Volume 14, Number 10                                      June 27,  2019
Paving around the state; Left, Aggregate Industries WCR @ Chatfield State Park ( Reservoir);
Center- Four Corners Materials on Highway 491
Right; APC Construction on McIntyre Street in Jefferson County
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RMAEC Asphalt WebinarsWebinars
New Member Corner: CAPA is proud to welcome a new Associate Member.  A-Core Inc of Colorado. is an  organization that provides pavement saw cutting and coring services.  They are built to respond to any of our customers' needs, providing vast flexible solutions and outstanding value to owners and contractors no matter what industry or region. A-Core continues to embrace and invest in emerging technologies that add value to our clients' projects."   Local Contacts include: Brandon Bailey , Branch Manager and Rick Lewack , Sales Manager. Phone 720-899-4899
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for these upcoming CAPA events:
"Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards Program Update! - The   Criteria  and  Nomination Forms  for the 2019 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards program are available and posted on CAPA website. If you are working in the Mountain areas and finish your projects early, nominate them as soon as they are ready to avoid having our judging team having to visit after the snow has started to fall.  
CAPA Board of Directors Update:  The CAPA Board of Directors held its Summer Meeting on Friday, June 21, at the RMAEC Training Center.  This was the first meeting  wi th newly installed President Brenda Shuler of Aggregate Industries and Vice President Mike McDonald of Kiewit Infrastructure, pictured in photo with Tom Clayton.  Key topics of discussion included work zone safety, workforce development, transportation funding, and training.   
Much thanks to meeting sponsor Holmes Murphy for their $2,500 donation to the CAPA Scholarship Fund.
"The Roads of Colorado" Photo Contest   Each year CAPA develops "The Roads of Colorado" Calendar that showcases asphalt paving and beautiful roads of Colorado.  We need your help and have developed a Photo Contest to recognize those exceptional photos.  Send us your best high-resolution photos by November 1, 2019.  It doesn't have to be a paving project photo!  Think about your children riding their favorite toy on a great asphalt driveway, or walking your dog down a smooth residential street, maybe biking or hiking pictures on an asphalt trail.   Submit photos to Tom Clayton
The Colorado chapter of the Women of Asphalt (WOA) continues to gain momentum.  The response was amazing.  The Colorado chapter held an organizational meeting on June 26th. They discussed how the chapter might run and be organized. They will be meeting again the first week of August to work with the national group to establish a Colorado chartered group. They have tentatively planned a mixer for later in the Fall.   We will continue to work with the Women of Asphalt  to provide a platform for communications  For more information to get involved with this group:  Nicki Upright , CDOT, (970) 350-2316, Tammy Buck , Yeh and Associates, 303-358-4185, Natalie Ulven , Pyramid Construction, 719-355-0150, Jo Taylor, Colorado Public Works Journal 720-360-6737
Industry-NewsIndustry News 
New interstate in the desert  Seventy years after the start of the nation's interstate program, another vital piece of highway was completed in 2018. Using Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) and federal funds, the $318 million project has a 2.5-mile section constructed in PCC (Phase I) and a 12.5-mile stretch constructed with asphalt (Phase II).
Read the full story courtesy of Asphalt Magazine from the Asphalt Institute.
Asphalt Debuts at Dallas Fort Worth Airport! For the first time in the history of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), asphalt was used instead of concrete as a runway surface. DFW rehabilitated one of its busiest runways - Runway 17C/35C - with asphalt in order to give the pavement a 30-year life cycle and to utilize more than 70 percent of the underlying layers. With asphalt, project costs were reduced by $20 million and disruption to runway service was minimized. READ MORE
The City of Milwaukee's Green Infrastructure Plan, includes porous asphalt as a storm water mitigation measure. Specifically, the plan calls for the city to "pursue site-specific combinations of both gray and green infrastructure to maximize storm water management and the co-benefits of increased green space." Milwaukee's 2019 budget includes $2.8 million for green infrastructure.

Street Funding in the City of Alamosa:  The City of Alamosa has initiated a sales tax measure for the November, 2019 election.  The measure is based on a ½ cent sales tax that would generate $1,300,000 annually for 10 years. (Alamosa Streets Trust Fund)

NEW TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE for the testing and thickness of in place Asphalt Paving Materials (APM). Rob Summerfeldt with GSSI will be coming to Colorado in the fall of 2019 to hold a one day seminar and demonstration of the PaveScan RDM technology The exact date and location have not been determined. To learn more about PaveScan RDM contact Rob Sommerfeldt at GSSI..  
CDOT Aeronautics starts their summer airport pavement inventory. See more and a short video here 
AC Cost Adjustment Provision , The CDOT Chief Engineer issued a  memo (6/24/2019) regarding the AC Cost Adjustment Provision.  The memo provides guidance on asphalt related projects bid in December, 2018, and January, 2019, where the AC Cost Adjustment Index was at a historic low level.  There were 11 projects bid during this time period with HMA/SMA quantities greater than 10,000 tons.  The memo states that "it is unlikely that a single fix can be found/implemented to address the potential large AC cost adjustment payments CDOT is facing this construction season."  
Project Advertisements:   The June Transportation Commission meeting provided information on upcoming project advertisements .  There are 85 projects planned to be advertised between now and January, 2020.  71 less than $10 M; 12 between $10M and $40 M, and 2 greater than $40 M."  
A Front Range passenger rail system linking the I-25 corridor? CDOT is asking for proposals.  Read the entire Article
CDOT filled a Bustang bus for a behind the scenes look at construction on the I-25 South "Gap" project.   Project engineers pointed out highlight and plans in for the current phase of work. One particular feature that stands out in the new corridor will be underpasses for wildlife crossings. Officials say these are needed because 10 percent of accidents in the gap involve wildlife.   The project is on track to be done in two years.
Question: What are the best procurement practices for an agency to bid and award a project?
Answer:  If an agency is advertising a project at the state level, the Colorado Secretary of State maintains the Colorado Register which outlines Procurement Rules in Section 1 CCR 101-9. However, the rules for local municipalities can be significantly different. Since Colorado is a Home Rule state, municipalities are entitled to self-govern under Article 20 of the state constitution and establish their own statues for procurement. Therefore, project procurement across the state for local projects can vary dramatically. To help standardize the process, The American Public Works Association has established best practices for bidding and awarding a project, including: READ THE ENTIRE RESPONSE HERE!.
Training and Education Training
How one contractor constructs a Transverse Joint.  Recently Mike Skinner, CAPA Director of Engineering was in the SW corner of the State. He visited a project on Highway 491 where they were just taking off for the days production. Four Corner materials was building the "Take off' transverse Joint. Mike shot a short video of  Jeff Brandt of Four Corners Materials  giving a brief description of their process.   
NCAT Short Course In Asphalt Technology Comes to Colorado. As of this publication date, we have over 50 persons registered to attend this course. Don't hesitate and be shut out, register today to reserve your spot.   November 4 - 8 are the dates for the NCAT Short Course in Asphalt Technology hosted by the RMAEC.  The NCAT Course was last held in Colorado in 2015.   The course starts at 1:00pm on Monday the 4th of November and runs until 12:00 noon on Friday, November 8.  Course content is being tailored to Colorado and will be taught by Dr. Mike Hietzman and Don Watson.  To register,  go to NCAT Comes to Colorado Registration
The City of Littleton has created a public service series of informational videos. The one linked here is Public Works Engineer Matt Matuszewski informing the Littleton Residence of what cracksealing is and why they are doing the work. This is a great way to keep residents informed of the great work being done by your public works professionals.  Thanks to Keith Reester, PWD for Littleton for sharing this link. 
Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course - August 6 to August 9.   Attendee's can attend 1 day or stay all 4 depending on the level of instruction desired.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.  Introduction to PC/OA Education Course:  Recent attendee feedback: "The training was very helpful.  It helped me better understand the procedures of the different types of testing."  Sign up for the August 6-9, 2019 course today!   See all of the 2019 Intro to PC/OA Course dates
A new generation of thin-lift asphalt overlays called Thinlays™ are a popular approach to pavement preservation because of their ability to provide improved ride quality, reduce pavement distresses, maintain surface geometrics, reduce noise levels, reduce life-cycle costs, and provide long-lasting service. Recently, NAPA helped organize a thin asphalt overlay using warm-mix asphalt and recycled materials in Nashville, Tenn.   
Awards_Dinner25th Annual "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards 
The 2018 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Award winning projects have been posted on the CAPA website. The CDOT Smoothest Asphalt Pavement Awards and Quality in Production Awards are also posted.  

The featured category for this issue is "Rural Highway  Resurfacing" Colorado Department of Transportation Region 4 and local paving contractor Coulson Excavating have been recognized with a "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Pavement Award in the Rural Highway Resurfacing Category for their US 34 Flood Repair Project in Big Thompson Canyon. The $198M Big Thompson Flood Repairs project consisted of implementing permanent infrastructure solutions along the US34 corridor after the 2013 flood events that severely damaged the road, hundreds of homes, and several access bridges in the area.  Read more.     The award winners are also featured in the Spring 2019 CAPA news magazine "The Road Ahead "     

NOTE:  2019 Nominations are due by October 25.  The nomination forms and Criteria are NOW available
Parting Shots PartingShots
Massive rock slows summer travel along SH145.  Over Memorial Day weekend, two large boulders came down onto SH145 in a rock slide between Cortez and Telluride.  The smaller 2-ton boulder was blasted and is being removed, while the larger 9-ton boulder will remain in place along the roadside.  CDOT Region 5 Maintenance staff responded to the slide and is repairing the damage to the highway.  CAPA visited the site last week as part of a southwest Colorado trip.  See a video of the massive rock!
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