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March 8, 2021 | Issue #10
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Our March Monday Morning Update Sponsor: Controltec
For over 25 years Controltec has been the industry leader in providing subsidy management software solutions for childcare agencies. In California and across the nation, KinderTrack4 has been the solution for programs to streamline processes, eliminate fraud and stay state compliant. 
Developed and maintained in California, KinderTrack4 is an easy to use, completely web and browser-based system that will keep your program CDE compliant. Looking for real-time attendance tracking? You can now add, KinderConnect, a portal for providers to manage attendance online. Save hundreds of dollars in printing and postal fees, eliminate paperwork and improve communications between childcare providers and agency staff. 
KinderSign and KinderSmart is now available to collect attendance using a tablet; parents can even use their smart phones for check in and out. Now is the time to consider upgrading to KinderTrack and eliminate the paperwork and add a ‘touchless’ check in process.