Volume 14, Number 06                                      April 25,  2019
City of Littleton & Domino's Pizza Pothole Partnership  
On Tuesday April 23, t he City of Littleton was the center of the Domino's Pizza promotion for "Paving for Pizza". City public works forces were out on demonstration patching potholes in Houston Waring Circle. There were 5 poth oles repaired and a small community celebration at the event with over  250 attendee's at the event including city elected officials,  citizens, 
school kids and news media.  The event created an awareness of the process of pothole repair and the need for street improvement funding. 
Congratulations to Keith Reester and the City of Littleton for being selected as the Colorado participant in the promotion.
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RMAEC Asphalt WebinarsWebinars
Upcoming Webinar:
  Wide Crack Repair Options - An Agency Approach - April 25 @ 11:30am.
This session will present information on the process created by Arapahoe County Public Works and traditional repair methods as  Arapahoe County is battling the wide crack epidemicFeaturing Allen Peterson, Arapahoe County and Dan Stephens, Vance Brothers   To register or to see upcoming webinars,  Use this link.
Spring All Member Meeting - Women of Asphalt - May 17 The CAPA Spring All Member Meeting will be held on 11:30am - 1:30pm, Friday, May 17, at the CAPA offices, (RMAEC Training Room). The Meeting will focus on
"The Women of Asphalt". which is a national coalition which supports women in all aspects of the asphalt industry through mentoring, education, and advocacy, and by encouraging women to seek careers in the asphalt industry.  The Women of Asphalt is now a coalition to lead and inspire women in the asphalt industry.  CAPA will feature the "Women of Asphalt" at our May 17th All Member meeting.  To attend or see more, use this link 
CSU CM Wins ASC Heavy Civil Team - 1st Place!   The annual ASC Region 6 & 7 Student Competition took place in Sparks, NV from February 6th through 9th (we are in Region 6).  Colorado State traveled with 77 students and competed in 11 problem categories.  
The Heavy Civil category hosted by Kiewit had 15 competing teams from various schools, of which CSU CM took first place.  Photo: (Left to right) Back row: Gavin Hubbard, Bryan Nelson, Paul Oldham, Jeff Wilkes (faculty); Front row: Connor Reger, Cuentin Bates, Billy Fudale   ASC stands for Associated Schools of Construction.
NCAT Short Course In Asphalt Technology Comes to Colorado  November 4 - 8 are the dates for the NCAT Short Course in Asphalt Technology hosted by the RMAEC.  The NCAT Course were last held in Colorado in 2015.   The course starts at 1:00pm on Monday the 4th of November and runs until 12:00 noon on Friday, November 8.  Course content is being tailored to Colorado and will be taught by Dr. Mike Hietzman and Don Watson.  To register,  go to NCAT Comes to Colorado Registration
Industry-NewsIndustry News 
CAPA Supports Annual Meeting of Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (AAPT).  CAPA was a sponsor of the annual AAPT Meeting, We appreciate our partnership with AAPT.  AAPT Letter of Appreciation. 

Coalition for SAFE - Safe Asphalt for Everyone  Information you need to make informed decisions about asphalt in your Colorado community.  www.safeasphalt.org


Changing Pavement Type Post Bid

- FACT CHECK   Changing Pavement Type is a) NOT value engineering, b) undermines the contract and bidding process, and c) is based on biased information.   

A joint City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and CAPA work group had several meetings over the winter to update the Pikes Peak Region Asphalt Paving Specifications (Version 5) Changes include clarifications to tack coat, WMA, and temperatures.  The specification is based on a 3.5% design air voids, PG 58-28 for low volume roads, and the allowance of WMA.  Grading ST (NMAS - ½") and terminology of asphalt pavement materials (APM) are also included.  
A feature is the Spring 2019 CAPA insert of The Road Ahead
Transportation Commission Meeting, April  Meeting Packet
  • SB 267/SB1 Funds for North Express Lanes Project- request for additional $250 M, see page #37
  • Request for an additional $1.9 M for the I-225 Project, see page #146
Smoothness Operator & Equipment Verification dates set. 
The CDOT profiler operator class and certification will be scheduled for Monday May 6th and will be conducted every year.  The class/certification process will take all day and will involve a class presentation followed by a multiple choice test.   At the cert site the operators that are looking to have their equipment certified will be required to perform the CP-78 cert runs within the repeatability and accuracy parameters.  The HSP equipment will be evaluated for certification on Tuesday May 7th and lightweight equipment on Wednesday May 8th; weather depending. More Info:  Val Niculae at CDOT
Roadway Smoothness Data:  HMA vs. PCCP   Summary of the pavement smoothness data from 2005 to 2018.  HRI has all been converted to MRI.   C-470 data for accepted lanes has been added.  HMA does not include Category 4 in the averages.  The graph shows the 5 year weighted (by lane miles) average instead of the individual year results.  Eric Prieve, PE; Material & Geotechnical Branch, 
Crack Sealing:
Question:  One of the members of our HOA was complaining about the contractors doing the crack sealing in our neighborhood. He told us he "Googled" the way to do it and they are doing it all wrong. Is there a way to determine if the contractor is doing this correctly?  
Answer:  One of our work groups has created a document titled " Best Practices for Crack Seal Materials & Construction". This document was developed with industry and owners in mind. This is a good reference for property owners to use when contracting out their pavement maintenance. 
New Video Series on Asphalt Pavement Principles  The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently released a short video on density and durability as part of a new series titled Asphalt Pavement Principles. The video project was completed as part of the cooperative agreement between NAPA and FHWA. NAPA's engineering and communication teams worked closely with Applied Research Associates and NAPA members to create the video which will be the first in a series of three.  

NAPA Committee Begins to Examine Workforce Issues

   On April 10, NAPA held the first meeting of its new Workforce Development Committee. The committee, which includes Freed Marvel of Brannan Sand & Gravel, is comprised of three task forces, which will focus on market research and messaging, developing partnerships, and delivering the promise of a high-quality working environment to current employees.  (More Info) 
Webinar Series  A Practical Guide to Sustainable Asphalt Pavements  A 4-part webinar series that accompanies NAPA's forthcoming publication series, Sustainable Asphalt Pavements, A Practical Guide.  Part 2: Sustainability Specifics; Thursday, May 16   Learn More and Register
Roads to Your Future is a FHWA program to address shortages in the highway construction workforce. The goal is to help participating companies understand the magnitude of the highway construction workforce challenge, start local workforce development efforts, market highway construction job openings, and identify, train, and place workers into highway construction careers. Click here to learn more about how you can address workforce challenges at your company.
Training and Education Training
RMAEC on the Road.  As the 2019 Asphalt Paving season gets into full swing, the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center teamed up with CDOT to hold the LabCAT Technician Certification program in Grand Junction from Monday April 15 to Friday April 19. More than 60 people attended one or more of the days of Certification. This is the third time the RMAEC and CDOT have teamed up to bring the program to Grand Junction. The trip occurs once each 3 years to coincide with the certification and re-certification time line. See more
Asphalt Lunch & Learns/Short Courses - available upon request by members.  Asphalt Training that comes to you!  When you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.  Attached are the promotional flyers on each type of training.  Great for new employees and those wishing for a refresher.  Learn more!
The 2019 RMAEC Webinar Schedule Published.  The subjects are varied and diverse. See the entire 2019 line up by clicking here. You can register for any or all of the webinar session on the page you will be directed to by clicking the link above. 
The NEXT Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course for 2019  will be held on June 4 to 7.   Attendee's can attend 1 day or stay all 4 depending on the level of instruction desired.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.   Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski   See all of the 2019 Intro to PC/OA Course dates
Awards_Dinner25th Annual "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards 
The 2018 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Award winning projects have been posted on the CAPA website. The CDOT Smoothest Asphalt Pavement Awards and Quality in Production Awards are also posted.  
The featured category for this issue is City Street New or Reconstruction , Schmidt Construction and the Town of Castle Rock  Read more.    

You can see what other projects were recognized and who was present to accept the awards on February 27th. The Dinner Program is also available for viewing and download from the CAPA Website.    The award winners are also featured in the Spring 2019 CAPA news magazine "The Road Ahead "

NOTE:  Nominations for 2019 projects are due by October 25, 2019
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CAPA had a visitor to the office recently.
Why was Mrs. Turkey in the Tech Center and near our building. Obviously not worried about being taken, it was Easter and the Bunny was worried, and she was not as a Turkey. 
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