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Center - Crack Repair Product Demo and Open House, Jefferson County   
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Volume 13, Number 15                                               September 24,  2018
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Upcoming Webinars webinars
Webinar reminderS

September 25, 2018 -   Understanding Proposition 110
The Statewide Transportation Sales Tax   This webinar planned for 11:30pm - 12:30pm,   Tuesday, September 25,  will provide an overview of Proposition 110 - the statewide sales tax ballot measure.  It will explain the measure and what it would provide to Colorado if it is successfully approved by the voters in November.  Of particular emphasis will be a comparison to Prop 109 - Fix Our Dam Roads and a discussion on the benefits to cities and counties throughout Colorado. 
Primary Speaker:  Tom Peterson, CAPA Executive Director. 

October 11, 2018 Asphalt Pavement Forensics: Understanding the Fundamentals of Troubleshooting Performance Problems.Primary Speaker:  Mike Skinner, CAPA Director of Pavement Engineering. 

To Register    2018 Webinar Schedule   Missed a Webinar??   Use this link 
Transportation Funding Trans_Funding

The Vote Yes on Proposition 110 (Let's Go Colorado) Campaign is in high gear.    We are building our list of supporters across the state.  If you have not yet officially endorsed Proposition 110, here is a link to the resolution and return it to the campaign office.  Also, please spread the word: Share the  Sign-up Sheet with your employees so they can personally endorse the measure and get involved in the Let's Go, Colorado campaign.  Please note: contributing to the campaign does not automatically add you to the list of supporters.  For your company to be on the list, you must sign and return  the resolution!  Learn more at Lets go Colorado

CDOT has developed an  interactive map that identifies $6 B in priority projects around the state.  Also included is a dedicated $1.5 billion (that's billion with a B) for Statewide Pavement Preservation .  Project Description: CDOT's pavement improvement program extends the lifespan of the state roadway system by providing surface treatments and pavement preservation and reconstruction on highways. According to the transportation research group TRIP, 40 percent of the major urban roads and highways in Colorado are in poor or mediocre condition.  Project Limits: Statewide  Project Cost: $1.5 billion    Let's Go Colorado (LGC) Campaign .    
To have your company officially endorse Proposition 110, sign the resolution and return it to the campaign office.  Also, please spread the word: Share the Sign-up Sheet with your employees so they can personally endorse the measure and get involved in the   LGC campaign.
The first Proposition 110 advertisement is out:  Click the image to see the Advertisement. 
Municipal Transportation Funding Issues:
The City of Littleton is proposing ballot measure 7B to provide an additional $3.1 M for city streets.  CAPA is providing support for the Citizens for 7B Campaign.  

A proposed 1% street improvement sales tax would generate between $1.4 M to $1.8 M in new revenue for streets to be added to current program of $2.7 M.  CAPA is provided $1,500 for the Pueblo West Save Our Streets Campaign.

One important component of the Proposition 110 is a 40% transfer to local agencies.   The HUTF transfer to City and County would more than double the amount each agency is receiving.

YouTubeASPHALT on YouTube!

Recently, Mike Skinner (CAPA's Director of Engineering) traveled to the South Pacific for vacation and visited the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.  Located 5,000 miles from Los Angeles (situated between Tahiti and Samoa) , The Cooks provide unique challenges to maintain their island road network based on their location in the middle of Polynesia.  Mike had an opportunity to drive the island and then stopped in and visited with Vaipo Mataora (Director of Civil Works | Infrastructure Cook Islands) about the Roads of Rarotonga.

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Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet discusses the details of Colorado's Proposition 110, which will appear on the November 2018 ballot. Paid for by Coloradans for Colorado
Product Demo and Open House. Jefferson County Road and Bridge hosted an open house for a demonstration of "Cold Joint Adhesive' manufactured by Deery in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The product is hot placed on a clod longitudinal joint, not to prevent a crack but to have the crack remain sealed if and when is cracks.
2019 CDOT Planned Projects are starting to show on the CDOT GO SHEET!       The first asphalt project Region 3; I-70 Mack to Fruita is out for advertisement.     October looks to be a busy month.
Two highlights from the Transportation Commission - September meeting were the approval of a  Resolution in support of Prop #110 - Sales Tax and approval of a  Resolution regarding a project list (with no endorsement) of Prop #109 - Bonding
CDOT has provided industry with a
Construction Year 2019 Project List .  The list includes 88 projects and totals $279,400,577.  A majority of the projects are expected to be advertised by January 1 with October being the high month with $80.6 M to be advertised.     
CDOT has completed a Performance of Asphalt Pavements StudyThe study quantified the estimated asphalt performance on Interstates and NHS Highways.  Study Results:  
NHS Performance Life (Years) 
Minimum - Most Likely - Maximum
Interstate Performance Life (Years)
Minimum - Most Likely - Maximum
2 to 4 inch overlays
14.2 - 25.2 - 30.4
n/a - n/a - n/a
Planning and Overlay
14.2 - 19.6 - 23.2
8.8 - 14.0 - 17.0
SMA Overlays
11.0 - 14.4 - 18.6
n/a - n/a - n/a
FDR and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a
Heater Remix and Overlay
11.2 - 15.6 - 18.8
n/a - n/a - n/a
Heater Scarify and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a
Cold-In-Place and Overlay
n/a - n/a - n/a
n/a - n/a - n/a

On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program.  On August 28, CDOT released an OJT Standard Special Provision for use on all future Federal-aid CDOT construction projects, including local agency projects.   CDOT requires prime contractors on construction contracts to offer on-the-job training aimed at developing full journey workers in a trade or job classification on awarded projects. Each contract specifies the minimum number of training hours that must be met. Prime contractors must have an approved OJT plan and subcontractors may have a plan for staff to be trained during a project.  If you're interested in learning more about the OJT program and recent changes, CDOT is hosting two training sessions.    In person training for Primes and Subcontractors:  September 26, 2018, 3pm - 5pm, Denver Chamber of Commerce  Register:     
Webinar for Prime contractors: Oct. 16, 2018; 12:30pm - 1:30pm; Register
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CDOT Asphalt Tonnage
  CAPA continues to track asphalt tonnage placed each year on Colorado highways.  CDOT Staff Materials provided the 2017 Actual amount this week (1,036,222) as compared to the projected (1,009,944).  We expect that the actual amount for 2018 to be the lowest amount in a single season going back 20 years. The projection is.approximately 50% to 55% of the projected amount (997,927 tons).
CDOT's Newsletter:  subscribe at connect 2dot
Industry News industry_news
CAPA joined with CCA, CRMCA, and CSSGA in support of United Companies (a CRH Company) hosting Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton (R. Colorado 3rd CD) for an industry briefing and facility to  ur on  Tuesday, Sept ember 1
8, at United's Grand Junction office and production facility.   The event provided a great forum for Congressman Tipton to better understanding our industry and the importance of federal transportation funding.
Transportation Girl Conference - October 9, 2018 Currently women comprise only 8% of the workforce in construction.  With huge projects on the horizon and huge workforce shortages, there is tremendous opportunity right now.  We owe it to our young women to let them know that they have options and choices.  
You don't want to miss this event.  Learn More 
In the September 2018,   Quality Control / Quality Assurance issue:  Superior Gets Back to NatureSave Water When Washing Aggregate  Rieth-Riley Controls Traffic with ICones    Looking for more in-depth articles and how-to's? Make sure to visit our website at www.theasphaltpro.com to find the information you need to improve your business!
Crews that train right get bonuses. How are you ensuring every member of your crew-even the new guy-knows what it takes to pave a perfect mat?   Training is key to improve safety, up time and quality on your asphalt paving jobs. Equip your crew with the knowledge they need to succeed.   Click to see more
CAPA 2019 Membership Directory - Get Your Updates In!  It is never too early to update your listing in the CAPA Membership Directory. You can see you 2018 listing by using this link.    Updates are due to us no later than October 31, 2018

The 2019 Directory will be finalized in early December and in the mail in early January.  Send your updates to Tom Clayton

2018 Annual Golf  Tournament & Scholarship Fund Raiser  was Friday September 14. 
Event Sponsor - Moody insurance.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR PARTICIPANTS AND SPONSORS!   More than 200 participants attended on Friday September 14. The weather could not have been much better, possibly a few degrees cooler.  Congratulations to the Vance Brothers Team of Drew and Cody Vance, Heath Russo and Nick Allen who will hold the cup until September 12, 2019. The team with the most honest score in 2018 was the APWA team of Pete Adler, Brian Pettet, Dave Schmidt and Paul Hindman.
The CAPA Golf Tournament is our primary way of fund raising for the Asphalt Technology Scholarship Program.  We partner with the APWA-Colorado Chapter and have sent over 120 city, county, consultant and contractor personnel to NCAT at Auburn University over the past 15 years.  More information - 
CAPA Web Site .  
Mark Your Calendars!!  "BEST IN COLORADO" award nominations are due by Friday October 26, 2018. 
The nomination deadline is sneaking up on us and will be here sooner than we think.  The Awards Criteria and Awards Nomination Form are available from the CAPA website.  Deadline: Postmarked no later than Friday, October 26, 2018. 
Mark Your Calendars!!  CAPA All Member Meeting - Friday,  Nov. 2, 2018. This meeting will feature the CDOT projections for 2019 paving season.  Local agency representatives will be present and will be providing information on paving plans for 2019.  Location:  Brannan Sand and Gravel facilities at 5880 North Lipan Street, Denver, CO It will begin with lunch at 11:58am. RSVP's required.  
CAPA NEW Member Luncheon & Christmas Reception, Thursday Dec. 6.  This luncheon will provide us the opportunity to introduce the members who joined the CAPA Family in 2018. The luncheon will be followed by a Christmas reception sponsored by the CAPA member binder and emulsion suppliers. Register early as this event regulairly fills up and people are turned away. Registration will open soon.  .     
SAFETY Resources & Information Safety
The Industry's "Go To" Source for All Things Safety  The job site safety of the men and women who build and maintain America's transportation infrastructure-as well as that of those who travel through our work zones-is a top priority for ARTBA's membership. And for this reason, the development and provision of safety programs and training is a core competency of ARTBA and its Transportation Development Foundation. Read more!
Quality. Safety. Workforce development. These are the some of the key areas on which companies in the asphalt industry focus. NAPA Programs help asphalt mix producers and paving companies improve operations and safety and recognize employees and partners for a job  well done.
Awards Program:  The Awards Program provides an avenue for your company to demonstrate to customers your commitment to quality. All Quality in Construction Awards applicants receive critical feedback on mix quality and performance, providing a path for continuous improvement. The deadline to apply for all NAPA Awards is Oct. 4, 2018. 
Diamond Paving Commendation:
  The Diamond Commendations provide your company a blueprint for excellence to improve worker safety at the plant and paving sites, produce a quality product, raise employee morale, and lay down a quality pavement. The deadline to apply for all Diamond Commendations is Oct. 31.   Apply online today.
Emerald Eco-Label EPD Tool
  Sustainability is becoming part of quality plant operations. Public agencies and the community want asphalt producers to be transparent about the environmental impact of the mixes they are producing. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) produced using NAPA's Emerald Eco-Label too provide that  To learn more, visit asphaltpavement.org/epd.

Internal Traffic Control Program:  NAPA's Internal Traffic Control Program (ITCP) provides web-based asphalt-specific internal traffic control (ITC) training to asphalt industry workers. In-depth training for specific job functions and activities include laborers, truckers, equipment operators, and supervisors.
Sign up today to empower paving crews with knowledge of ITC, hazards in the work zone, and mitigation recommendations. Training your crews is an investment in their safety and the safety of the traveling public. To learn more, visit Asphaltpavemnt.org/safety
Training and Education Training
The FINAL Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course for 2018   is planned for October 9 to the 12th.   Attendee's can attend 1 day or stay all 4 depending on the level of instruction desired.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.   Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski.    The 2019 schedule of Certification and training sessions will be released as soon as it is finalized  
The LabCAT Certification sessions for fall and early winter are filling quickly. If you have  employees who are in need of certification or re-certification. and you want them in session in 2018, Reserve a seat soon There are only 2 certification sessions remaining in 2018, October 23-25 and November 13 to 15. There is only one Streamline session - Sept. 25th. One Aggregate Session - Sept. 26th. The 2019 schedule is being considered and will be published as soon as it has been completed.    Lead Instructor:  Cindy Rutkoski   
"Best in Colorado" 2017 BIC_2017
Shea Homes and local paving contractor Brannan Sand & Gravel have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Quality Award in the Residential Subdivision Category for their Colliers Hill project in Erie. This $1.6M project included construction of Filings 1 & 2 of the Colliers Hill subdivision and placement of 23,000 tons of asphalt. 
The initial paving began in October 2013 with the final overlay placed in August 2017 after a two-year final build out period. The project also included adjusting and raising 287 utility services. Alpha Milling and Precise Striping contributed to the success of the final project. The judges scored perfect 10's for both segregation and transverse joints and a 9.5 for longitudinal joints, noting "The joints are great and very smooth ride,  fantastic project."  Accepting the award (L to R): Abe Jr. Perez (Brannan), John Macdonald (Shea), Brian Moon (Brannan).
In  Remembrance Remembrance
Alan Trzyna passed away Sunday, September 16. We want to start by thanking everyone for the love, support, patience, and help while we were figuring out the logistics of the upcoming celebrations of Al's life. Everyone is welcome to attend all three or any of the three celebrations. Alan wanted everything to be casual and fun, snowmobiling and bike related clothing are ok and encouraged. There will be a procession from the church to cemetery in Lake George, anybody that has street bikes are encouraged to ride. Spread the word to any of his friends that we might have missed. For those that have dirt bikes there will be a memorial trail ride Saturday out of the cabin. Any donations - ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter.
On Sept. 8, Charles "Chuck" W. Deahl passed away at the age of 75 in Geneseo, Ill. He was Past Chairman of NAPA's Associate Member Council, one of the original organizers of World of Asphalt, and a consultant for many state asphalt pavement associations. In 2012, he retired from BOMAG Americas Inc. after 47 years in the construction equipment industry. Deahl then started Fat Boy Roller LLC, a consulting and training company serving the asphalt pavement industry. His nickname in the industry was "Mr. Compaction" and was highly regarded in the Paving Industry for his honesty, integrity, and knowledge of asphalt.
The family asks you to consider sending a memorial donation to the  NAPA Care Emergency Benevolent Fund. 
Parting Shots PartingShots
When you have had enough of the Bull, think about this big guy!  

Fall in the Grand Lake area where the Moose have become more prevalent than the Elk or Deer!   

Instruments buried in pavements all over the country are showing that Perpetual Pavements perform as designed. This means that pavements can be thinner (for lower cost) and longer-lasting (for the ultimate in sustainability).  Asphalt Pavement magazine has the story about studies in Alabama, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin.      
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