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2018 Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-in to Washington DC.  (left to right): Tony Milo - CCA, Abby and David Foster - CCA; Levi Lowell, T. Lowell & Sons; Rich Umbel, United Companies of Mesa Co.;
Matt Hogan, Kraemer North America; Mike Rooney, WRS; Kyle Alpha, United Companies of Mesa Co.; Todd Ohlheiser, CSS&GA / CRMCA; Tom Peterson, CAPA; Brad Cofield, Wagner Equip. Co.

Volume 13, Number 08                                               May 24 2018
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Transportation Funding Trans_Funding
A bipartisan statewide coalition of business leaders, mayors and transportation advocates (including CAPA) announced Friday (June 19) it will gather signatures to place a 0.62 percent sales tax increase
to invest in Colorado's transportation system on the November ballot.
"This coalition has been working together for years to secure badly needed funding for transportation. And after another legislative session that failed to meaningfully address the issue, it has become clear that the citizens of Colorado have no choice now but to take this issue into our own hands," said Mike Fitzgerald, president and CEO of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership. "As a business community we never want to see taxes increased unless it is absolutely necessary. We are now convinced that it is absolutely necessary."   Coalition members highlight the decades-long revenue shortage for transportation combined with population growth as driving the need for new revenue.   As the campaign gains more public attention, we want to ensure each of you have the materials needed to be the campaign's best advocates. Talking points can be found  here.


Construction Industry Coalition (CIC) Raises $2.7 M and Rising!!    The heavy highway construction industry (CCA, CAPA, CRMCA, CSSGA) and out members have already raised over $2.7 M for the transportation ballot measure.  This includes $160,000 from CAPA.   

Workforce Development workforce_Development
CSU - CM Career Fair September 25th, 2018   This bi-annual event is the cornerstone of on-campus recruiting activities at CSU for Construction Management students.  The Career Fair is an excellent way for students to "preview" your company while giving you the opportunity to get acquainted with students before the busy recruiting season begins.  With nearly 800 students in the Construction Management program, we have an excellent pool of students available for your full-time, internship, and work experience (pre-intern) employment needs.  
To register, visit our   CM Career Fair Registration Site  Visit this site to to find the workers you need for your team. It is the only national site focused specifically on jobs in the asphalt pavement industry. Post a resume or position listing, review resumes of job seekers or job listers.   
All Member Meeting Planned for 12:00 noon, Friday, June 22, Bar B-Q Lunch followed by Member Program, CAPA Office - RMAEC Training Center  
Key Topic:  "Transportation Funding - Understanding SB1 & Its Impact on Colorado"  

CAPA Welcomes 2 NEW Associate Members    
Trax Construction   Trax has been a locally owned and operated Colorado corporation since March 1994. Initially we focused on securing contracts with Colorado Springs Utilities for asphalt patch paving services. By customizing equipment purchases, quality control standards and office administration we routinely maximized our contract performance.
It was a natural expansion for us to branch out into the surrounding cities and municipalities of Manitou Springs, Woodland Park and Canon City with our asphalt paving, concrete flatwork and landscaping services. Contacts include Jerry Van Horn, Jay Van Horn, and Jeff Van Horn 

Intertek PSI   Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is a nationally recognized consulting engineering and testing firm providing integrated services in several disciplines, including geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and engineering, facilities engineering and consulting, environmental consulting, asbestos management and industrial hygiene. PSI is a leader among the nation's independent testing organizations and ranks among the largest consulting engineering firms in the country.
PSI has been providing business and industry with objective, accurate and useful information for over 130 years. Today, we employ approximately 2300 skilled personnel in offices nationwide.
National Trade Journal, Asphalt Pro Magazine Profiles E-470 Widening Project. 
Quality, Smoothness and Speed to Completion in Colorado    Instead of paving the surface course at night, as it was bid, Martin Marietta suggested employing echelon paving on weekends to improve safety, speed up the project and reduce visible joints on the project.
Upcoming Webinars webinars

June 27, Project Management on Large Paving Projects

Missed a Webinar??   Use this link 
Training and Education Training
Flexible Pavement Design & Rehabilitation Seminar; June 7-8, 2018 - Scottsdale, AZ
The next Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course   is planned for June 5 to 8.  This is educational course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.  Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski. 
Performance Under Pressure: Heavy Duty Pavements  Webinar Series  
Heavy Duty Pavements: Perpetual Pavement Wednesday, May 30, 2 p.m. EDT 

Learn More and Register
New CDOT Director Michael Lewis Has $645 Million To Spend. Where Will It Go?
Today, Lewis is looking at a windfall: the legislature just agreed to spend $645 million on transportation over the next two years. The legislature also opened up the possibility of asking voters to borrow more than $2 billion.
The Division of Highway Maintenance has developed a draft Job Order Contract (JOB) to be used by CDOT Maintenance on a pilot basis in Region 1.  The JOB is in draft form and subject to comment.  The goal is to finalize the JOC shortly and have it available for work this construction season.  Comments can be provided to Tom Peterson
Dave Eller, RTD Region 3, announces his Retirement   Dave has been the Regional Transportation Director in Region 3 (Grand Junction) for many years. He has had a strong voice in the region and in the state regarding pavement management, roadway funding and construction practices. Dave became the RTD after time as a Regional Materials Engineer and as a Program Engineer.  He is leaving CDOT near the end of the fiscal year. Dave will be missed and we wish him all the very best in whatever the future holds.         
SAFETY Resources & Information Safety
Safety; It should be a number 1 concern! 
As the construction season is in full swing it is most important we continue to keep our work force safe. There are more distracted driver daily, either fiddling with their phones or doing a myriad of other things when they should be paying attention to the road.
The work zone safety web site has a number of ideas and training mosules available for all to view and use. One of the newest imitative s is  "
Smarter Work Zones" (SWZ) are among a few select initiatives being promoted by the FHWA Every Day Counts initiative.  SWZ are work zones that utilize innovative strategies to minimize work zone safety and mobility impacts. In EDC-3, focus is on coordination of construction projects and use of technology applications to dynamically manage work zone impacts. 
Visit the Work Zone Web site for more tips and information 
Internal Traffic Control Training Available   Last year, more than 25,000 people were injured in active road construction work zones and more than 700 people were killed. A large portion of those injured were road construction workers. Ensuring workers go home safely at the end of their shift starts with training. NAPA now offers Internal Traffic Control (ITC) training tools, targeted for workers engaged in some of the most dangerous work zone activities. Partnering with ARTBA, NAPA developed a suite of job-specific training modules. A general education module and a laborers module are currently available. For more info,  click here 
Upcoming Compliance Deadlines, Reporting Changes  June and July are big compliance deadline months for asphalt producers. On June 23, all asphalt plants should be in compliance with OSHA's Silica Rule for general industry activities. For more info, view NAPA's webinar, "Complying with OSHA's Silica Rule at Asphalt Plants and During Road Construction Activities." On July 1, applicable establishments must submit injury and illness data electronically to comply with OSHA's Injury Reporting Rule. OSHA has clarified that all employers must submit the data through OSHA's portal even if their state has not adopted the new requirements. More info, view NAPA's webinar, "Electronic Injury Reporting for Asphalt Plant - Road Construction Activities and its companion Special Report."
Ask Asphalt Man Asphaltman
QUESTION:  Recently, CAPA has received reports of salesmen offering to pave or do other construction for very low costs, claiming to use "left over" asphalt from a larger paving or other paving jobs. The reports have been in areas of Jefferson County, Boulder County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, El Paso County- Colorado Springs, and Larimer County as well as in Eastern Colorado small communities. Such door-to-door scams typically result in less-than-satisfied consumers who end up paying for inferior work that often must be replaced. In this time many consumers are desperate to get their lives back to somewhat normal and having a traveling scammer take advantage of them will only prolong the recovery process. How do I know if it is a scam? 
ANSWER: "Reputable contractors don't peddle asphalt or other materials door-to-door. These scams usually result in being swindled by contractors who are here today, gone tomorrow,". A reputable contractor will only purchase the proper quantity of material to complete a job. They do not have "Left Overs" as the products are, for the most part, perishable.
There are 7 tell tail signs a scam is about to take place. You can see the CAPA press release here!     
YouTubeASPHALT on YouTube!

So you think we have road problems........Look at these issues in Hawaii right now! 

So the rest of us in the United States are complaining on our road conditions, well look at this video from the current eruption in Hawaii. Jon (HAPI) your members have a big job ahead of themselves to fix all of this damage!
Building a road in a short period of time! This is how the US Military gets across a river in record time. 
"Best in Colorado" 2017 BiC
CATEGORY - Smoothest Pavement II
Coulson Excavating of Loveland has been recognized with a Colorado Department of Transportation state wide Smoothness Award Pavement Category II for their US 85 project north of Greeley. This project was a $15.5 million-dollar total roadway reconstruction of 17 lane miles. The scope of work included rubblization of the existing concrete, asphalt overlay, and culvert/bridge replacements. 73,000 tons of asphalt was placed. This paving had an average HRI of 30.7 for 17 lane miles, achieving 93.8% of the available smoothness incentive, a total of $144,000. Accepting the award (L to R): Ed Warr (RockSol), Richard McKay (RockSol), Terry Reusink (Coulson), Lucas Thom  (Coulson), Matt Coulson (Coulson),  Ryan Idler (CDOT).
On June 23, OSHA's Silica Rule general industry standard goes into effect
for asphalt mix production facilities. At that time, all facilities should have identified and/or documented respirable crystalline silica exposure levels for workers engaged in dust-generating activities or dusty environments. The two most common ways to determine exposure are through objective data - that is, exposure data available or published for similar activities - or through direct exposure assessment of worker activities. The latter can include surrogate exposures of, for example, respirable dust. For more information, view NAPA's free webinar, 
"Complying with OSHA's Silica Rule at Asphalt Plants and During Road Construction Activities,"  or contact NAPA Vice President for Environment, Health & Safety  Dr. Howard Marks.
Parting Shots PartingShots
Industry Advocates for Transportation Funding During Visit to Washington DC 
 CAPA joined forces with CCA, CRMCA, and CSSGA for the annual Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-In to Washington DC on May 15 -16, 2018.  The event was coordinated nationally through the  Transportation Construction Coalition and had representation from the various national trade organizations including NAPA, AGC, NSSGA and others.  The Colorado group visited with several of the Colorado delegation including Senator Cory Gardner, Senator Michael Bennet, Rep. Ken Buck, Rep. Scott Tipton, Rep. Jared Polis, and Rep. Ed Perlmutter.  A key topic of discussion was to include a permanent Highway Trust Fund (HTF) solution as part of any infrastructure or tax legislation acted on this year.
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