Volume 14, Number 09                                      June 14,  2019

Project Showcase:  City of Lakewood Evaluates WMA in SMA  - A successful Project Open House was held on June 11 involving the placement of stone matrix asphalt (SMA) using a WMA additive.  The paving contractor was Martin Marietta and the owner agency was the City of Lakewood.  Compaction results were excellent, there was a noticeable reduction in visible emissions around the paver, and a reduced frame time to open access to side streets and businesses.    See pictures/video from the project open house. 
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RMAEC Asphalt WebinarsWebinars
Upcoming Webinar:  Asphalt Pavement Material (APM) Mixture Design 101,  An o verview of creating an APM Mixture -  Thursday, June 27 @ 11:30am - 12:30pm presented by Mike Skinner. P.E.    
New Member Corner: CAPA is proud to welcome 2 new members to the Association  family. The first is Strategic Financial Partners. They are a wealth management firm that specializes in working with business partners. Key contact is  Robert Book 719-0388-0237
The second NEW member is Castle Pines Metro District. The Castle Pines Metro district manages the public works for Castle Pines Village near Castle Rock. Contacts include Jacob Gabel and Phil Hunt  303-688-8330

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for these upcoming CAPA events:
"Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards - Criteria and Nomination Forms available and posted on CAPA website.
The Colorado chapter of the Women of Asphalt (WOA) continues to gain momentum.  The response was amazing.  The Colorado chapter will be holding an organizational meeting in June or July. CAPA will continue to work with the group to provide a platform for communications  For more information to get involved with this group:  Nicki Upright, CDOT, (970) 350-2316, Tammy Buck, Yeh and Associates, 303-358-4185, Natalie Ulven, Pyramid Construction, 719-355-0150 or Erin Spicer, Colorado Barricade 303-434-6174 
Industry-NewsIndustry News 
CRMAC, CSSGA j oin forces regarding Larimer County Master Plan.   Larimer County is updating its land use 
Master Plan.  There are several changes proposed that would affect gravel pits and the permitting of asphalt plants and ready mixed concrete plants. 
CAPA Executive Director Tom Peterson and CSSGA/CRMCA Executive Director co-signed a letter to the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners providing comment.  

CAPA to Lead Project Delivery Breakout Session at APWA Annual Conference:  Planning for the APWA Colorado Chapter Annual Conference (October 28-20) is well underway and CAPA has been notified that we will be leading a breakout session.  The session, The Power of Partnership: Procuring and Delivering Your Best Transportation Projects, will be an interactive panel presentation featuring public works officials with a focus on best practices for project delivery.  (Session Abstract)

Street Funding in the City of Alamosa:  The City of Alamosa has initiated a sales tax measure for the November, 2019 election.  The measure is based on a ½ cent sales tax that would generate $1,300,000 annually for a 10 year time period.  (Alamosa Streets Trust Fund)

The next quarterly MGPEG Meeting is set for Thursday June 20 @1:30pm. The meeting will be held in the RMAEC Training Room. 
NEW TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE for the testing and thickness of in place Asphalt Paving Materials (APM). Rob Summerfeldt with GSSI will be coming to Colorado in the fall of 2019 to hold a one day seminar and demonstration of the PaveScan RDM technology The exact date and location have not been determined. More information on this event will be published as the date and location are finalized.  To learn more about PaveScan RDM contact Rob Sommerfeldt at GSSI..  
From NCAT: Asphalt Technology News  Spring 2019; Vol. 31, No. 1  
The Spring NCAT Technology News is available by clicking here! .   The issue includes a great article entitled Crack Sealing: A Cost-Effective Option for Extending Pavement Life.
The 2019 Spring APWA Colorado newsletter, The Practitioner, is now available! 
Commission Considers $250 M Addition to the I-25 Segment 7 Express Lanes Project     A key topic of discussion at the May Transportation Commission meeting was the proposed resolution to add $250 M to $310 M to the North I-25 Express Lanes Project.  Discuss and Act on Status of North I-25 $250 million (Josh Laipply)   CCA hosted a follow-up meeting on the subject (May 28).  It is expected that a decision will be made at either the June meeting or the July meeting. For more information , contact Tom Peterson, 303-741-6150 Ext 152 or 303-229-6710
Construction CPM Schedules CDOT has updated the Section 108 Project Schedule requirements.  Definitions were added and changed, clarity added to a number of areas including length of construction activities, and submittal requirements.  Link to Presentation  More Info:  Laura Zamora, P.E.; Contracts & Market Analysis Branch,   (303) 757-9233.
New Standard Special Provisions: 
Both are to be used beginning with projects awarded after July 1, 2019.   CDOT Construction Specifications website:  
  • Revision of Section 105 - Cooperation by Contractor
  • Revision of Section 108 - Failure to Complete Work on Time
The Kiewit partnership provides and update on the progress of the Central 70 project.
25% complete with Central 70 project; end date still late 2022
The Colorado Department of Transportation is now almost a year into construction along Interstate 70 in Denver. While the project is set to last until late 2022, CDOT says crews have already made a lot of progress.  "We're replacing nine bridges," said Keith Stefanik, the Central 70 project director.  Signs of the  Central 70 Project  are up and down I-70. While one will encounter closures, congestion and lots of construction, Stefanik says it's all progress.  "We have a lot of goals. We need [to] maintain three lanes in each direction, keep the traveling public moving on I-70," Stefanik said. READ MORE
Question:  Can asphalt paving be done in the rain?
Answer:   Asphalt paving should not be completed while it is raining. Paving should also be delayed if it has rained recently enough for the ground to still be wet.
While paving companies would like to be able to complete jobs during any weather conditions, asphalt is made of a mixture that contains oils. These oils repel water, and laying asphalt while it is actively raining will cause unintended results that affect the quality of the project.
The repelling of oil from water means that cracks or holes may form in asphalt that is laid during rainy weather. These cracks can quickly turn into potholes, and it is even possible for potholes to form when asphalt is laid on wet ground after it has stopped raining.
The damage and quality concerns related to laying asphalt in wet conditions can be observed immediately. The oil that separates from the asphalt as it repels water will rise to the top of the newly surfaced road or parking lot. Craters may form if it is raining immediately after the asphalt has been laid.
Training and Education Training
NCAT Short Course In Asphalt Technology Comes to Colorado./ As of this publication date, we have nearly 50 persons registered to attend this course. Don't hesitate and be shut out, register today to reserve your spot.   November 4 - 8 are the dates for the NCAT Short Course in Asphalt Technology hosted by the RMAEC.  The NCAT Course was last held in Colorado in 2015.   The course starts at 1:00pm on Monday the 4th of November and runs until 12:00 noon on Friday, November 8.  Course content is being tailored to Colorado and will be taught by Dr. Mike Hietzman and Don Watson.  To register,  go to NCAT Comes to Colorado Registration
Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course - August 6 to August 9.   Attendee's can attend 1 day or stay all 4 depending on the level of instruction desired.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.  Introduction to PC/OA Education Course:  Recent attendee feedback: "The training was very helpful.  It helped me better understand the procedures of the different types of testing."  Sign up for the August 6-9, 2019 course today!   See all of the 2019 Intro to PC/OA Course dates
LabCAT Board of Directors  The LabCAT Board of Directors met for its 2nd meeting of 2019 on June 3.  The program continues to receive very good feedback and attendance is strong for the year.   Meeting Minutes - June 3.
The third and final video of the Asphalt Pavement Principles series has been posted to FHWA's YouTube channel. The video covers Long-Life Pavements, Perpetual Pavements.   The video was added to the Asphalt Pavement Principles series playlist
A new generation of thin-lift asphalt overlays called Thinlays™ are a popular approach to pavement preservation because of their ability to provide improved ride quality, reduce pavement distresses, maintain surface geometrics, reduce noise levels, reduce life-cycle costs, and provide long-lasting service. Recently, NAPA helped organize a thin asphalt overlay using warm-mix asphalt and recycled materials in Nashville, Tenn.   
Awards_Dinner25th Annual "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards 
The 2018 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Award winning projects have been posted on the CAPA website. The CDOT Smoothest Asphalt Pavement Awards and Quality in Production Awards are also posted.  

The featured category for this issue is "Urban Highway  Resurfacing" Adams County and local paving Martin Marietta have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Pavement Award in the Urban Highway Resurfacing Category for their Colorado Boulevard Resurfacing project in Adams County, Colorado Read more.     The award winners are also featured in the Spring 2019 CAPA news magazine "The Road Ahead "     

NOTE:  2019 Nominations are due by October 25.  The nomination forms and Criteria are NOW available
Parting Shots PartingShots
Great to see former RMAEC/LabCAT Instructor Rich Katzer stop by the CAPA Office for a visit.  Rich is doing good as an onsite inspector for Jacobs and is looking good!     
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