Volume 13, Number 05                                               March 28 2018
CAPA and the RMAEC thank the Region 5 Materials staff and all of the CDOT and Industry volunteers who helped us to make the Durango Certification a success and an efficient process!  
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The Road Ahead - Spring 2018  CAPA's Spring News magazine - The Road Ahead has been published as an insert in the Spring Issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal.  The 32 page magazine provides a focus on the awards program and the recently completed Rocky Mt. Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show.  Page 53 of the CPWJ includes Tom Peterson's CAPA's Perspective.

Last Call - CAPA's Workzone & Site Safety Seminar -  Friday March 30, 2018 (9:30am - 2:00pm), RMAEC Training Center.   This informational session will include presentations and round table discussion from safety officers and cover a variety of aspects regarding site safety and plant operations and how to protect our work force. A working lunch will be included.  Open to all safety officers, and key project and plant staff.  Online registration link will be available soon on the CAPA website.   More Info 
The annual CAPA-FAA-CAOA Airport & Asphalt Pavement Meeting was held on March 15, hosted by the City of Centennial.  Marc Miller of the FAA-Denver ADO presented the list of planned 2018-2019 FAA Funded Projects.  The CAPA website has been updated to include links to the various handouts and meeting materials.
Right Photo: (left to right); Mike Skinner - CAPA; Ken Lawson - CAOA; Bill Caires - Cesare Inc.; Marc Miller - FAA; CDOT Division of Aeronautics. 
CAPA Welcomes NEW Member Lightfield Enterprises, Inc.  Based in Ft. Collins, they provide Asphalt Services - asphalt patching and paving, crack seal;  C oncrete Services - concrete demolition and replacement, flatwork;  and Traffic Control Services - traffic control for all of our projects;  Contact Keith Lightfield or call 970-416-6230
Upcoming Webinars webinars

May 17, Best Practices for Design and Maintenance of Bike Paths / Pedestrian Walkways

Training and Education Training
is planned for June 5 to 8.  This is educational course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training.  Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutowski. 
Flexible Pavement Design & Rehabilitation Seminar; June 7-8, 2018 - Scottsdale, AZ
FY18 Omnibus Appropriations Impact on Asphalt Markets
Friday, March 30 - 10:00 am - 11:30 am EDT       Join NAPA's Government Affairs team for an in-depth review of the Omnibus Appropriation's bill and learn what it means for your state's highway market.   Learn More and Register
Performance Under Pressure: Heavy Duty Pavements  Webinar Series First Webinar in Series:  Heavy Duty Pavements Wednesday, April 4, Learn More and Register


Asphalt Industry Forum - Close Out Meeting & Steering Committee Meeting, (Agenda) Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 1:30pm, Brannan Sand & Gravel - Yard C. 

The CDOT FY 2018/2019 Budget has been finalized and approved by the Transportation Commission.  The $1.624 B budget includes $225.4 M for Surface Treatment and $342 M for SB-17-267 transfers.   

CDOT Cash Management Position  CDOT has made available a detailed explanation from the Chief Engineer on the CDOT cash management position.   The presentation, link here CY18 Expenditure Target and Cash Forecast provides detailed information on funding levels and the CDOT forecast analysis.

Transportation Funding  Funding
Transportation Funding:  Join the Construction Industry Coalition Today!!  (More information) 

T ransportation Funding: Lets Go Colorado and Transportation Funding Talking Points 
Central Federal Lands Highway Division; Upcoming Projects:  (Link to Project Info)  Sixteen road/bridge projects planned for the next 5 years.  
Congratulation to Westest
for celebrating their 20th anniversary. An Open house was held on Wednesday March 21 to help them celebrate. 
The 2018 issue of Asphalt Today, a yearly supplement to Roads and Bridges magazine, includes a six page article on the City of Commerce City project on Tower Road.  (Link to magazine).   CAPA's Mike Skinner was a co-author and facilitated the development of the article.

Asphalt Man Asphaltman
Question:   Are there benefits of paving thicker in cold weather?
Answer: Often times specifications will require thinner lifts to be placed (1.5") as the owner/specifier feels the compaction may be better achieved with thinner lifts. In cold weather conditions this may actually work against the contractor, and end result user. The real issue is how cold in the existing surface and will it cool the new layer quickly so the density will be inconsistent in the layer.being placed and compacted. 
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YouTubeASPHALT on YouTube!

Interstate 269 and the People who Made it Possible - Video No. CMRC V 18-1, vimeo.com

This is "Interstate 269 and the People who Made it Possible - Video No. CMRC V 18-1" by Bagley College of Engineering on Vimeo, the home for high quality...

Slow down in Construction Work zones.  

Watch and share this video with as many as you can. 

"Best in Colorado" 2017 BiC
SIMON of Cheyenne, Wyoming has been recognized with a CDOT statewide Quality in Asphalt Production Award in the Greater than 100,000 ton Category.  The award was presented at the 24th Annual CAPA Asphalt Awards Dinner & Program held on February 21, 2018.  The award is in recognition of being the contractor that most cons
istently meets CDOT's specification requirements. In 2017, there was approximately 1.62 million tons of asphalt materials placed by contractors on state highways. SIMON produced approximately 210,000 tons of asphalt materials in 2017.Accepting the award (L to R): Lonnie Niesent (SIMON), Jim Chamberlain (SIMON), Zack Votaw (SIMON).
Parting Shots PartingShots
All the very best to Pat Walker, President, Martin Marietta - Rocky Mountain Division.  Pat is retiring, effective April 1.  We thank Pat for his long standing industry leadership an support.  Photo:  (left to right) Bob Tews, Dave Lemesany, Pat Walker, Ryan Yoch, and Part Hartshorn).   . 
Look Who Turned 50!!  Happy Birthday "Big 5-0"  to CAPA's Director of Pavement Engineering Mike Skinner.  Mike - here's wishing you a great year ahead and thank you for all your efforts on the CAPA staff.       . 
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