Left - Three Wide Paving for the Co Springs 2C    
Center - North I-25 widening getting new neck shades from CAPA     
Right -  Experimental features to reduce Cracking for CO Springs 2C 

Volume 13, Number 14                                               September 10,  2018
Table of Conte nts  Contents 
Transportation Funding Trans_Funding
STATEWIDE TRANSPORTATION FUNDING SOLUTION CERTIFIED FOR NOVEMBER BALLOT    "Let's Go Colorado's" , Proposition 110- - Transportation Sales Tax is officially on the ballot.  If approved by the Colorado voters, the 0.62% sales tax (6 cents on a $10 purchase) will generate approximately $767 M/yr for 20 years for transportation improvements across the state of Colorado.  CDOT has developed an  interactive map that identifies $6 B in priority projects around the state.  Also included is a dedicated $1.5 billion (that's billion with a B) for Statewide Pavement Preservation .  CAPA working closely with our industry partners (CCA, CSSGA, CRMCA, ACPA) have reached out goal of providing $3 million to the Let's Go Colorado (LGC) Campaign .  All of the polling has confirmed this campaign is winnable, but it will require a significant public education campaign.  This public education, via paid advertising, earned media, social media, etc., costs money.  
The campaign's $8 million budget devotes the vast majority of its funds to public education. One gap in the education campaign is to educate rural voters on the significance of the measure.  60% of the state funds will be allocated in rural Colorado and the measure includes a 40% allocation to cities/counties.   Ballot analysis   Text of measure (PDF)   Petition Statement of Sufficiency (PDF)   Ballot question     It's our goal to get every CAPA member company on the list of supporters.  To have your company officially endorse Proposition 110, sign the resolution and return it to the campaign office.  Also, please spread the word: Share the Sign-up Sheet with your employees so they can personally endorse the measure and get involved in the   LGC campaign.
Project  Description: CDOT's pavement improvement program extends the lifespan of the state roadway system by providing surface treatments and pavement preservation and reconstruction on highways. According to the transportation research group TRIP, 40 percent of the major urban roads and highways in Colorado are in poor or mediocre condition.  Project Limits: Statewide  Project Cost: $1.5 billion
Let's Go Colorado launches website in support of proposition 110.  Let's Go Colorado Fact Sheet and Campaign Talking Points.    . Visit the campaign's website where you can sign up to officially endorse the measure, get regular updates and (if you have not already) donate to the campaign! . 

One important component of the Proposition 110 is a 40% transfer to local agencies.   The HUTF transfer to City and County would more than double the amount each agency is receiving.

YouTubeASPHALT on YouTube!

The Workforce Analysis Study completed by CAPA retained consultant Burns Marketing of Fort Collins identified the primary challenges to the asphalt industry for recruiting and retaining a future workforce.  One attractive feature of employment in our industry is rapid career advancement.  Check out this video of 
Kelly French from Brannan Sand and Gravel speaking on the career opportunities in the Asphalt Industry.

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Upcoming Webinars webinars
Webinar reminderS

September 25, 2018 -   Understanding Proposition 110
The Statewide Transportation Sales Tax   This webinar planned for 11:30pm - 12:30pm,   Tuesday, September 25,  will provide an overview of Proposition 110 - the statewide sales tax ballot measure.  It will explain the measure and what it would provide to Colorado if it is successfully approved by the voters in November.  Of particular emphasis will be a comparison to Proposition 109 - Fix Our Dam Roads and a discussion on the benefits to cities and counties throughout Colorado. 
Primary Speaker:  Tom Peterson, CAPA Executive Director. 

October 11, 2018 Asphalt Pavement Forensics: Understanding the Fundamentals of Troubleshooting Performance Problems.Primary Speaker:  Mike Skinner, CAPA Director of Pavement Engineering. 

To Register    2018 Webinar Schedule   Missed a Webinar??   Use this link 
CDOT has completed a Performance of Asphalt Pavements StudyThe study quantified the estimated asphalt performance on Interstates and NHS Highways.  Study Results:  
NHS Performance Life (Years) 
Minimum - Most Likely - Maximum
Interstate Performance Life (Years)
Minimum - Most Likely - Maximum
2 to 4 inch overlays
14.2 - 25.2 - 30.4
n/a - n/a - n/a
Planning and Overlay
14.2 - 19.6 - 23.2
8.8 - 14.0 - 17.0
SMA Overlays
11.0 - 14.4 - 18.6
n/a - n/a - n/a
FDR and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a
Heater Remix and Overlay
11.2 - 15.6 - 18.8
n/a - n/a - n/a
Heater Scarify and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a
Cold-In-Place and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a

CDOT has provided industry with a
Construction Year 2019 Project List .  The list includes 88 projects and totals $279,400,577.  A majority of the projects are expected to be advertised by January 1 with October being the high month with $80.6 M to be advertised.     
Image is a Clickable link
CDOT Asphalt Tonnage
  CAPA continues to track asphalt tonnage placed each year on Colorado highways.  CDOT Staff Materials provided the 2017 Actual amount this week (1,036,222) as compared to the projected (1,009,944).  We expect that the actual amount for 2018 to be the lowest amount in a single season going back 20 years. The projection is.approximately 50% to 55% of the projected amount (997,927 tons).

FY 2018-2019 Budget  The Colorado Transportation Commission has approved an amended FY 2018-2019 Budget.  The Commission allocated $88.3 M of the $100 M Asset Management Funds (provided by SB 1) to the FY 2018-2019 Surface Treatment budget.  The result is an increase from the planned $225.4 M to $313.7 M. 

New Technical Guidance  CDOT has issued a new  Materials Bulletin, dated August 10, 2018.  This Materials Bulletin replaces CP-52 of the 2019 Field Materials Manual.  Also issued was an updated CP-52 Contractor Asphalt Mix Design Approval Procedures and a CP-52 Worksheet in Materials Bulletin.  The RAP aggregate bulk specific gravity will be back-calculated using an assumed average aggregate water absorption of 1.01%. The corresponding assumed aggregate asphalt absorption will be 0.61.  The corresponding CDOT Form #429 has also been updated.  All Material Bulletins can be found here: Materials Bulletins. More Info:  Michael Stanford, P.E., Asphalt Program Manager, Materials & Geotechnical Branch, , P 303.398.6576  4670 Holly Street Denver, CO 80216

Industry News industry_news
The Importance of Construction Materials to the Colorado Economy
  Much thanks to the Colorado Stone Sand & Gravel Association (CSSGA) for taking the lead in planning and hosting an industry briefing and quarry tour for regulatory agency personnel and elected officials. 
The event was held on August 28 and conducted in cooperation with CAPA and the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA).  The event was well attended and included a briefing (hosted by Martin Marietta) and a tour to the Martin Marietta Red Canyon Quarry, Drennen Yard, Action Concrete, and Schmidt Construction. 
(Link to Presentation)
Resiliency and Sustainability -- Some of Asphalt's Greatest (but Lesser-Known) Benefits  Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon, Spring 2018 Centerline newsletter     This article provides examples of how asphalt's speed of construction promotes resiliency by getting roads up-and-running quickly and reconnecting communities after catastrophic flooding and other disasters. It also discusses asphalt's role in sustainability, in particular how smooth pavements decrease vehicle fuel consumption and promote structural longevity.
NAPA Publishes Guidelines for Porous Pavements     Commonly used for parking lots and other light-duty applications, full-depth porous asphalt pavements are increasingly being used on roadways as part of efforts to mitigate flooding hazards, reduce hardscape, and improve sustainability. To help ensure these new porous asphalt roadways provide reliable performance under traffic, NAPA has published Structural Design Guidelines for Porous Asphalt Pavements .  The guideline discusses the structural design procedure for porous asphalt and the required inputs using the AASHTO 93 design method.
Rubblization to the Rescue   In 1992, VDOT began construction of the Appomattox By-Pass in central Virginia. The 2.8-mile four-lane divided highway carried traffic around the historic town of Appomattox, the site where the Civil War ended. The 9-inch jointed plain concrete pavement was designed to last 20 or more years before rehabilitation - joint patching and grinding. Unfortunately, failures at the transverse joints, slab settlement, and development of mid-slab cracking were identified seven years after construction. Over the next 15 years, VDOT performed extensive repairs to maintain the roadway. Finally, a project has rescued the eastbound lanes - concrete rubblization.   Learn More...
2019 Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show (RMACES) planning is well under way! The 46th annual is scheduled for February 27 thru March 1, 2019, Crowne Plaza, Aurora.  
The agenda is packed full and will included breakout sessions on all topics related to the Asphalt Paving Industry. It will include an off site tour of the Martin Marietta Quarry and 700TPH Asphalt Production facility in Golden. The conference will end with a closing ceremony and the drawing of the grand prize raffle winner. The grand prize will be a Polaris Sportsman ATV.   www.rmaces.org 
Transportation Girl Conference - October 9, 2018 Currently women comprise only 8% of the workforce in construction.  With huge projects on the horizon and huge workforce shortages, there is tremendous opportunity right now.  We owe it to our young women to let them know that they have options and choices.  
You don't want to miss this event.  Learn More 
Watch webinars for local, tribal, and Federal land management agencies on  Pavement Preservation: When, Where, and How  and Tools for Pavement Preservation-How.    Visit the Federal Highway Administration Pavement Preservation  and Asset Management websites for resources.   For information and technical assistance on pavement preservation, contact Jason DietzThomas Van,  or  Antonio Nieves.  
Training and Education Training
The next Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course  is planned for October 9 to the 12th. This will be the final Introduction to PC/OC session for 2018.  Attendee's can come for 1 day or stay all 4.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.   Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski.    The 2019 schedule of Certification and training session s will be released in December.   
The LabCAT Certification sessions for fall and early winter are filling quickly. If you have  employees who are in need of certification or re-certification. and you want them in session in 2018, Reserve a seat soon There are only 3 certification sessions remaining in 2018, September 18 to 20, October 23-25 and November 13 to 15. There is only one Streamline session - Sept. 25th. One Aggregate Session - Sept. 26th.   Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski   
2018 Annual Golf  Tournament & Scholarship Fund Raiser 
is this Friday.  
Fox Hollow Golf Course - Lakewood. 
Event Sponsor - Moody insurance.

We have a great day of golf planned for all to enjoy. The club pro tells us the weather will be perfect on September 14th!    

SPONSORS STILL NEEDED!!  The Tournament is our primary way of fund raising for the Asphalt Technology Scholarship Program.  We partner with the APWA-Colorado Chapter and have sent over 120 city, county, consultant and contractor personnel to NCAT at Auburn University over the past 15 years.  More information -  CAPA Web Site .  
Mark Your Calendars!!  CAPA All Member Meeting - Friday,  Nov. 2, 2018. This meeting will feature the CDOT projections for 2019 paving season.  Local agency representatives will be present and will be providing information on paving plans for 2019.  Location:  Brannan Sand and Gravel facilities at 5880 North Lipan Street, Denver, CO It will begin with lunch at 11:58am. RSVP's required.  
Watch for a registration link in the next issue of 'IFOP" 
CAPA NEW Member Luncheon & Christmas Reception, Thursday Dec. 6.  This luncheon will provide us the opportunity to introduce the members who joined the CAPA Family in 2018. The luncheon will be followed by a Christmas reception hosted by CAPA and sponsored by the CAPA member binder and emulsion suppliers. Register early as this event regulairly fills up and people are turned away. Registration for this event will open in late September or early October.     
SAFETY Resources & Information Safety
The Industry's "Go To" Source for All Things Safety  The job site safety of the men and women who build and maintain America's transportation infrastructure-as well as that of those who travel through our work zones-is a top priority for ARTBA's membership. And for this reason, the development and provision of safety programs and training is a core competency of ARTBA and its Transportation Development Foundation. Read more!
Protect Your Hearing Now!
Have you heard the old fable about boiling a frog? It goes something like this: if you drop a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But, if you place it in tepid water and slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will not perceive the rising temperature. However morbid the metaphor may be, it can teach us a thing or two about our unwillingness to react to threats that arise slowly. For example, hearing loss. Read article     Used with permission from The Asphalt Pro Magazine. 
The September/October issue of Asphalt Pavement Magazine is now available!

Ask Asphalt Man Asphaltman

QUESTION:  What is segregation in Asphalt Paving Materials (APM)

ANSWER:  Segregation in a asphalt pavement material (APM) can be defined as the separation of the coarse aggregate particles in the mix from the rest of the mass. Segregation can take one of three forms: 1. RANDOM, 2. SIDE-to-SIDE or LONGITUDINAL, and 3. TRUCKLOAD-TO-TRUCKLOAD.   Each type is caused by a different problem. But each affects the long-term durability of the asphalt pavement concrete structure.  
This article deals with truckload segregation, and more specifically, with best practices for using end-dump trucks.   The Contractor and producer need to follow best practices for loading and unloading the haul trucks. This includes multiply drops when loading and charging the tailgates prior to unloading.  More info:  see our Library or  contact Tom Clayton
"Best in Colorado" 2017 BIC_2017
In Place Recycling
CDOT Region 5 and Four Corners Materials have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Quality Award in the In-Place Recycling Category.  The award is for their work on US 491 Surface Treatment Project north of Cortez.  This $6.7M project included 6.5 miles of 5" of Cold In-Place Recycling overlayed with 2" of asphalt plus 1.6 miles of 3" mill & overlay with a leveling course. A total of 51,000 tons of asphalt was placed.
The project began in May and was completed 15 days ahead of schedule on a 120-day contract. The Coughlin Company provided the Cold In-Place Recycling and milling services and was a contributor to the overall success of the project. The judges provided this interesting story "When we were getting our Starbucks early in the morning in Cortez on the way to inspect the site, both baristas commented on what a good job this is, specifically the transverse joints at the match line with the existing concrete."  Accepting the award (L to R): Jeff Bran (Four Corners Materials), Thomas Campbell (Four Corners Materials), Jason Voorhees (CDOT), Craig Glazier (CDOT), Robert Pare,  (CDOT).
Parting Shots PartingShots
Shingles in Asphalt Pavements??   A close up shot from a section of E-470.  It's not a new type of surface treatment, just a stray shingle adhering to the surface.    
Not an intentional white topping, just a slurry spill from a mixer truck which accidentially discharged on a Smooth, Quiet, SMA pavement.

Instruments buried in pavements all over the country are showing that Perpetual Pavements perform as designed. This means that pavements can be thinner (for lower cost) and longer-lasting (for the ultimate in sustainability).  Asphalt Pavement magazine has the story about studies in Alabama, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin.      
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