"Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"
Issue #19                                                        May 11, 2020

A note from CAPPA's CEO, Denyne Micheletti Colburn.

Last week, we saw the release of a projected $54 billion dollar shortfall for the 2020-21 state budget. I received so many emails and calls that this information compounded with the ongoing fear and concern about access to childcare, jobs, food and more that I wanted to take the time to assure you, we are here with and for you.  I know that it is hard to get up each and every day to show up as essential child care workers caring for those that are on the front lines fighting this pandemic.  I know that it is hard to balance demands of work and family, when you feel that many have forgotten your tremendous contributions to patching together supports that you do so seamlessly that outsiders don't see the effort.  

But you are seen.  You are valued.  And you are the reason that our economy will get back to a place of stability.

There will be a shortfall in the budget.  But we will fight to make sure that our child care providers, our families and children and community agencies have a face in this fight.  It is because of you, that California's fragile economy has any infrastructure in place to support nurses, grocery clerks, truckers and more continuing to work so that Calfornia's economy does not entirely crumble.  

So as we move forward during these uncertain times, we too will be showing up with you, to support you and to continue to highlight your work and contributions.  

So for now, breathe.  As many continue to say, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  We are in this marathon with you.  
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May 2020 Featured Agency of the Month
is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since it was incorporated in 1965, CAPMC has been making a positive difference in our county. CAPMC is committed to improving the social well-being and economic capacity of low to moderate-income individuals and families, as well as providing opportunities to achieve economic independence.
For the past five decades, CAPMC has been the voice and catalyst of empowerment and opportunity to the "at risk" and "invisible" population living in our communities.
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CAPPA Member Only Benefits
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NEW! In response to requests, the required CDE COVID-19 forms for essential workers have been translated into Spanish 

COVID-19 twice Weekly Zoom Calls:
Our commitment to you is to have scheduled at least once per week a call wherein we can all connect.  As questions arise, forward them to CAPPA so that we can address them on these calls.  Look for a weekly email to register. Recording and Q&A will also be posted on the Member's Only page. 

Best Practices
CAPPA has been working on Best Practices and policies to support you during this challenging time.
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Sample of webinars available on the Member's only website:

Visit the  CAPPA Member's Only website  for more information on this webinar series and other benefits available to CAPPA Members.  
2019-20 Board of Directors
Rick Richardson
Child Development Associates

Vice President

Karen Marlatt
Valley Oak Children's Services


Beth Chiaro
Child Care Resource Center 

LaVera Smith
Supportive Services Fresno

Past President
Martin Castro
Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

Gina Fromer
Children's Council  of San Francisco 

Darrell Hills
Crystal Stairs, Inc. 

Tina Barna
Choices for Children

Abby Shull
YMCA Childcare Resource Service 
Leslie Reece
Family Resource & Referral of San Joaquin County

Jeanne Fridolfs
Napa County Office of Education

Mike Michelon
Siskiyou Child Care Council

Marco Jimenez
Central Valley Children's Services Network

Jasmine Tijerino

Michelle Graham
Children's Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County

Joie Owen
Glenn County Office of Education

Denyne Micheletti Colburn

May 7, 2020
Revised Timeline and Guidance for the Allocation of Funds for Cleaning and Supplies for Childcare Providers
April 24, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance on Emergency Closures
April 17, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Family Child Care Home Education Networks
Management 20-09:  COVID-19 Guidance on Program Self-Evaluation, Contract Monitoring, and Program Quality Requirements
COVID-19 Guidance on Procurement and Audits
April 15, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance to California Resource and Referral Programs and Local Planning Councils
April 14, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations
April 9, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations
April 8, 2020
April 6, 2020
March 26, 2020
March 13, 2020
March 5, 2020
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Coronavirus - Information & resources for our field

CAPPA is supporting our field with coordinated information for all to use here. If you have a resource to share and or a question, email.


The Weekly Good
An uplifting way to start the week, for those of us who need a break from the chaos that is our lives.

During this time where we are all stressed, it would be great to celebrate the positive.  Each week we will celebrate  everyday heroes, inspiring movements and great things happening in our field. 

This week, Child Development Resources of Ventura County participated in a local community relief event and food distribution. All food bags included 2020 Census coloring sheets for children and census postcards. 


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2020-21 California State Budget


**None Scheduled**

What's Happening

In the CAPPA Monday Morning Update, we will highlight a few of the bills identified as relevant to our field and/or to the families and children we serve.   To see the more expansive listing of bills, click here where there are links to all of the bill along with  factsheets and sample letters if available. If there is a piece of legislation that you would like to have noted for our field, please  email .  

Updated 5/6/2020 Tentative 2020 Legislative Calendar - subject to change 

Last day for policy committees to report fiscal bills to Appropriations (1st house) 
May 29 
May 22 
Last day for policy committees to report nonfiscal bills to the floor (1st house) 
June 5 
May 29 
Last day for Appropriations to report fiscal bills to the floor (1st house) 
June 19 
June 5 
Last day for bills to pass the floor of the first house 
June 26 
June 19 
Summer Recess 
July 2 - July 13 
June 19 - July 13 
Last day for policy committees to report fiscal bills to Appropriations (2nd house) 
July 31
(both houses) 
Last day for policy committees to report nonfiscal bills to the floor (2nd house) 
August 7 
(both houses)
Last day for Appropriations to report fiscal bills to the floor (2nd house) 
August 14
(both houses) 
Last day for bills to pass the floor of the second house 
August 31  
(both houses)
Last day for the Governor to sign or veto bills 
Sept 30 
(both houses

Effective today, May 11: The Senate has also reconvened! 
  • May 11 @ 10:00am ASM Judiciary 
  • May 14 @ 1:30pm SEN Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
  • May 19 SEN Human Services (hearing will convene upon adjournment of previous committee scheduled for 1:30pm)
Click here to see calendar of field events/interests and legislative hearings and deadlines.  If you would like something added to the field calendar, click here and submit details.
Good News Out of San Diego!
  Media Advisory

Friday, May 8, 2020
Christina Chadwick, 619-865-3622 or
Mayor Faulconer to Expand Childcare Support for Essential Workers
San Diego - Continuing to take steps to deliver relief to San Diegans affected by COVID-19, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer will be joined today by County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and City Councilmember Chris Cate to announce the City and the County will direct $10 million in federal stimulus funding to provide childcare support for frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic response. Mayor Faulconer is pledging $5 million in CARES Act funding to match the $5 million the County Board of Supervisors approved earlier this week.
Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act , the City received $248 million to address COVID-19 related expenses. Essential employees who could receive child care assistance include health care workers, first responders, emergency medical services personnel and grocery store staff. Childcare providers are also eligible for relief.

MEDIA LOGISTICS: Questions must be submitted and will be taken using Microsoft Teams. Please take the following steps to be prepared to use Teams:
Visit Office.com and create an account. Find the "Teams" application to make sure you can launch it. It works best with the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, it is recommended to download Teams on your phone by visiting the Google Play or Apple App store.
Use headphones. Whether you're on a computer or on your phone, headphones with an attached mic (such as the one that likely came with your cellphone) will make the audio quality significantly better.
Once you have downloaded Teams, enter the Teams meeting for the press conference here by 4:20 p.m. Use the audio-only setting, do not use the video setting. Once you have entered the meeting, use the chat icon in the top right of the screen to identify yourself and to be called on for questions. Reporters are limited to one question. For trouble accessing the meeting contact Rebecca Rybczyk at (619) 955-0360 prior to 4:30 p.m.
The news conference will be streamed on the City of San Diego's Facebook page . The City will act as the single pool camera. News stations that can access KFMB's chopper feed will be able to receive the signal live at their stations.
News Conference
Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer
County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher
City Councilmember Chris Cate, District 6
Friday, May 8, 2020, 4:30 p.m.
All reporters must enter the Teams meeting to ask questions. The news conference will be streamed live from the Press Room at City Hall.
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COVID-19 Community Resources 
COVID-19 CAPPA & Community Resources 
During California's Declared State of Emergency, we will be highlighting resources to support you in your work.

Please visit CAPPA's COVID-19 Response Page found at  https://www.cappaonline.com/cde-dss . We are updating this page daily with breaking news, guidance from CDE, DSS, and the Governor, as well as ongoing questions and answers to questions from the field. 

We are also featuring community online resources for parents and providers on our new resource page, found at  https://www.cappaonline.com/covid-19-resources.
Information from the Governor's office can be found at  www.COVID19.ca.gov

Additionally, we encourage you to explore community resources from our partners that have been put together to support the field as we navigate this unprecedented crisis together. 

Check out our website: https://www.cappaonline.com/covid-19-resources   for additional community resources. 

Do you have a resource page you would like to share? Email it to   CAPPA 
to be included in next week's newsletter! 
2020-21 Federal Budget & Policy Updates
New Analysis Shows Child Care System needs $9.6 Billion per Month to Survive the Pandemic!  Below is the first page of a 13 page document.   Click here to read the full document via CLASP & the National Women's Law Center

5/8/2020: Happy Child Care Providers Appreciation Day!

Friday May 8th was Child Care Provider Appreciation Day! To all of you who dedicate your time, passion, and endless love by supporting  California's  kids and families: THANK YOU! You are essential now and always. 
Upcoming CAPPA Events
Network and CAPPA Joint Annual Conference 2020
September 16-18, 2020
DoubleTree Hotel Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
We find ourselves in a surreal place in our lives - at work and at home. We never thought at the start of the year that this is where we'd find ourselves. And, while we don't know exactly where we'll be in September when the Joint Network/CAPPA Conference is scheduled, it is with hope and perseverance, that we are continuing on our mission to plan this year's conference. As the world evolves over the next few months, and we all strive to navigate the changing landscape, the plans for the Joint Conference will also move forward and evolve.

To be prepared in the event that we are all able to join together at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento, September 16 - 18, 2020, we have decided to move forward as usual with the planning process for the Joint Network/CAPPA Conference. 

Registration information, along with a preliminary conference program, will be released in July. At that time, online registration will be open and attendees will be able to indicate their workshop selections when they register for the conference.

Visit the Conference Web page   for more information.
CDE Information & Updates
Second Survey for Center-based/Direct Contract Early Learning Contractors
The CDE is requesting updated information from center-based/direct contract early learning and care programs to perform an analysis on contract funding and to assist in determining allocations of potential funding. This includes California State Preschool (CSPP), Migrant (CMIG), Family Child Care Home (CFCC), and General Child Care (CCTR) contracting programs, including CCTR contracts that provide services through a Family Child Care Home Network.
In order to accurately assess need for funding as compared to current resources, it is imperative that every contractor respond to this survey. Per Management Bulletin 20-11, in order for CDE to have a statewide understanding, contractors must continue to report ongoing program operational status as directed and requested by the CDE. Each contractor should submit only one response. Additionally, it is important for the contractor to include both their direct service child care programs and any programs where subcontractors are providing services to ensure all child care services being provided are fully represented within their response.  This will help ensure funding decisions and allocations represent all child care services.  
Please provide responses by May 13th.
The survey link can be found here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KVK5QPQ
Questions regarding this survey should be directed to  ELCDEmergency@cde.ca.gov .

Fiscal Year 2019-20 E-Signature Forms
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, t he CDE Child Development and Nutrition Fiscal Services (CDNFS) Office would like to inform you that the following forms have been updated to allow for e-Signature. The e-Signature requires the use of Adobe Acrobat and is optional. Forms will still be accepted with a wet signature.
For additional information on these topics please visit the CDNFS webpage at:
If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact your assigned Fiscal Apportionment Analyst at https://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/cd/faad.asp .

 Dear Alternative Payment Program Contractors:
The purpose of this letter is to provide Alternative Payment Program (APP) contractors with information regarding the process to apply for contingency funds.
Pursuant to Education Code Section 8222.1, per the Budget Act of 2019, the CDE shall reallocate funds as necessary to reimburse APPs (excluding CalWORKs) for actual and allowable costs incurred for additional services. An APP may apply for reimbursement of up to three (3) percent of their contract amount, or for a greater amount subject to the discretion of the Department, based on availability of funds. Applications may be submitted as early as May 1, 2020, but no later than September 30, 2020. The CDE will approve or deny applications submitted pursuant to this section, but will not consider applications received after September 30, 2020, of the current calendar year for additional costs incurred during the 2019-20 fiscal year.
The CDE will distribute reimbursement funds for each approved application within 90 days of receipt of the application if it was filed between May 1 and July 20 inclusive of the current calendar year. Applications received after July 20 are not subject to the 90-day requirement for the distribution of funds. If requests for reimbursement pursuant to this section exceed available funds, CDE will assign priority for reimbursement according to the order in which it receives the applications.
Funds received by an APP pursuant to this section that are not substantiated by the program's annual audit must be returned to CDE and are not subject to the appeal process.
The Contingency Fund Application, form CDFS 1571, is now available on the Internet at http://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/cd/. Please note, this form cannot be submitted electronically and must be received by the CDE no later than September 30, 2020.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact me at 916-324-6611, or email JClegg@cde.ca.gov.
Jordan Clegg, Staff Services Manager I
Child Development & Nutrition Fiscal Services
Fiscal and Administrative Services Division

Partner Updates
New Research Briefs About Trends in Child Care Licensing Requirements and Policies for 2017
The   National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance (ECQA Center) is pleased to announce the publication of three research briefs ofindings and trends from the 2017 Child Care Licensing Study :
The data presented in these briefs were collected from state child care licensing regulations  that were in effect as of December 21, 2017, and from responses to the National Association for Regulatory Administration's 2017 survey of state licensing agencies from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Click here to read more.
Interesting Reads
"I feel incredibly exhausted all the time": 6 families on juggling child care during the pandemic
By Nicole Narea and Anna North  

A single mom homeschooling her preteen while caring for her toddler. Another mom managing both her child's school schedule and her own. Two parents splitting their workdays in half to take care of their son.
With  tens of thousands of schools, as well as numerous day care centers, closed as a result of the  coronavirus pandemic, millions of families around the country have stories like these: stories of how they make their lives work when their kids are suddenly home all day, every day. For some, it's been a time to connect in a new way as a family. "It's nice to be with our kids all day," one mom told Vox.
But for many parents, it's still really, really hard. Moms and dads have become teachers, expected to supervise a totally new form of school for most kids - online learning - often with no training. If they're working from home, parents are trying to juggle child care with Zoom meetings and projects, sometimes working hours every night to make up for lost time during the day. "I feel incredibly exhausted all the time," one mom said.

Click here to read full article via Vox

Opinion: We can't reopen the economy without child care

Another day, another state  relaxes its stay-at-home orders.

Just in the last two days, more governors, including  Gov. Gavin Newsom, have given their blessing to allow previously shuttered retail stores, including bookshops, clothing stores and sporting goods dealers, to reopen for limited operations. Construction and manufacturing are getting the go-ahead in some states, while others are allowing some dine-in restaurants.

Of course businesses have to reopen eventually. It makes sense to take cautious, incremental steps toward returning to some kind of normal.

But while there's been lots of debate over which retailers can open and how many tables restaurants can safely manage, there's been far too little discussion of another serious challenge posed by the staggered reopening: An increasing number of employees are expected to show up for work, starting now. Their jobs can't be done remotely. But the schools are still closed, child care is limited, and it's risky to rely on grandparents and extended family when babysitting could expose them to infected but asymptomatic kids.

 Click here  to read full article via the Los Angeles Times.