"Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"
May 10, 2021 | Issue #19
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Our goal is to continue to ensure the safety of our members and attendees. To do this, we have once again decided that this year we will move forward with a virtual conference. We will certainly miss being able to come together in-person to share and gain information and to meet and connect with colleagues and workshop presenters. We want to once again create a conference event that meets as many of our members’ needs as possible given the parameters that virtual conferences/workshops have. We know how important it is for our community to stay connected, stand united, and continue to meet this challenge

While we won’t be able to meet in-person, what we hope to offer in a thoughtful, user-friendly manner, are keynote presentations, workshops, networking opportunities, and connection time with vendors. With no travel and flexibility, we look forward to new opportunities for R&R Network and CAPPA members from across the state, as well as state partners, joining us as we collectively support our children, families and communities.