Volume 14, Number 11                                      July 17,  2019

State Highway 52, New Raymer South, Simon - See more from this project

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RMAEC Asphalt WebinarsWebinars
Upcoming Webinar:   Thin Lift Asphalt Paving for Maintenance and Rehabilitation.  This will focus on the "Best Practices" for selecting the proper thin lift treatments for maintenance processes. Thursday, August 8, 2019 @ 11:30am - 1:00pm   Link to Registration  All RMAEC Webinars are offered at NO COST to CAPA Members, APWA, CARSE, and CDOT
Industry_News Industry News
Former Colorado Governor and Presidential Candidate Connects Concrete to Climate Change   John Hickenlooper, former Colorado Governor and US Presidential Candidate, referenced the use of concrete as a key contributor of climate change during the recent Democratic Presidential Debate (Link to Video Clip) Hickenlooper is polling at less than 1% in the most recent national poll.   
A look at longitudinal joint methods   In an asphalt pavement, longitudinal joints occur where one paving lane (also called a "mat") is placed adjacent to an earlier placed paving lane. The localized area of the longitudinal joint is more difficult to compact and, as a result, has higher in-place air voids compared to the interior of the mat. Full story
Turnpike Trouble:
Exp ect U.S. 36 closures to last into work week as crews repair 'pretty large slope failure.  The large crack along eastbound U.S. 36 in Westminster was likely caused by moist soil beneath the highway and closures are expected to last into the work week, Colorado Department of Transportation officials said Saturday.  
Employers Council is conducting the  2019 Construction Industry Compensation Survey.  The deadline for participation is Friday, July 26, 2019.   Please be assured that this survey will be conducted in the strictest confidence so that no participating organization can be matched to their information.  The data will be published in the final report by the organizational demographic of employment size.  Here are links to the
rate sheet and general information form.  You can complete these documents and email them back to Cindy Fransua.
Buckling concrete pavements are causing traffic and maintenance headaches for drivers and CDOT and other local agencies! 
Visit the CAPA YouTube page to see where we are out looking at projects from around the State.
"The Roads of Colorado" Photo Contest   Each year CAPA develops "The Roads of Colorado" Calendar that showcases asphalt paving and beautiful roads of Colorado.  We need your help and have developed a Photo Contest!!  Send us your best high-resolution photos by November 1, 2019.  It doesn't have to be a paving project photo!  Think about your children riding their favorite toy on a great asphalt driveway, or walking your dog down a smooth residential street, maybe biking or hiking pictures on an asphalt trail.   Submit photos to Tom Clayton
"Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards Program Update! - The   Criteria  and  Nomination Forms  for the 2019 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards program are available and posted on CAPA website. If you are working in the Mountain areas and finish your projects early, nominate them as soon as they are ready to avoid having our judging team having to visit after the snow has started to fall.  
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for these upcoming CAPA events:
WoAWomen of Asphalt 
The July/August 2019  issue of NAPA's Asphalt Pavement Magazine is now available!    Click here to start reading this issue now!   Check out page #25 for an article on Abby Glasser of Martin Marietta, a Women of Asphalt.   
The Colorado chapter of the Women of Asphalt (WOA) continues to gain momentum.  The response was amazing.  The Colorado chapter held an organizational meeting on June 26th. They discussed how the chapter might run and be organized. They will be meeting again the first week of August to work with the national group to establish a Colorado chartered group. They have tentatively planned a mixer for later in the Fall.   We will continue to work with the Women of Asphalt  to provide a platform for communications  For more information to get involved with this group:  Nicki Upright , CDOT, (970) 350-2316, Tammy Buck , Yeh and Associates, 303-358-4185, Natalie Ulven , Pyramid Construction, 719-355-0150, Jo Taylor, Colorado Public Works Journal 720-360-6737
CDOT Uses Friction Sensors to Increase Safety and Lower Costs  CDOT is using friction sensors- electronic radars attached to the back end of fleet vehicles- to collect data on the amount of grip present on a roadway, increasing road safety and lowering costs. The program's success has resulted in its expansion, with the State expecting to have 70-80 mobile sensors in the field by the end of winter, 2019-2020. To learn more about road weather management - weather-savvy roads, contact Ray Murphy of the FHWA Resource Center.
CDOT Announces $660 M in Projects for Bidding this Year 
CDOT recently announced that more than $660 M in projects across the state will be put out to bid by the end of January 2020. This investment represents CDOT's next step in ongoing efforts to continue improving the safety and asset condition of transportation infrastructure across Colorado.  Many of the repair and maintenance projects also support CDOT's "Whole System - Whole Safety" program.  Project List.
CONTRACTING:  How to be a Successful CDOT Contractor  Do you want to learn the secrets of making money in a highly competitive low-bid highway construction environment? Join us for an interactive workshop where you'll learn about the best practices of the most successful CDOT contractors and subs.   This is a free Event on July 31, 2019 from 10:30am to Noon. It will be at the Pueblo Rawlings Library, 100 East Abriendo Avenue, Pueblo, CO. Use this link to Register!
AC Cost Adjustment Provision , The CDOT Chief Engineer issued a  memo (6/24/2019) regarding the AC Cost Adjustment Provision.  The memo provides guidance on asphalt related projects bid in December, 2018, and January, 2019, where the AC Cost Adjustment Index was at a historic low level.  There were 11 projects bid during this time period with HMA/SMA quantities greater than 10,000 tons.  
CDOT Efficiency and Accountability Committee Evaluating Consultant Usage per SB19-079  
Senate Bill 19-079 was recently signed into law by Governor Polis requiring the CDOT Efficiency and Accountability Committee to study and report recommendations relating to consulting engineer contracts on CDOT construction projects. This includes analyzing the value of consultant costs using hourly vs. fixed price methods and making recommendations on the following five specific items:
  1. Implementation of lump sum procurement
  2. Quality assurance process
  3. Revolving door of retired state employees going to work for consultants
  4. Incentives for closing contracts, early project completion and timely resolution of problems
  5. Project staffing and implementation of 2014 Work Plan for Consultants
The Committee will be meeting next Thursday, July 18, 12pm - 2pm at CDOT Headquarters in Denver. Stay tuned for more information about how CDOT will be implementing these initiatives.   Learn More
When asked, highway agency leaders
report that their No. 1 challenge is funding (Edelman Berland, 2013). As federal funding for infrastructure investment continues to remain
inadequate compared to the need, many agencies are looking to prioritize pavement performance, life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA), and pavement
durability in their decision-making processes. Simply put, agencies want to ensure they get the most pavement life possible from each precious dollar of public money.
World Emoji Day is today, July 17, 2019, Share an emoji with someone!
Part one in Sustainable Asphalt Pavements: A Practical Guide, a four-part series of documents focused on what an asphalt producer or asphalt project can do now to address sustainability within the confines of good business practice.

SIP 101: Sustainability Overview provides a practical definition of sustainability and the elements of and reasons for a business approach to sustainability.
Routing Cracks Can Double Sealant Service Life Around 75% of unsealed cracks develop into potholes within 3 years compared to only 1% of sealed cracks, according to the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance. Proper preparation of the surface is key to successful adhesion of the sealant.   For pavement areas with a crack density less than 20%, proper preparation includes routing the cracks. When done before crack sealing, routing can improve the likelihood of proper sealant adherence and double its service life. 
Routing is the process of cutting a channel following each crack. Removing a minimum of ⅛" on each side of the crack offers cleaner edges for better adhesion and creates a defined reservoir.  If the pavement area has a crack density greater than 20% or shows fatigue cracking or other severe distress, it may not be strong enough to sustain routing. Whether or not cracks must be routed, they should be cleaned. Any dirt, grass or other deleterious substances will reduce adhesion. Courtesy The Asphalt Pro Magazine     
Training and Education Training
NCAT Short Course In Asphalt Technology Comes to Colorado. As of this publication date, more than 60 persons have registered to attend this course. Don't hesitate and be shut out, register today to reserve your spot.   November 4 - 8 are the dates for the NCAT Short Course in Asphalt Technology hosted by the RMAEC.  The NCAT Course was last held in Colorado in 2015.   The course starts at 1:00pm on Monday the 4th of November and runs until 12:00 noon on Friday, November 8.  Course content is being tailored to Colorado and will be taught by Dr. Mike Hietzman and Don Watson.  To register,  go to NCAT Comes to Colorado Registration
Introduction to Process Control/Owner Acceptance (PC/OA) Asphalt Testing Education Course - August 6 to August 9.   Attendee's can attend 1 day or stay all 4 depending on the level of instruction desired.  This course is great for new employees or those interested in cross-training or a refresher.  Introduction to PC/OA Education Course:  Recent attendee feedback: "The training was very helpful.  It helped me better understand the procedures of the different types of testing."  Sign up for the August 6-9, 2019 course today!   See all of the 2019 Intro to PC/OA Course dates
Awards_Dinner25th Annual "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Awards 
The 2018 "Best in Colorado" Asphalt Award winning projects have been posted on the CAPA website. The CDOT Smoothest Asphalt Pavement Awards and Quality in Production Awards are also posted.  

The featured category for this issue is "Urban Highway  New or Reconstruction" The scope of this $23.9M project included widening Tower Road from two to four lanes with a raised decorative median. The scope of work consisted of reconstruction of the existing one lane in each direction and new construction of the additional lane. Two feet of recycled concrete road base was used in lieu of cement treated base, saving time, money and significantly reduced disruption to the traveling public. 63,000 tons of asphalt was placed and work began in June 2016 and was completed in December 2017 for a total of 540 days. "This award is well deserved and speaks to the commitment to quality from Aggregate Industries and the excellence in oversight and partnering from Adams County. Additional contributions were provided by: Flatiron Constructors for General Contractor, HDR and Jacobs for engineering designs, Colorado Barricade for signing and striping, American Sign for traffic control, ARS for full depth milling and removal.   Read more.     The award winners are also featured in the Spring 2019 CAPA news magazine "The Road Ahead "     

NOTE:  2019 Nominations are due by October 25.  The nomination forms and Criteria are NOW available.
Parting Shots PartingShots
The Donnelly's Visit Scandinavia  Once a pavement engineer, always a pavement engineer.  Retired CAPA consultant and longtime CDOT engineer Denis Donnelly files this report (while on vacation) with his wife Kathy. Thanks for thinking of us Denis and glad you and Kathy are enjoying retirement.  

CAPA would like to send our condolences to Kim and Laurie Haarberg for the untimely death of their daughter, Megan Elizabeth Haarberg. Megan passed away on June 19, 2019. Our thoughts and prayers are with her entire family, including brother Jake, as well as Aunts, Uncles and Grand Parents, We wish the family peace and love in this time of Mourning.  A Celebration of Life Service for Megan was held on Monday July 8 , 2019.   Donations can be directed to one of the following which were near and dear to Megan's heart or any other charity that helps those less fortunate in our world:
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