Volume 12, Number 14                                               September 11 2017
Let us never forget those who perished on September 11, 2001 as our nation was attacked by terrorists. Let us support those who on a daily basis give us safety and freedom. Our first responders as well as all of the members of the US Military!
Let's be ever vigilante in protecting our land and each other.
Left - Waterton Road, Roxbourogh;     Center - Subdivision in Parker;
Right - street paving, City of Greeley  
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GolfEvent Registration is open  
Time is running out! Two 4somes open!  
Register by Today - Monday 9/11/2017. 
CAPA Annual Golf Tournament / Scholarship Fund Raiser - Registration Now Open!! 
The tournament is open to the first 216 players to register. Join our Title sponsor Moody Insurance and major sponsors Brannan Sand and Gravel and Wagner Equipment as we enjoy a beautiful golf course, Fox Hollow in Lakewood on Friday September 15, 2017. Other sponsors include Alpha Milling, Westest, Faris Machinery, Seal Master Denver, Yeh and Associates, Mark Ryan Inc and the list is growing. You can join this growing list of sponsors.  To Register or Sponsor, click here! 

The 24th annual  "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Award nomination forms and Award criteria are ready to be downloaded and submitted for your award winning projects. There are a few changes to the program for 2017 including a NEW category for recycling treatments, minimum tonnages for specific categories and projects are limited to being submitted in only one category. The nomination deadline:  postmarked by October 27th

Workforce Development - A Work In Progress:

CAPA has retained Burns Marketing to help us craft a plan to support our member company efforts to attract and retain employees.  A draft work plan has been developed and we are seeking feedback before it is finalized.  We encourage all members to review the work plan and provide comment back to Tom Peterson on behalf of the Work Group. 

Street Funding in Ft. Morgan  CAPA is taking a lead role in support of a sales tax initiative in the City of Ft. Morgan.  If voter approved, approximately $3 million/yr. will be added to the street program. We coordinated a stakeholder luncheon on Friday, August 25, and contributed $1,500 to the  Strictly Streets Campaign
Welcome New Member:   Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions, Inc. leading supplier of Automated Lubrication Systems, Active and Passive Safety Systems, and Maintenance Products for use with Mobile Heavy Equipment, On-Highway and Vocational Transport Equipment, Stationary and Mobile Industrial Equipment, and Cranes.  They have locations in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. They are current members of CCA, Utah APA, AGC of America and more.  Their team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals have multiple years of experience as distributors and end users in these fields.    Contacts include Bup Minardi, President, Aaron Garvin Colorado Wyoming branch manager, Mike East Business Development and Operations Manager  
webinarsUpcoming Webinars 

schedule  the webinars are  No Cost to CAPA Members, CDOT, CARSE, APWA.

Featured "CAPA webinar series" sponsor. Asphalt is our lifeblood, and it's been in our blood for nearly a century. Each year teaches a new way to build a better surface. Visit the Vance Brothers Website
Kiewit Meridiam Partners Selected to Build & Operate Central 70 Project   Central 70 Project   Congratulations to CAPA Member Kiewit Infrastructure for being the lead contractor of the selected design/build/operate/maintain/finance (DBOMF) team. 
Colorado Demonstrates Self-Driving Work Zone Vehicle  CDOT has demonstrated the world's first self-driving work zone vehicle on a road striping operation in Fort Collins. The demonstration was part of CDOT's implementation of smarter work zone technologies to enhance work zone safety. The Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle (AIPV) removes the driver from the impact attenuator, or crash cushion, truck that customarily travels behind mobile work crews to act as a barrier to deflect vehicles that could hit people or equipment. The self-driving technology takes the vehicle driver out of harm's way while still protecting road workers. More info:   Amy Ford 
CDOT Section 108 Scheduling Spec.  A meeting has been organized for Tuesday, September 12 (10:00am - 11:30am) at CDOT headquarters to discuss industry concerns with the CDOT Scheduling Specification requirements.  More info:  Contact Jim Moody at CCA.    
Changes Proposed to MGPEC Asphalt Specification
MGPEC is one step closer to a revamp of Item 20 (Asphalt Spec.).  The Steering Committee is in the approval process of the specification.  A final vote for implementation will be on September 21, 2017. More Info: Mike Skinner.
Ask Asphalt Man
QUESTION:  Should we use the DOT (state highway agency) specification when designing local roadways?

ANSWER: The short answer is NO. When designing local agency roadways the challenges are inherantly different. The traffic volumes (ESAL's) don't match up, even on a highly traveled local agency roadway. The majority of the local agency roadways have light car and trucks where State highways carry heavy truck traffic. CDOT's traffic database shows In the Denver area  there are only 3 roadways that would be classified as high volume (greater than 3 million ESAL's) and they are all Interstate highways. Even on the State system for surface streets in the metro area, there are no high volume roads. When high numbers are assumed for design and roadways built using inflated numbers, it can cause premature aging of the APM. 

To discuss this further, contact Mike Skinner or Tom Clayton.  
To See all "Asphalt Man" Questions,  click here. More info:   Tom Clayton .
Industry News & Events INDUSTRY_NEWS-EVENTS
Congratulations to Dan Hartman
, Public Works Director, City of Golden.  Dan has been appointed as a Director to the APWA National Board of Directors representing Region IX.  Dan is a Past President of the APWA Colorado Chapter and has been the Public Works Director in Golden since 1988.   

Mark Your Calendar:  26th Annual Rocky Mt. Asphalt User Producer Group Meeting, October 18-19, 2017
2017 APWA Western Snow and Ice Conference
Embassy Suites | Loveland, CO | September 27 - 29, 2017 
From the RMAEC - Training and EducationRMAEC_TRAINING-EDUCATION
We Thank Our Proctors: 
Without the support of our industry partners, the LabCAT program would not the be the great certification program it is!
Hands on instruction is a key to learning and successful training. Just ask these attendees to the recent Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course.  Instructor Cindy Rutkoski leads the class through the hands lab on portion of the course.  Our next Introduction to Asphalt Process Control (PC)/Owner Acceptance (OA) Testing Education Course is planned for October 10 to 13.

Training class was very helpful in the presentation of the material.  Prepares you for the certification test.   Attendee to the most recent "Introduction to PC/QA Asphalt Testing Education Course"

LabCAT Certification   
Reserve space in upcoming LabCAT certification sessions. Registrations are being filled into July at this point. Remember to register early to assure a spot when you want it!   
Asphalt on the NET  On_the_NET
Asphalt Production Plant Safety, This video is about Asphalt Plant Safety. It was produced by the Edward C Levy Companies. In Colorado the EC Levy companies division is Schmidt Construction in Colorado Springs.  
The City of Greeley partnered with Martin Marietta, Vance Brothers and Alliance Geo-synthetics to place APM with Forti-fi paving fibers. See the video of the demonstration project. 
Asphalt is the sustainable material for building pavements. It's smooth, so vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions. It's quiet, so expensive noise walls don't need to be constructed. It's safe, providing excellent gripping power.  It's durable, so that the road never needs to be removed and replaced. It is also the most recycled material in the U.S. "What is asphalt made of?" Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphalt cement. View the video below to see what happens at an asphalt plant. For more information visit -  www.PaveGreen.com
BIC"Best in Colorado"
The City of Steamboat Springs and Connell Resources have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Quality Award in the City Street New or Reconstruction Category for their Central Park Drive Reconstruction project.  This $1.6 M project included reconstructing Central Park Drive. The roadway is adjacent to a commercial shopping center that is responsible for 17% of the City of Steamboat Springs' sales tax revenue making it a very high traffic, high pedestrian volume throughout the entire day. The City offered a $100,000 incentive payment to keep the construction impacts to the public as minimal as possible and to complete all the work by July 15, 2016. Through careful phasing, planning, communication and execution, Connell was able to deliver the project on schedule to meet the incentive. The project received near perfect scores in four of the six criteria including; overall appearance, segregation, longitudinal joints and transverse joints.
  Accepting the award (L to R): Tyson Waneka (Connell), Ben Beal (Steamboat Springs), Kevin Wilson (Connell), Brett Bowker (Connell), Rick Behring (Baseline), Steve Linton
(Connell), Chris Rundall (Baseline). 
On Aug. 18, EPDs produced using the Emerald Eco-label v 2.0 were confirmed to fully meet EN 15804 standards, a necessary compliance for receiving credit for LEED v4 certification. When NAPA launched the Emerald Eco-label in April 2017, the EPDs produced were available for certain uses, such as benchmarking only.
Now, the Emerald Eco-label v 2.0 is available for users and meets the LEED standard. For more information about the Emerald Eco-label and EPDs for asphalt mixtures,  click here.

Parting Shots PartingShots
This is a picture of the Region 6 materials lab after the flood of the South Platte River in June 1965.   The water was up to the windows inside of the building.  It was a total loss.  The materials lab was then moved to 2000 Holly until January 2006 when it was moved to 4600 Holly Denver.  Courtesy of Paul Kinnes, CDOT, Material & Geotechnical Unit, Asphalt Unit - Flexible Pavement Lab
This was the beautiful sunrise over Denver on Friday September 8. Just another reason to believe God is Broncos Fan. The orange glow is due to all of the smoke in the air from fire burning in the western United States. 
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