx and provided an has released new technical reports on aggregates. NCAT Report 17-02: Evaluation of tile AlMS2 and Micro¬∑Deval to Characterize Aggregate Friction Properties summarizes a study that evaluated the correlation of field friction performance to aggregate properties using a laboratory protocol based on the second-generation Aggregate Imaging Measurement System (AIMS2) and the Micro-Deval test. NCAT Report 17-03: Effect of Flat and Elongated Aggregate on Stone Matrix Asphalt Performance evaluates stone-matrix asphalt (SMA) mixtures designed with different percentages of f lat and elongated aggregate to determine if higher quality and higher cost aggregates are required to ensure good performance. The study concludes there is no significant adverse effect on performance from using higher F&E aggregate if the aggregate has low abrasion loss values. To access these and other NCAT reports
Ask Asphalt Man
Question:  I am an HOA manager in Colorado. One of the HOAs I manage has two large asphalt driving "lanes" running through the property. I understand from two local asphalt companies that these driveways/roads should be seal coated every 3-5 years. It has been 6 years since they were last seal coated.
The HOA Board questions the need to seal coat the asphalt this year because they roads "look good" and look like they only need a crack fill?
ANSWERSeal coating is a process to seal the surface to slow deterioration of the asphalt.  The need to seal coat an asphalt surface is not a clock or calendar driven process. It is simply driven by the weather conditions and weathering which occurs to a pavement.
Every year is different and every lot is different. The recommendation to seal every 3 to 5 years is just that a recommendation.
See the entire answer HERE
For additional information contact Tom Clayton
From the RMAEC - Training and EducationRMAEC_TRAINING-EDUCATION
Hands on Instruction is a key to learning and successful training. Just ask these attendees to the recent Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course.  Instructor Cindy Rutkoski (second from left) leads the most recent class through the hands lab on portion of the course.  Our next Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course is planned for August 8 to 11.
With the recent installation of the Auto Rice Controller in the RMAEC Training Center, and for use during LabCAT Certification, CAPA Affiliate member company InstroTek Inc,is offering CAPA Member companies for a 15% discount on the purchase of the Auto Rice Controller from now until October 1, 2017. See more details! 
LabCAT Certification   
Reserve space in upcoming LabCAT certification sessions. Registrations are being filled into July at this point. Remember to register early to assure a spot when you want it!   
The RMAEC  Introduction to PC/OA Testing Education Course  (formerly QC/QA Testing) is also available. Get your technicians ready for the 2017 construction season.  The next session is August 8 to 11, 2017
Simone Tschida -RMG- Rocky Mountain Group
Correction from June 20_ We incorrectly identified the proctor in the picture above as Greg Potts when it is actually Davis Quinn from Westest. Sorry Davis!
We Thank Our Proctors:  With out the support of our industry partners, the LabCAT program would not the be the great certification program it is!

BIC"Best in Colorado" PROJECT DELIVERY - 2016 
CDOT Region 2 and Martin Marietta Southern  have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Pavement Award in the Project Delivery Category for the Fillmore Diverging Diamond Project in Colorado Springs. The $1.7M Fillmore Diverging Diamond Interchange project was a phased asphalt patching project with a 2" PG 70-28 overlay before opening the project. No lane closures were allowed during the day through the entire project on either I-25 or Fillmore Street. SEMA Construction developed a plan to close the intersection on consecutive weekends while Martin Marietta completed phased paving. Major stakeholders and businesses impacted by the project all provided supporting letters praising the success, delivery and reduced impacts to the public.
Accepting the award (L to R): Scott Kenley (Martin Marietta), Javier Cornejo (Martin Marietta), Leopoldo Alzate (Martin Marietta), Misel Alvarez-Soto (Martin Marietta), Kyler Deminck (SEMA), Jud Barlow (SEMA), Chris Vaughn (Wilson & Co.), Davis Smith (CDOT).
Asphalt Pavement Magazine - July/Aug 2017 Start reading this issue now!  Your digital edition of Asphalt Pavement Magazine - J uly/August 2017 is available now. Clicking on the Table of Contents will deliver you directly to that page of your issue. Thank you for reading!   Back to Basics: Quality Matters   Thinlay Projects on the Ground  Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Awards: Improving Safety Culture and Accountability.

Parting Shots PartingShots
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Cort Michael Dursey, of Escalante, Utah, who was killed on Thursday afternoon, June 15, after a rotomiller paving machine ran over him while backing up during resurfacing work on Colorado Highway 9.   Mr. Dursey was employed by CAPA Associate Member Coughlin Milling of Utah.  The Denver Post  Article

Bear Creek Falls Bridge Circa 1900
Pikes Peak Circa 1955.
A few shots from the past of Colorado Roads
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