"Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"
Issue #18                                                        May 4, 2020
CAPPA's monthly "Featured Agency" segment will continue for 2020, highlighting the amazing work being done by Alternative Payment Programs (APPs) child development contractors throughout the state of California. From border-to-border, APPs support working families and children with services to support self-sufficiency, stability of children in child care, and a host of services coordinated to help break the cycle of poverty.  Many APPs also have been called on to serve as a community life-support of information and resources during natural disasters.  We are pleased to continue this tradition and bring focus to the untapped potential that is the 40 plus year APP community-based system. 

If you would like to be featured, 
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May 2020 Featured Agency of the Month
Community Action Partnership of Madera County 

Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc. (CAPMC)  is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since it was incorporated in 1965, CAPMC has been making a positive difference in our county. CAPMC is committed to improving the social well-being and economic capacity of low to moderate-income individuals and families, as well as providing opportunities to achieve economic independence.
For the past five decades, CAPMC has been the voice and catalyst of empowerment and opportunity to the "at risk" and "invisible" population living in our communities.
CAPMC focuses its resources on goal-oriented interventions as opposed to one-time assistance. While we do assist those in need of emergency shelter or help paying a utility bill, our true purpose is to end poverty in Madera County by:
  • Offering services that provide families with a safe and healthy environment;
  • Challenging individuals to achieve positive results toward personal and collective prosperity; and
  • Promoting personal growth and independence.
As Madera County's anti-poverty agency, CAPMC serves the low and moderate income residents annually through its broad spectrum of programs and resources. With over 50 years of service and with many anti-poverty programs, CAPMC is a key contributor to the vitality of Madera County. Our services respond to community needs in the following ways:
  1. Crisis Intervention
  2. Child Development Resources
  3. Financial Assistance
  4. Shelter
  5. Transportation
CAPMC is a leader in "helping people, changing lives." We have received local and national recognition for implementing creative, cost-effective programs to serve the low and moderate income residents of Madera, Mariposa, and Fresno counties. As the region continues to grow and change, CAPMC is also transforming itself to best serve those in need by continuing to examine its current programs to ensure that they meet the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Agency leaders regularly seek to initiate innovative programs that complement and broaden our existing ones, and search for best practices from other agencies in our community action network. CAPMC continues to maintain the financial integrity of its programs to maximize resources to the greatest benefit of its program participants, other customers, and stakeholders.
Since its inception in 1965, CAPMC's mission and vision have driven the Agency's anti-poverty efforts:
Our Mission
Helping people, changing lives, and making our community a better place to live by providing resources and services that inspire personal growth and independence.
Our Vision
By 2015, Community Action Partnership of Madera County will be recognized as a premier social services agency that eliminates the effects of poverty by helping people obtain the knowledge and skills to achieve self-reliance and economic stability...one life at a time.

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2019-20 Board of Directors
Rick Richardson
Child Development Associates

Vice President

Karen Marlatt
Valley Oak Children's Services


Beth Chiaro
Child Care Resource Center 

LaVera Smith
Supportive Services Fresno

Past President
Martin Castro
Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

Gina Fromer
Children's Council  of San Francisco 

Darrell Hills
Crystal Stairs, Inc. 

Tina Barna
Choices for Children

Abby Shull
YMCA Childcare Resource Service 
Leslie Reece
Family Resource & Referral of San Joaquin County

Jeanne Fridolfs
Napa County Office of Education

Mike Michelon
Siskiyou Child Care Council

Marco Jimenez
Central Valley Children's Services Network

Jasmine Tijerino

Michelle Graham
Children's Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County

Joie Owen
Glenn County Office of Education

Denyne Micheletti Colburn

April 24, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance on Emergency Closures
April 17, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Family Child Care Home Education Networks
Management 20-09:  COVID-19 Guidance on Program Self-Evaluation, Contract Monitoring, and Program Quality Requirements
COVID-19 Guidance on Procurement and Audits
April 15, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance to California Resource and Referral Programs and Local Planning Councils
April 14, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations
April 9, 2020
COVID-19 Guidance regarding Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations
April 8, 2020
April 6, 2020
March 26, 2020
March 13, 2020
March 5, 2020
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Child Care Subsidy Coordinator
The Resource Connection
Colusa County Office of Education

Director of Alternative Payment Programs
Hively (Formerly Child Care Links) Alameda County

International Institute Los Angeles

Manager Early Childhood Special Education
Napa County Office of Education
Children's Council San Francisco  
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Of Interest
Coronavirus - Information & resources for our field

CAPPA is supporting our field with coordinated information for all to use here. If you have a resource to share and or a question, email.

COVID-19 Policy Resources for Head Start Parents & Caregivers

The National Head Start Association (NHSA) has put together a 6 page resource guide for parents & caregivers with guidance on how to access supportive services and aid during the COVID-19 crisis. The first of the six  pages is below. Read the full resource guide from the National Head Star Association here.  

Upcoming events in the field 
Join Parent Voices CA for Stand for Children - LIVE - this Wednesday! 
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm PST 

Connect with Parent Voices LIVE for a virtual Stand for Children Day at facebook.com/ParentVoicesCA

Social distancing won't stop Parent Voices and their sea of blue from their hugely effective biggest day of advocacy! As parents have already known, and this crisis is proving, Child Care is always essential
Join parents, providers, decision makers, and other community members for a 
Parent Voices CA will highlight the needs of parents doing essential work, raising children with special needs, and parents whose jobs have been lost due to COVID-19. Hear about their realities and demands as we work together to create real solutions for families now and after the COVID-19 crisis. 

Does your organization have an upcoming event you'd like to highlight? Let us know!
The Weekly Good
An uplifting way to start the week, for those of us who need a break from the chaos that is our lives.

During this time where we are all stressed, it would be great to celebrate the positive.  Each week we will celebrate  everyday heroes, inspiring movements and great things happening in our field. 

"When the community calls on 4Cs of Alameda County to help, we are always happy to deliver (even if you can't see those smiles on our staff behind the masks). This morning, more than 800 diaper packs, 800 packs of wipes, and 150 gift cards for groceries and cleaning supplies were safely distributed at our main Hayward office to our community members in need with strict drive-thru, physically distant protocols in place. Thank you to our friends at  First 5 Alameda County  and  SupplyBank.Org  for your partnership and support of  4Cs of Alameda County 's families and children."

Let us know
what your organization is doing, we would love to feature you in the coming weeks!
2020-21 California State Budget


Monday, May 4, 2020
Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1: Health & Human Services 
10 a.m. - State Capitol, Room 4202
Listen to the hearing here
Agenda can be found  here . 
The public  is encouraged to provide written testimony before the hearing. You can send your written testimony to: BudgetSub1@asm.ca.gov.
Please note that any emails sent to that address are considered public comment and may be read into the record or reprinted.
The Capitol will be open for attendance of these hearings. Given the statewide stay-at-home order, and guidance on physical distancing, seating will be very limited for press and for the public. All are encouraged to watch the hearing from its live stream on the Assembly's website at  https://www.assembly.ca.gov/todaysevents.
What's Happening

In the CAPPA Monday Morning Update, we will highlight a few of the bills identified as relevant to our field and/or to the families and children we serve.   To see the more expansive listing of bills, click here where there are links to all of the bill along with  factsheets and sample letters if available. If there is a piece of legislation that you would like to have noted for our field, please  email .  

Update May 4, 2020: They're Baaaaaaack! 

Effective today, May 4, 2020, the Assembly has officially reconvened! Assembly policy committees will begin convening hearings this week, but will look a bit different than previously. Social distancing measures will be enforced in the Capitol, and there will be few if any Capitol staff, advocates, and members of the public in the Capitol building. Legislators will attend these hearings in person in order to vote, and public comment will be welcomed via phone line. 

Upcoming dates to be aware:
  • May 11:  Senate set to reconvene 
  • May 14:  Anticipated date of May Revision budget
Click here to see calendar of field events/interests and legislative hearings and deadlines.  If you would like something added to the field calendar, click here and submit details.
COVID-19 Community Resources 
COVID-19 CAPPA & Community Resources 
During California's Declared State of Emergency, we will be highlighting resources to support you in your work.

Please visit CAPPA's COVID-19 Response Page found at  https://www.cappaonline.com/cde-dss . We are updating this page daily with breaking news, guidance from CDE, DSS, and the Governor, as well as ongoing questions and answers to questions from the field. 

We are also featuring community online resources for parents and providers on our new resource page, found at  https://www.cappaonline.com/covid-19-resources.
Information from the Governor's office can be found at  www.COVID19.ca.gov

Additionally, we encourage you to explore community resources from our partners that have been put together to support the field as we navigate this unprecedented crisis together. 

Check out our website: https://www.cappaonline.com/covid-19-resources   for additional community resources. 

Do you have a resource page you would like to share? Email it to   CAPPA 
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2020-21 Federal Budget & Policy Updates
New Analysis Shows Child Care System needs $9.6 Billion per Month to Survive the Pandemic!  Below is the first page of a 13 page document.   Click here to read the full document via CLASP & the National Women's Law Center

Upcoming CAPPA Events
Network and CAPPA Joint Annual Conference 2020
September 16-18, 2020
DoubleTree Hotel Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
We find ourselves in a surreal place in our lives - at work and at home. We never thought at the start of the year that this is where we'd find ourselves in April. And, while we don't know exactly where we'll be in September when the Joint Network/CAPPA Conference is scheduled, it is with hope and perseverance, that we are continuing on our mission to plan this year's conference. As the world evolves over the next few months, and we all strive to navigate the changing landscape, the plans for the Joint Conference will also move forward and evolve.

To be prepared in the event that we are all able to join together at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento, September 16 - 18, 2020, we have decided to move forward as usual with the planning process for the Joint Network/CAPPA Conference. 

Registration information, along with a preliminary conference program, will be released in July. At that time, online registration will be open and attendees will be able to indicate their workshop selections when they register for the conference.

Visit the Conference Web page   for more information.

Please see the  2020 Call for Presentations Document  for more information about this year's conference. At the bottom of this document you will also find the link to complete the online Call for Presentations. You can also  Click Here  to be taken directly to the Call for Presentations application.

Workshop proposals are due Monday, April 27th.
Please share this Call for Presentations link with others you feel could present workshops which would be of benefit to conference attendees.
Thank you!

CDE Information & Updates
Management Bulletin 20-11: COVID-19 Guidance on Emergency Closures
Attention: All Executive Officers and Program Directors of California Department of Education Early Learning and Care Programs
Management Bulletin 20-11 has been developed to notify and provide guidance to state-subsidized ELCD programs about temporary changes to the requirements related to emergency closures.
Please visit the ELCD Management Bulletin 20-11 web page at https://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/cd/ci/mb2011.asp.
Management Bulletin 20-10: COVID-19 Guidance regarding Family Child Care Home Education Networks
The Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD) contractors will be supported during periods of physical closure due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. Contractors will continue to receive apportionments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contractors who have physical and on-site closures and suspensions must continue program operations to support children and their families, staff and FCCH providers during periods of closure. In order to support contractors during this time, contractual requirements for contractors providing ELC services through FCCHENs are to be addressed as provided in the directive below.
Please visit the ELCD Management Bulletin 20-10 web page at  
Partner Updates
New Research Briefs About Trends in Child Care Licensing Requirements and Policies for 2017
The   National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance (ECQA Center) is pleased to announce the publication of three research briefs ofindings and trends from the 2017 Child Care Licensing Study :
The data presented in these briefs were collected from state child care licensing regulations  that were in effect as of December 21, 2017, and from responses to the National Association for Regulatory Administration's 2017 survey of state licensing agencies from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Click here to read more.
Interesting Reads
Governors can reopen all they like. Without child care, parents can't work 

To hear President Donald Trump and his allied governors speak of it, the economy could simply be restarted and reopened from a weeks-long pandemic shutdown with the flick of a switch. But as public health experts and economists have pointed out, efforts to do just that in states like Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee threaten to widen the spread of the virus and worsen its economic impact.
Perhaps the most glaring hole in these plans-which allow limited sectors of the economy to reopen against U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines-is a complete lack of accounting for  child care. The limited exemptions provided by some governors puts the onus of prematurely returning to work disproportionately on women. Our analysis at National Women's Law Center shows, for example, that two-thirds or more of the hair stylists, massage therapists and fitness instructors at businesses allowed to reopen in Georgia are women.

Click here to read full article via Newsweek

The economy can't recover until parents have child care again

Governors, mayors and President Trump are eager for  the US economy to reopen. But child care -- or lack thereof -- could be the X factor to determine when that will happen.
The coronavirus pandemic has  already shut schools and day cares, leaving America's working parents stuck  juggling their professional and child care responsibilities at home. Now the summer holidays are around the corner, but it's uncertain whether summer camps will open.

"Covid-19 has taught us a lot of things, but one critical thing it's showed us is how important child care is to a functioning economy," said Frances Donald, chief economist and head of macro strategy at Manulife Investment Management.
Beyond the risk of workers burning out, millions of people staying at home is a strain on the economy. And economists fear that could slow down the recovery.

Click here  to read full article via CNN.