"Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"
Issue #11                                        March 18, 2019

To better support our field, CAPPA, in partnership with CDE, will be hosting one-day informational trainings for our field in Pomona and Sacramento!  
These Statewide Meetings will bring our field together to share insights and experiences, explore ideas, shape policy, and discuss best practices.
The training in Pomona will have an additional track of workshops on Trauma and Resiliency, as space at that venue allows for that. The Sacramento training will just offer the CDE workshop track.
We hope you can join us!

Pomona Agenda (April 3rd):
9:00am - Registration
Workshop Session #1:
1.  Early Learning and Care Division Updates
2.  Intro to Trauma and Resiliency- Part 1
Workshop Session #2:
1.  Updated Review Guides 
2.  Intro to Trauma and Resiliency- Part 2
12:30pm - Lunch
Workshop Session #3:
1.  12-month Eligibility 
2.  Fostering Resilience in Ourselves and the Families we Serve
Sacramento Agenda (April 23rd):
9:00am - Registration
Workshop Session #1:
1.  Early Learning and Care Division Updates
Workshop Session #2:
1.  Updated Review Guides 
12:30pm - Lunch
Workshop Session #3:
1.  12-month Eligibility 

Register here to see more details and agendas

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Child Care Resource Center (CCRC)  is one of the largest non-profits in California with a mission to cultivate child, family, and community well-being. CCRC is at the forefront of advocacy, early care and education, communications and research. Since 2003, CCRC has tripled in size, budget and impact, serving over 50,000 families every month at 25 locations spanning 22,500 square miles in Northern Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. Click here to read more.
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CAPPA Member Shout-Outs

Child Development Associates: 
Read Across America Day

On Friday, March 1, Child Development Associates (CDA) celebrated Read Across America Day at their three child development centers. Read Across America Day is sponsored by the National Education Association (NAE) as an annual reading motivation and awareness that calls for every child in every community to celebrate the love of reading on the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss. Special guests visited CDA's centers for a reading session with the children and to learn more about CDA's new "Storytime!" Literacy Program. "Storytime!" partners with parents, as a child's first teacher, to develop and nurture their child's love for reading. Each month, CDA's preschoolers receive a new book to build their first home library, as well as resources and tips for parents to strengthen reading habits at home. To learn more about "Storytime!" and how to support this program,
Special guests included : Francine Maigue, District Director for Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez; Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Mayor of National City; Anthony Manzon, Founder and Owner of Team Manzon at Keller Williams Realty; and Julio Garcia, Commercial Relationship Manager at Bank of the West.

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2018-19 Board of Directors
Rick Richardson
Child Development Associates

Vice President

Karen Marlatt
Valley Oak Children's Services


Beth Chiaro
Child Care Resource Center 

LaVera Smith
Supportive Services Fresno

Past President
Martin Castro
Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

Public Policy Co-Chair
Jeffrey Moreira
Crystal Stairs, Inc.

Public Policy Co-Chair
Phillip Warner
Children's Council San Francisco 

Tina Barna
Choices for Children

Abby Shull
YMCA Childcare Resource Service 
Leslie Reece
Family Resource & Referral of San Joaquin County

Jeanne Fridolfs
Napa County Office of Education

Mike Michelon
Siskiyou Child Care Council

Marco Jimenez
Central Valley Children's Services Network

Jasmine Tijerino
San Mateo 4Cs

Michelle Graham
Children's Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County

Joie Owen
Glenn County Office of Education

Denyne Micheletti Colburn
The ELCD will host a webinar on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to provide technical assistance with the CDMIS.
January 28, 2019
January 4, 2018
The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has amended regulations pertaining to CalWORKs, within the Eligibility and Assistance Standards Manual.  The changes are detailed in  CDSS Manual Letter No. EAS-18-05
Electronic banking option for provider reimbursement in Alternative Payment Programs (APPs)
Fiscal Year 2018-19 Request for Applications for General Child Care and Development Program Expansion Funds
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Field Happenings
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What's Happening


To date, 2698 legislative bills have been introduced; 1876 Assembly and 822 Senate.   

Upcoming Legislative Hearings (click here to be directed to CalChannel):  

Monday, March 25, 2019:
ASM Revenue & Taxation (Burke, Chair) @ 2:30 pm
AB 1109 (Fong)  Preschool:  privately funded pilot program: tax credits

Tuesday, March 26, 2019:
ASM Human Services (Reyes, Chair) @ 1:30 pm
AB 167 (Rubio) Childcare and development services: infants and toddlers: state funding
AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry) Childcare services: state subsidized care: employee retention funds
AB 807 (Bauer-Kahan) CalWORKs eligibility: income exemptions

Wednesday, March 27, 2019:
AB 58 (Rivas, L) Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council

  ASM Education (O'Donnell, Chair) @ 1:30 pm
AB 6 (Reyes) Early childhood education: Office of Early Childhood Education
AB 842 (Limon) Child nutrition: school, childcare, transitional kindergarten, and preschool meals

Click here  to see all of the legislation identified of interest to our field.   NOTE:  Fact sheets are coming in that provide more details on legislation of importance to our field.  They too are posted here.  Each week we will profile a piece of legislation on our radar.  Below are a couple highlights:

Early Care & Education Coalition Bill Package
  • AB 124 (McCarty) creates preschool facilities school bond. Fact Sheet.
  • AB 125 (McCarty) adopts a policy to begin the process of developing a single, regionalized reimbursement rate system. Fact Sheet.
  • AB 194 (Gomez-Reyes) invests $1 billion dollars throughout five years to create additional child care slots. This funding will go towards Alternative Payment programs and General Child Care, which generally serve the vast majority of eligible infants and toddlers in the system and where the need is more dire. Fact Sheet.
  • AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry) will require the development of guidelines for  AB 212 programs based on a set of principles to ensure a standardized and effective AB 212 professional development and retention system. Fact Sheet.
  • AB 452 (Mullin) would provide grant funding for program facilities to serve children from birth to age three. 
  • SB 174 (Leyva) adopts a policy to begin the process of developing a single, regionalized reimbursement rate system.

  • Click here to see calendar of field events/interests and legislative hearings and deadlines.  If you would like something added to the field calendar, click here and submit details.

    The Blue Ribbon Commission has released their draft report and had their initial hearing.  Click here to review the DRAFT.  
    Written comments will be accepted through email at  Assembly.BlueRibbonCommission@asm.ca.gov  until March 20, 2019.


    Parent Voices was proud to participate in the  CA Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education.
    Mary Ignatius, 

    Parent Voices Statewide Organizer served as a  Community Commissioner on the BRC.  We secured funding through First 5 LA to partner with Social Policy Research Associates to conduct parent focus groups with 40 parents.  The recommendations are embedded in the full  BRC draft report.    The BRC is accepting comments on the draft through March 20, 2019, email  Assembly.BlueRibbonCommission@asm.ca.gov

    CLICK HERE to see the parent recommendations to the BRC..
    AB 842 Monique Limon
    Hunger-Free Preschool and Childcare  Will 
    requires that low-income students are provided a nutritious, free or low-cost meal each program day while attending preschool or child care at a public school or state program. This bill will accomplish this by expanding supplemental meal funding.

     Click here to see legislation.
     Click here to download background sheet.

    Please help us in our fight to End Child Poverty in CA

    Tell Senate Human Services Committee to support SB 298 (Caballero) The End Child Poverty Act of 2020

    In California there are close to 2 million children living in poverty and 450,000 children living in deep poverty (50% of the poverty line).  In the 5th largest economy in the world, we have the highest rate and the largest number of children living in poverty.  This is morally and economically unconscionable.

    Help us pass SB 298 to ensure that CA is laser focused on ending childhood poverty.  According to  the Harvard Center on the Developing Child the toxic stress of extreme poverty has a life-long negative impact  on a child's brain development.  The same research indicates that the impact can be reversed by making the appropriate investments, but to do this CA must set goals to ensure that childhood poverty remains a top priority for the long term. 

    Click here for a fact sheet on SB 298 and click here for a sample Template Letter of Support for submission to the Senate Human Services Committee.  Although the bill has not been formally set for hearing, we are anticipating a hearing date of March 25th and Letters of Support will be due next Tuesday, March 19th.

    Click here to see the Budget Trailer Bill Language (TBL) has been put forward on the following:
    Click here to view a field calendar that will include legislative and bill hearing dates.  Below are scheduled budget hearings:
    • March 26, 2019 ASM Budget Sub 2 @ 9:00 AMECE
    • April 3, 2019 ASM Budget Sub 1 @ 2:30 PM - DSS: CalWORKs & CalFRESH
    • April 10, 2019 ASM Sub 1 @ 2:30 PM - DSS: Child Welfare Services/Foster Care, Community Care Licensing
    • April 4, 2019 SEN Sub 3 @ 9:30 AM - DSS Community Care Licensing
    • April 11, 2019 SEN Sub 3 @ 9:30 AM - DSS: CalWORKs, CalFRESH
    • April 25, 2019 SEN Sub 1 @ 9:30 AM - CDE Child Care and Early Education, Special Education
    • May 6, 2019 ASM Sub 1 @ 2:30 PM - OPEN ISSUES
    • May 7, 2019 ASM Sub 2 @ 9:00 AM - OPEN ISSUES
    • May 9, 2019 SEN Sub 1 @ 9:30 AM - OPEN ISSUES
    • May 9, 2019 SEN Sub 3 @ 9:30 AM - OPEN ISSUES

    Click here to read the ECE Coalition letter addressed to Assembly and Senate Budget Leaders.  
    Click here to read the End Child Poverty in California letter addressed to Assembly and Senate Budget Leaders.
    CDE Updates
    SAVE THE DATE-  Early Learning and Care Division
    This notice informs ELCD contractors of key SAVE THE DATE Request for Applications (RFA) events for the following RFAs:
    1. The California State Preschool Program (CSPP) Expansion RFA will announce score notifications to applicants by mid-March 2019, and send out Proposed Award Letters in mid-May 2019. The program start date will be June 28, 2019. Please note this date has changed from previous years' start dates.
    1. The General Child Care and Development (CCTR) RFA will announce score notifications to applicants by mid-March 2019, and send out Proposes Award Letters in mid-May 2019. The program start date will be June 28, 2019. Please note this date has changed from previous years' start dates.
    • For all other questions regarding the CSPP RFA, please send an email to CSPPRFA@cde.ca.gov.
    • For all other questions regarding the CCTR RFA, please send an email to CCTRRFA@cde.ca.gov.
      Submit a Comment on SNAP Changes
    April 2!
    -Chrisi West, Director of Advocacy

    SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a proven anti-hunger, anti-poverty program that helps young children and their parents, working adults, disabled individuals, and the elderly gain access to healthy food. 

    Currently, the federal government is seeking comments on a proposed rule that would drastically change the work requirements for SNAP and make it harder for people to access the program. The destabilizing effect of this proposed rule could harm over 750,000 people and cut $15 billion from SNAP.
    We are calling on CCR&Rs and advocates to submit a comment to this proposed rule, telling the federal government you oppose this harmful change in policy. 
    STEP 1: Download template and edit with your own personal message and/or story. 
    STEP 2: Upload your comments to the Regulations.gov site by April 2 at 11:59 pm EST.
    (If you have trouble downloading the templates, send an email  and we will make sure you can access them in a different format.)

    Comments are due April 2, 2019 and we strongly encourage you write to the USDA with your thoughts. 
    Thanks for all you do for children and families!
    Chrisi West
    Director of Advocacy  

    1. CCDBG Dear Colleague Letter
     " You have all been great advocates asking Congress to lift the caps and make a $5 billion additional investment in CCDBG. There is now very good news that indicates that your work is beginning to pay off. Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA) who sits on the Labor, Health and Human Services Committee responsible for CCDBG funding and is also the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Caucus has authored a Dear Colleague from members of Congress that asks the Appropriations Chairs to support the $5 billion increase. It is also authored by Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) and Donald Norcross (D-NJ).
    We are thrilled to have a letter to appropriators (attached) that names a sizeable increase for CCDBG. This is one more indication that child care is on a new track! We need you all to call your Representative and ask them to sign the Clark Dear Colleague on funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant.  Explain why new child care money is so important to the parents, children, and educators in your state. Ask your fields, friends, and colleagues to do the same.
    CLASP has made it easier for you by compiling a report on state's allocations  and number of children that would be served with the $5 billion. Read the full fact sheet here."        Read the full letter here.
    2. Federal Update Call : March 19th
    Please join NWLC and CLASP on our call March 19 at 3 p.m. ET which will  to provide an opportunity to learn more about developments at the federal level. RSVP here.
    Call-in number: 1-877-273-4202         C ode: 3809834

    State Updates  
    • Washington State Op-Ed: "Sen. Murray's Child Care Bill Deserves Public Support": Willie Dickerson from RESULTS wrote an op-ed at the Everett Herald in Washington State around supporting the Child Care for Working Families Act. Read the whole piece  here.
    • California: The Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education (BRC) Recommendations are a product of eight hearings, countless hours of meetings, collaboration with stakeholders, a survey of over thirty organizations and a robust 2-year discussion by a diverse, inclusive Commission including community members and elected officials. The report reflects a comprehensive framework and calls for significant reforms around equity, two generation polices, and a laser focus on our children and families and the early care and education workforce. The Summary document lays out a summary of key points in the Draft Recommendations. We have also included our Principles which the BRC developed to guide our deliberations. All of these documents are posted here.
    • Tennessee reimbursement rates: The Tennessee Department of Human Services will raise weekly reimbursement rates for child care providers participating in the state's Child Care Certificate Program for the first time since 2008. Read full article here.
    A One-time Child Care "Investment" Won't Support Working Families

    Set in the context of a budget proposal that  disinvests in nearly all programsthat make a difference for children and families, the Trump budget attempts to show "support" for working families with a one-time child care investment of $1 billion over 5 years, but we are not fooled. A quick look at the details makes clear how little this would actually do to support working families or provide child care for children and families with low incomes.

    If this proposal were approved, states would access the funds through a competition-but would only be eligible to receive funding if they remove "unnecessary regulations." Removing these regulations could threaten the basic protections that keep children safe and eliminate standards that are the building blocks of high-quality child care.

    If the Trump Administration and Congress truly want to help working families and their children succeed, they should start by investing more in the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), which is the foundational funding states rely on to help families pay for child care. But the president's proposal flat funds CCDBG and does not address the significant unmet need for child care among working families and, in fact, would cause the program to reduce the number of children it serves as the result of inflation costs. 

    Click here to be directed to the full article.
    NCASE Webinar on Addressing Adverse Childhood 
    Experiences in Out-of-School Time
    Thursday, March 28, 2019     3-4pm (EST)

    Out-of-school time (OST) programs can play a role in mitigating and preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which are disruptive to a school-age child's academic and social development. State policies and initiatives are often the catalysts that support OST programs in this critical work.
    This webinar, co-hosted with the National Afterschool Association (NAA), will include a discussion of:
    • Research about school-age children's development and the impact of ACEs
    • Strategies, challenges, and solutions for providing support for school-age children in OST programs in the areas of social and emotional development, safe zones, family engagement, and academics
    • Promising practices for state systems-building that can strengthen supports to help school-age children overcome ACEs and build resilience
    Register for the Webinar  here.
    Link to the website here.
    Of Interest