"Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"
August 1, 2022 | Issue #31
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August 2022 Featured Agency Highlight
Community based public and private Alternative Payment Programs (APPs) support the needs of working moms and dads with access to child care and other supports earmarked to lift families up from poverty. During the pandemic, these programs have distributed emergency essential worker child care vouchers, family child care and center stipends & PPE, diapers, food and clothing. Throughout California, these APPs may also support parental choice to CalWORKs Stages 2 & 3, preschool and center-based programs, general child care, After School Education and Safety (ASES), Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), Family Child Care Home Education Networks (FCCHENs), transportation, behavioral & mental health services, respite, regional centers, health and safety, 21st Century, resource libraries, and Trustline.
"We have been a vital part of our community for over thirty-five years. Helping a parent find child care, training child care providers on how to create safe environments in which to nurture and educate young children, helping parents bridge the affordability gap with child care subsidies, and coaching parents to be nurturing caregivers to their children, are just a few examples of what we do. We help families to succeed, children to learn, and child care providers to be competent, confident caregivers. We continue to grow and fulfill our mission with the help of our donors and volunteers. Through the years, our purpose remains the same: to enrich the lives of children and families."

Get to know them and the full scope of their work with this Annual Report, highlighting how they are supporting the needs of family child care providers and families in Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties.
August 2022 Monday Morning Update Sponsor

Our worst fears have been confirmed. The Senate has finalized a reconciliation package that does not include ANY funding for child care. This is unacceptable. Lawmakers have been promising for the past year that a reconciliation package would include significant support for working families and kids.

Congress MUST follow through on their commitment to working families, women, and kids by including child care funding in the final reconciliation package. Federal pandemic relief dollars saved the child care system from complete freefall but that relief funding is set to run out in 2024, and without immediate Congressional action to provide additional investments, an already broken system is heading towards a massive funding cliff with devastating consequences.

It’s not over until they vote. We cannot let lawmakers abandon their promise to include funding for child care in reconciliation. Contact your senator today and tell them that leaving child care on the chopping block is simply not an option. 

Amongst the most important choice a parent may be called to make is who will care for their children while they work.

Families contemplating care take into account many factors before choosing the right setting for their children. Obviously a top consideration is the cost. Aside from that is care that best meets the needs of the family which may be child care needed in the evenings, weekends or during school holidays. Other considerations such as care that is culturally and linguistically understandable to the parent too is important.