Volume 13, Number 06                                               April 25 2018
CAPA and the RMAEC were in western Colorado during the week of April 17 - 20.  Asphalt training was held for Affiliate Agency member Pitkin County (right) and we were an exhibitor and presenter at the CARMA Spring Roads conference in Grand Junction (left and center)  
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Transportation Funding Trans_Funding

CAPA To Contribute $160,000 To Transportation Ballot Initiative    The CAPA Board of Directors has approved an additional contribution of $150,000 to the Colorado Construction Industry Coalition (CIC) 527.  This is an addition to the annual contribution of $10,000.  The CIC 527 is the largest industry segment of a broader (Let's Go Colorado) coalition that has joined together in support of a proposed 2018 statewide transportation ballot initiative.  The ballot measure is in the form of a sales tax in the range of ½ cent to 0.62 cents on a $1.00 purchase.  A decision on whether or not the coalition will move forward with a November ballot measure will be made after the 2018 legislative session is over in May.   CDOT has developed a Ballot Measure Project List if the measure is successful.   

Roadway Safety Roadway_Safety
April marks Distracted Driving Awareness Month and National Work Zone Awareness Week .     T o help combat distracted driving and improve work zone safety, NAPA launched the  Watch For Us national public awareness campaign. Watch For Us includes a short film entitled "One Moment Can Save a Life" that depicts the impacts of distracted driving.  Additional resources are available.  NAPA is requesting members to engage via social media and other outreach efforts with the driving public on this critical issue. To help get you started, NAPA created a toolkit  that provides recommended posts and mobilization ideas. In addition, you can visit a website  that houses the toolkit, graphics, and videos. Please encourage your coworkers to participate and build a national discussion on the importance of work zone safety and ending distracted driving.
CAPA Safety Advisory Council  Tom Clayton conducted a very successful Safety Seminar on March 15.  Handouts from the event are posted in the Safety Section of the CAPA website.  Much thanks to Associate Members Colorado Barricade and Moody Insurance for your support.  One result of the meeting is for CAPA to establish a Safety Advisory Council consisting of member company safety representatives.  The Fall Safety Advisory Council Meeting is planned for November 28.  Contact Tom Clayton to be added to the Safety Advisory Council. 
Workforce Development workforce_Development
CSU CM Reaches Endowment Goal
The 2017 Annual Newsletter from the CSU Construction Management Program highlights the accomplishments of the program and puts a spotlight on the support from the asphalt construction industry.  This includes the CAPA funded asphalt lab and the list of CAPA members that have contributed to the now fully funded Endowed Heavy Construction position.  Information on CSU CM Career Fairs, Internships, Summer Jobs, etc., are available through the  CSU CM website.
The CAPA Board of Directors met in Greeley on April 5-6 for its Spring Meeting and annual Planning Session.  New board members Joe Lara, Vice President - CASI, (second from left in group photo); and John Pinello, Construction Manager - Highway Division - Simon (second from right in group photo), were welcomed to the Board.  1st Past President Kyle Alpha of United Companies (at left in right photo) was recognized by President Dave Lemesany of Martin Marietta (at right in right photo) for his outstanding leadership while serving as the CAPA President, 2016 - 2017.  

The Road Ahead - Spring 2018  CAPA's Spring News magazine - The Road Ahead has been published as an insert in the Spring Issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal.  The 32 page magazine provides a focus on the awards program and the recently completed Rocky Mt. Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show.  Page 53 of the CPWJ includes Tom Peterson's CAPA Perspective.

CAPA Welcomes NEW Member Bowman Consulting Bowman is a national firm with more than 500 employees. They have two Colorado offices located in the Genessee and Frasier Area. They provide engineering, survey and mapping, planning, landscape architecture,environmental and construction management services.Local Contacts are Jeremy KIng, Clif Dayton and Chris Perdue. 303-801-2900
Upcoming Webinars webinars

May 3,  Asphalt Placement, The role of the inspector
May 17, Best Practices for Design and Maintenance of Bike Paths / Pedestrian Walkways

Training and Education Training
The next Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course   is planned for June 5 to 8.  This is educational course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.  Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski. 
Flexible Pavement Design & Rehabilitation Seminar; June 7-8, 2018 - Scottsdale, AZ
Performance Under Pressure: Heavy Duty Pavements  Webinar Series First Webinar in Series:  Heavy Duty
Pavements Wednesday, April 4,  Heavy Duty Pavements: Materials Selection - Wednesday, May 9, 2 p.m. EDT, 
Heavy Duty Pavements: Perpetual Pavement Wednesday, May 30, 2 p.m. EDT 

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Contracts for Maintenance Paving  Kyle Lester, CDOT Chief Division of Highway Maintenance, and Tyler Weldon, Engineer - Division of Maintenance, attended the CAPA Board of Directors Meeting on April 6 in Greeley.  Kyle presented information on the CDOT Maintenance Program and discussed the proposed pilot use of Job Order Contracts (JOC) for small quantity paving projects.  CDOT is in the process of developing a draft template Job Order Contract.     

CDOT Projects:  The CDOT Region 1 University Ave. (Easter Ave. to Hampden Ave.) Project will be bid on May 3.  The 2018 CDOT Annual Asphalt Pavement Projection has been updated and we are at 17 of 32 projects planned now being programmed, 549,393 tons of a total planned of 1,029,209 for 53.4%. 

CDOT Maintenance Asphalt Quantities

The CDOT Maintenance Division has provided an FY 2018 Asphalt Quantities Summary Report - by Maintenance Section. The combined totals for FY 2017 were 151,222 tons and the combined totals for FY 2018 are 146,900 tons.
Metropolitan Government Pavement Engineers Council (MGPEC) Annual Meeting was held on April 10.  The event was attended by approximately 90 industry professionals.  CAPA was recognized during the opening general session by MGPEC Chairman Jim Katzer of Arapahoe County for receiving the CAPA 2017 Partnership Award (photo left).  In addition, Mike Skinner provided a brief overview of the Asset Management Committee and the new MGPEC Asphalt Specification while Tom Clayton provided a brief overview of the Membership Committee.  Congratulations to Scott Wenger, Todd Rullo, and the City of Thornton for receiving the MCPEC 2017 Member of the Year Award (photo at right).  Photo center - Dan Stephens of Vance Brothers speaking on Wide Crack Repair.

CAPA Presents Program Delivery Award to E-470  The E-470 Public Highway Authority   Board Meeting on April 12   included a presentation by Tom Peterson on the CAPA 2017 Program Delivery Award.  The award was presented to E-470 Board Chair Heidi Williams, Mayor of Thornton, and in recognition of the $90 M Parker Rd. to Quincy Widening Project.  The project was completed on time and within budget. 
Coordinated phasing was used to allow echelon paving to ensure high quality longitudinal joints.  General Contractor:  Kraemer NA; Paving Contractor: Martin Marietta.  We learned that the 2018 overlay project, Pena Blvd. to 120th Ave., is in final design and expected to be advertised later this spring.  
Michael Baker International Hires Jeffrey Kullman as Senior Vice President/Regional Director  Congratulations to former CDOT Regional Transportation Director Jeff Kullman on the announcement of his appointment as a senior executive with Michael Baker International.  Jeff brings more than 35 years of experience to the position and will oversee operations in the Western US.
Asphalt Man Asphaltman
(Guest Author: John D'Angelo, from ASPHALT magazine, Asphalt Institute, April, 2018)  
Question:  What are the best practices for troubleshooting asphalt mixes?
Answer:  Both Superpave and Marshall mix design are based on optimizing the volume of aggregate, asphalt binder and air voids. The key here is volume not weight. While weight is used to control the amount of material     metered into the mix at the asphalt plant, determining what that weight should be is based on volume.
The primary items are air voids and binder volume which combine to become voids in mineral aggregate (VMA). These are all volume proportions of the mix and asphalt binder and aggregate proportions are set to optimize these volumes.  Full story
YouTubeASPHALT on YouTube!

How not to do Pothole patching. This is a funny one .. Enjoy! 

Slow down in Construction Work zones.  

Watch and share this video with as many as you can. 


"Best in Colorado" 2017 BiC
APC Southern Construction Company of Golden has been recognized with a CDOT state wide Quality in Asphalt Production Award in the 50,000 to 100,000 ton Category.  In 2017, there was approximately  1.62 million tons of asphalt materials placed by contractors on  state highways. APC Southern produced 80,000 tons of  asphalt materials in 2017 and was the winner in the same  category in 2016.  Accepting the award (L to R): Kurt Wasinger (Crusher Superintendent),  Steve Hammond (Plant Superintendent), Dominick  Gonzales (Plant Operator).
Parting Shots PartingShots
All the very best to Marshall Shackelford, Technical Manager at Suncor Energy, USA - Marshall is  is retiring, effective May 1.  We thank Marshall  for his long standing industry leadership and support.  Photo:  (left to right) Stan Mauch, John Wilkins and Marshall Shackelford from Suncor Energy USA. 
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Staff Staff
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