Volume 12, Number 12                                                 July 31,  2017
Left - Rubbilization on Highway 85;  Center - Highway 60A; Right - SMA in Aurora 
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CAPA Annual Family Picnic - Come One, Come All!!
CAPA is hosting a family picnic for members. Open to all CAPA members their employees and  families.  Bring your spouse, special friends, kids, and grandkids.  Come and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and friends.  Saturday afternoon August 12, 2017 at Sheridan Community Park from 1:00 to 4:00pm. We will have catered food, beverages, fun and games. RSVP's are requested for the caterer and need to be made by Wednesday August 9 at 12:00 noon.
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Congratulations to Connell Resources and CDOT Region 4 for national recognition on the US 85 - Ault to Wyoming Project.  "Unforeseen subgrade conditions, work-hour and construction-zone 
restrictions, heavy truck traffic and working in part of a floo dplain-all these issues were encountered during the reconstruction of 30 miles of U.S. Highway 85 (Ault to Wyoming) in northern Colorado.  Read More.   

July 2017 digital edition of Asphalt Pro.  In the The Warm-Mix Asphalt Issue: Lo oking for more in-depth articles and how-to's? Make sure to visit our website at www.theasphaltpro.com to find the information you need to improve your business! Not getting your own print copy of the magazine? Request a  free subscription.  

Stretching Road Funds with up-to-date Specifications & Contract Requirements.  The CAPA monthly perspective included in the Summer/Fall issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal featured the importance of keeping specifications and contract requirements current with industry best practices.  CAPA has worked with several agencies in recent years to update their specifications , and these efforts are paying dividends, resulting in more competitive bids and improvements to quality and long-term pavement performance.  (Read More

CAPA Annual Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fund Raiser - Registration Now Open!! 
The tournament is open to the first 216 players to register. Join our Title sponsor Moody Insurance and major sponsors Brannan Sand and Gravel and Wagner Equipment as we enjoy a beautiful golf course, Fox Hollow in Lakewood on Friday September 15, 2017. Other sponsors include Alpha Milling, Westest, Faris Machinery, Seal Master Denver, Yeh and Associates, Mark Ryan Inc and the list is growing. You can join this growing list of sponsors.  To Register or Sponsor, click here! 
CAPA Associate Member CEI Enterprises has a new Colorado contact.  Dave DeFeo, Sales Director, (505) 264-9565

CAPA Associate Member Roadtec Colorado Contact is Wade Ritter. Contact Wade
CAPA welcomes Steve Glammeyer, PE as the new Public Works Director for the City of Fort Morgan. Steve spent the previous 27 years with the City of Delta as the Utilities and Public Works Director.

CAPA welcomes Brad Curtis, PE as the new Director of Public Works for the Pueblo West Metro District. Brad most recently spent the last 8 years as the Municipal Engineer/ Public Works Director for the City of Fort Morgan.
CAPA welcomes Keith Reester as the acting Public Works Director for the City of Littleton. Keith had previously spent 12 years as the Public Works Director for the City of Loveland and most recently as the President of Reester and Associates and a consultant for the Matrix Group 
Pat Hill from the City of Greeley gives an Update on the 2017 Keep Greeley Moving program. 
Randy Mourning,  Director of Public Works  for the City of Sheridan speaking on the Voter approved 31.6 Million bond issue for  the rebuilding of all City streets.
Justin Sorano project superintendent for Antigo Construction talking about the concrete rubbilization for Simon Contractors along Highway 85 near Eaton, CO.

2016 Materials Technicians of the Year  Central Lab - Rod McMahon; Region 1a - Brian Kelly; Region 1b - Paul Gonzales; Region 2 - Rick Raebel & Jim Caretto; Region 3 - Andy Rosedahl; Region 5 - Patrick Murphy.  CDOT 2016 Technician of the Year - Patrick Murphy, Region 5.

Calculating Incentive/Disincentive CDOT is in the process of converting the Incentive/Disincentive programs called Asphalt 03 and Voids 03 into a SiteManager Materials system. Contractors will not have access to this system and we anticipate the conversion to be completed by January 1, 2018. Once this is implemented, CDOT will no longer support Asphalt 03 and Voids 03 programs and they will be removed from the CDOT website. More Info:   Jay Goldbaum, Materials and Geotechnical Branch;   P 303.398.6561  
Congratulations to new Resident Engineers in the CDOT Region 1 North Program.  Ryan Sorensen  will lead the I-76 Metro Residency formerly held by Markos Atamo, and Stephanie Alanis  will lead the North I-25 Metro Residency formerly held by Andy Stratton. 
The  new CDOT Headquarters , located by the Federal Decatur light-rail station in Sun Valley, is making quick progress. This five-story building will contain 175,000 square feet of office space housing both CDOT's statewide headquarters as well as its Region 1 Office.  The main structure for the building is all prefabricated offsite so when the pieces arrive at the project site, they just have to get placed in the right spot. See the entire article
CDOT has issued the 2017 CDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction book. The intent is to use the 2017 edition on all projects advertised after October 1, 2017.  This book along with additional information and provisions may be found at 2017 Construction Standard Specification Provisions    2017 Significant Changes
Asphalt on the NET  On_the_NET
The National Center for Asphalt Technology's Mission in Action is to provide innovative, relevant and implementable research, technology development and education that advances safe, durable and sustainable asphalt pavements.
Asphalt is the sustainable material for building pavements. It's smooth, so vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions. It's quiet, so expensive noise walls don't need to be constructed. It's safe, providing excellent gripping power.  It's durable, so that the road never needs to be removed and replaced. It is also the most recycled material in the U.S. "What is asphalt made of?" Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphalt cement. View the video below to see what happens at an asphalt plant. For more information visit -  www.PaveGreen.com
Changes Proposed to MGPEC Asphalt Specification
MGPEC is close to a revamp of Item 20 (Asphalt Spec.).  A work group is in the process of updating and revising the specifications.  Tom Clayton and Mike Skinner are both participating in the review.  A meeting was held on July 25 and a draft specification is under development .   More Info: Mike Skinner.
Technical Bulletin Asphalt Separation at Curb Lines  Mike Skinner led the development of a one page technical bulletin entitled Asphalt Separation at Curb Lines.  The document includes the following statement
CAUSE  - Separation of asphalt away from curb & gutter is not a function of the asphalt shrinking (thermal induced 'shrinkage' cracking does occur when the thermal stresses exceed the tensile strength of the asphalt binder), instead it is most often a result of differential soil movement.
Ask Asphalt Man
Question:  Is the proper application of a tack coat really an important part of a good asphalt overlay?

ANSWER: A key component of an asphalt pavement is the bond strength between asphalt pavement layers. Tack coat is a sprayed application of an asphalt binder upon an existing asphalt or Portland cement concrete pavement prior to an overlay, or between layers of new asphalt concrete. This thin membrane of asphalt binder provides the glue between the layers, creating a monolithic structure which performs as a unit as opposed to unbound, independent, layers. Poor bonding of a pavement surface layer is a direct result of inadequate tack coat practices resulting in slippage and shoving of the pavement.  See the entire answer HERE.
For additional information contact Tom Clayton.
Industry News & Events INDUSTRY_NEWS-EVENTS
C APA Affiliate Agency Member Federal Heights and Associate Member Sealmaster are holding a demonstration project on Monday August 21 for the placement of "Liquid Road" For more information Contact Doug Plott at Sealmaster or Jeff Hill at The City of Federal Heights.

City of Greeley, Vance Brothers and Alliance Geosynthetics are planning a demonstration project for Tuesday August 29 and Wednesday 30th for the installation of  Forti-Fi paving fibers in an overlay project. Greeley will also be conducting a demonstration project highlighting several different inter-layer products in August. More details as they become available or you can contact John Wood at the City of Greeley. For more information on the Forti Fi demo contact, Dan Stephens at Vance Brothers or Chad Nibbe at Alliance Geosynthetics or John Wood.
We want to support Tom Baynard from Brannan Sand and Gravel. Tom is suffering from cancer. Please share and consider supporting the Baynard Family in their time of need.  Remember in the asphalt world, we are all one big family!  May God Bless Tom and his family as they progress through these tough times.  Link to Go Fund me page.
Kalakaua Avenue is one of three gateways to Waikiki, making it one of the busiest streets on Oahu.   Yet the Mauka end of Kalakaua Avenue between Kapiolani Boulevard and South Beretania Street had not been repaved for over 30 years.  The well-worn stretch of road was overdue for an upgrade. Click here to learn about what the City did to remedy the situation
Payne & Dolan Inc.  of Waukesha, WI. , was honored at the Annual NAPA Mid-Year meeting as an award finalist for its CRM Safety Mobile App.  The app was developed to deliver safety resources to employees in the office and on the job site. Foremen can access various safety forms, documents and other resources; safety-related reports can be filed by crew members; and relevant safety-related topics and news can be pushed out to employees.  "The mobile app provides an updated perspective on safety attitudes allowing employees to 'bring' safety with them on their mobile devices," Payne & Dolan Safety Manager Michael Del Fava said. "It spreads the safety message and keeps safety at the forefront of our collective work mentality." Press Release.
CSU Dept. of Construction Management - Fall 2017 Career Fair; Tuesday, September 26th, 2017; 10:00 am - 3:00 pm; Hilton Fort Collins  ( To  Register )  
From the RMAEC - Training and EducationRMAEC_TRAINING-EDUCATION
We Thank Our Proctors: 
Without the support of our industry partners, the LabCAT program would not the be the great certification program it is!
Hands on instruction is a key to learning and successful training. Just ask these attendees to the recent Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course.  Instructor Cindy Rutkoski leads the class through the hands lab on portion of the course.  Our next Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course is planned for August 8 to 11.

Training class was very helpful in the presentation of the material.  Prepares you for the certification test.   Attendee to the most recent "Introduction to PC/QA Asphalt Testing Education Course"

LabCAT Certification   
Reserve space in upcoming LabCAT certification sessions. Registrations are being filled into July at this point. Remember to register early to assure a spot when you want it!   
The RMAEC  Introduction to PC/OA Testing Education Course  (formerly QC/QA Testing) is also available. The next session is August 8 to 11, 2017.
BIC"Best in Colorado" PROJECT DELIVERY - 2016 
The City of Westminster and local co-winner paving contractor Cutler Repaving  have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Quality Award in the City Street Resurfacing Category for the City's Annual Hot-in-Place Recycling Program. This $516,000 project included edge milling and heater repaving (1 inch in -place recycling plus a 1.5 inch overlay) along select city streets in Westminster as part of the City's annual Hot In-Place Recycling & Repaving Program. The judges noted high quality for segregation and overall appearance.
Accepting the award (L to R): Rick Dietz (Westminster), Doug Jones (Alpha Milling), Miguel Chacon (Chacon Trucking), Todd Gonser (Cutler Repaving), Rosa Terrazas (Chacon Trucking).
Senate Appropriations Advances Transportation Bill Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved on a voice vote  the Transportation Appropriation Subcommittee's fiscal year 2018 spending bill, which provides $45 billion for federal-aid highway programs in line with the funding levels authorized under the FAST Act. Unlike the House transportation spending bill, the Senate version includes the TIGER grant program and authorizes $550 million in funding; it also includes language increasing the passenger facility charge (PFC) cap by $4 to $8.50, which funds airport modernization projects. The Senate draft also authorizes a $250 million boost in the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), bringing total AIP funding to $3.6 billion in FY2018. This is a win for the asphalt industry; 70 percent of AIP funds go to runways, taxiways, and aprons, and 90 percent of those projects are surfaced with asphalt. The bill is expected to be considered by the full Senate after lawmakers' August recess.  Click here for bill highlights.
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Parting Shots PartingShots
It was great seeing former CDOT Region 1 Materials Engineer Gerry Peterson the other day on the E-470 Widening Project.  Gerry says this may be his last project ... we shall see!!    

Early Paving Spread
Early Paver.
"We've come a long way baby" with our paving equipment and processes! 
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