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Left - Highway 67 south of Woodland Park; Center - King Soopers, Hampden and Buckley; Right - Blackstone Parkway - Aurora, CO  
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Workforce Development - A Work In Progress:  CAPA has retained Burns Marketing to help us craft a plan to support our member company efforts to attract and retain employees.  A draft work plan has been developed and we are seeking feedback before it is finalized.  We encouraging all members to review the work plan and provide comment back to Tom Peterson on behalf of the Work Group. 

Stretching Road Funds with up-to-date Specifications & Contract Requirements.  The CAPA monthly perspective included in the Summer/Fall issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal featured the importance of keeping specifications and contract requirements current with industry best practices.  CAPA has worked with several agencies in recent years to update their specifications , and these efforts are paying dividends, resulting in more competitive bids and improvements to quality and long-term pavement performance.  (Read More

CAPA Annual Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fund Raiser - Registration Now Open!! 
The tournament is open to the first 216 players to register. Join our Title sponsor Moody Insurance and major sponsors Brannan Sand and Gravel and Wagner Equipment as we enjoy a beautiful golf course, Fox Hollow in Lakewood on Friday September 15, 2017. Other sponsors include Alpha Milling, Westest, Faris Machinery, Seal Master Denver, Yeh and Associates, Mark Ryan Inc and the list is growing. You can join this growing list of sponsors.  To Register or Sponsor, click here! 
webinarsUpcoming Webinars 

schedule  the webinars are  No Cost to CAPA Members, CDOT, CARSE, APWA.

CAPA Welcomes New Affiliate Agency Member:  The City of Fort Morgan has been added to CAPA Membership.  The Public Works Director for Fort Morgan is Steve Glammeyer, The Street Superintendent is Jim Willis   We now have an ALL TIME HIGH number of Affiliate Agency Members of 76.  
CAPA Associate Member Wagner Equipment has recently had a management switch, Brian Rothe Vice President long time paving products manager has been moved to Power Systems. A replacement for Brian has not been named. Don Woodworth is the product specialist for paving equipment.   
New CAPA Member The City of Littleton has had turn-over of key personnel in both engineering and the streets division.  Acting Public Works Director Keith Reester invited both CAPA Director of Training Tom Clayton and Director of Pavement Engineering Mike Skinner to come over and meet the new staff and discuss ways CAPA can support the city.  Training of field personnel, a lunch and learn for engineering staff, and technical support to developing an asset management plan were all discussed.  To learn how CAPA be of assistance to you, contact Tom Clayton or Mike Skinner.  
FY 2020-2021 Budget Asset Management - FY2020-FY2021 Planning Budgets  Surface Treatment (ST) Funding is proposed to be reduced to $225.4 in FY 2018-2019 and to $222.0 in FY2019-2020.  It was stated that every $15 M drop in ST resulted in a 1 year increase in achieving the Commission goal of a drivability index (DI) of Good or above on 80% of the network.
Efficiency & Accountability Committee    CAPA's Tom Peterson is a member of the committee that includes Deputy Executive Director Mike Lewis, Chief Engineer Josh Laipply, Sen. Randy Baumgartner, Sen. Zenzinger - Arvada, Commission Chair Zink, Rep. Winter - Dacona, and other stakeholders.  The primary discussion point of the July meeting was the 14 hour snow plow restriction on low volume (1,000 ADT or less) roads.  The consensus of most in the group was that there wasn't enough justification to change the restriction.  The topic of CDOT maintenance paving and the $150,000 statutory restriction of maintenance paving will the primary topic at the next meeting planned for Thursday, September 21, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, @CDOT Headquarters.
The Annual Conference Agenda Planning Committee took time the other day to help Mike Stanford (CDOT Asphalt Program Engineer) celebrate his birthday.  Happy belated birthday Mike and wishing you a great year ahead.
CDOT has issued the 2017 CDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction book. The intent is to use the 2017 edition on all projects advertised after October 1, 2017.  This book along with additional information and provisions may be found at 2017 Construction Standard Specification Provisions    2017 Significant Changes
July 2017 digital edition of Asphalt Pro .  In the The Warm-Mix Asphalt Issue : Lo oking for more in-depth articles and how-to's? Make sure to visit our website at www.theasphaltpro.com to find the information you need to improve your business! Not getting your own print copy of the magazine? Request a  free subscription.  
Changes Proposed to MGPEC Asphalt Specification
MGPEC is one step closer to a revamp of Item 20 (Asphalt Spec.).  The Steering Committee is in the approval process of the specification.  More Info: Mike Skinner.
Technical Bulletin: Asphalt Separation at Curb Lines  Mike Skinner led the development of a one page technical bulletin entitled Asphalt Separation at Curb Lines.  The
document includes the following statement  
CAUSE   - Separation of asphalt away from curb & gutter is not a function of the asphalt shrinking (thermal induced 'shrinkage' cracking does occur when the thermal stresses exceed the tensile strength of the asphalt binder), instead it is most often a result of differential soil movement.
"It's not really a case of asphalt versus cement concrete; that's too simplistic. The actual designs of the pavement materials have a much greater effect on energy savings and carbon outputs than any broad cool pavement strategy."  Cool Pavements Article
Ask Asphalt Man
QUESTION:  What specifications are available regarding release agents?

ANSWER: Your question is about Trucks and Paving equipment. It is in section 400 of the CDOT Specifications. 401.09 Hauling Equipment. Trucks used for hauling bituminous mixtures shall have tight, clean, smooth metal beds thinly coated with a minimum amount of paraffin oil, lime solution, or other approved release agent. Petroleum distillates such as kerosene or fuel oil will not be permitted. Each truck shall have a cover of canvas or other suitable material to protect the mixture from the weather. In 401.10 Bituminous Pavers it is not specifically spelled out. With that said it is stated in the CDOT specifications all release agents used on CDOT asphalt pavement projects must be on the Approved Products list (APL). 
To See all "Asphalt Man" Questions,  click here For additional information contact Tom Clayton .
Industry News & Events INDUSTRY_NEWS-EVENTS
C APA Affiliate Agency Member Federal Heights and Associate Members Sealmaster and Sunland Asphalt  held a demonstration project on Monday August 21 for the placement of "Liquid Road". 
The materials were placed in North Zuni Street, just north of 100th Avenue. For more informationContact
Doug Plott at Sealmaster or Jeff Hill at The City of Federal Heights.

City of Greeley, Vance Brothers and Alliance Geosynthetics are planning a demonstration project for Tuesday August 29th for the installation of Forti-Fi paving fibers in an overlay project. The fiber reinforced asphalt paving demo will be on Tuesday August 29th beginning at 9:00am at the Martin Marietta Plant 925 N 35th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631, Then moving at 10:00am to 2164 35th Avenue, Greeley for the in place demo. Visitors are welcome at the plant and at the construction site. Please contact John Wood  or Pat Hill at the City of Greeley.
For more information on the Forti Fi demo contact , Dan Stephens at Vance Brothers or Chad Nibbe at Alliance Geosynthetics.
Mark Your Calendar:  26th Annual Rocky Mt. Asphalt User Producer Group Meeting, October 18-19, 2017
Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure
E-470 waives half million in tolls related to fiery crash on I-25
From the RMAEC - Training and EducationRMAEC_TRAINING-EDUCATION
We Thank Our Proctors: 
Without the support of our industry partners, the LabCAT program would not the be the great certification program it is!
Hands on instruction is a key to learning and successful training. Just ask these attendees to the recent Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course.  Instructor Cindy Rutkoski leads the class through the hands lab on portion of the course.  Our next Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course is planned for October 10 to 13.

Training class was very helpful in the presentation of the material.  Prepares you for the certification test.   Attendee to the most recent "Introduction to PC/QA Asphalt Testing Education Course"

LabCAT Certification   
Reserve space in upcoming LabCAT certification sessions. Registrations are being filled into July at this point. Remember to register early to assure a spot when you want it!   
Asphalt on the NET  On_the_NET
The National Center for Asphalt Technology's Mission in Action is to provide innovative, relevant and implementable research, technology development and education that advances safe, durable and sustainable asphalt pavements.
Asphalt is the sustainable material for building pavements. It's smooth, so vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions. It's quiet, so expensive noise walls don't need to be constructed. It's safe, providing excellent gripping power.  It's durable, so that the road never needs to be removed and replaced. It is also the most recycled material in the U.S. "What is asphalt made of?" Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphalt cement. View the video below to see what happens at an asphalt plant. For more information visit -  www.PaveGreen.com
BIC"Best in Colorado" CITY STREET RESURFACING - 2016 
The City of Aurora and local paving contractor Brannan Sand & Gravel have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Quality Award in the City Street Resurfacing Category.  The award recognizes the work for their Montview Boulevard Project (Peoria to Havana) in Aurora. This $9.5 M project consisted of a full width 3in mill and SMA overlay along Montview Blvd (between Peoria Street to Havana Street) in Aurora as part of the City of Aurora's Annual Street Improvement Program. Aurora has been overlaying their arterial network with SMA since 2001 with exceptional results and seeing 15+ years' service life on their SMA overlays. The judges scored the project superior quality for segregation and transverse joints, noting "Nice project, no visible transverse joints, very smooth ride." 
Accepting the award (L to R): Rod Phillips (Brannan), Andrew Cook (Brannan), 
Neomia Roach (Brannan), Gary  Carroll (Aurora).
New Video Celebrates the Open Road.  The latest video from the Go to Market effort is an original song and music video celebrating the open road, and incorporating NAPA and APA drivability imagery. A fun, road-trip anthem, "Where We Belong" can be used at meetings or conferences as a break between speakers or shared on social media. The video is available  on YouTube , and an audio version for downloading can be found  on Soundcloud
Parting Shots PartingShots
A fun time was had by all at the  2nd Annual CAPA Family Picnic on Saturday, August 12, at the beautiful Sheridan Community Park.  The food (catered by Red Neck Catering) was excellent, the weather was perfect, and we had a surprise birthday cake ready for Tom P eterson! 
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