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Please Contact St. Louis City Officials

The Board of Alderman in the City of St. Louis is considering a proposed ordinance that would ban carriage horses on city streets.  We need you to contact Alderman Jeffrey Boyd and Alderman Jack Coatar and ask them to support Board Bill 129 to outlaw carriage horses in St. Louis.

Please go to the following links and scroll down to leave a message:

The proposed ordinance is before the Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee.  It is imperative that the Chair and Vice Chair of this Committee hear from you.
Please let them know that you support Board Bill 129, as you want to stop carriage horses from working on the streets of St. Louis.

Bill 129 would still permit carriage horses in Tower Grove Park and in parades but would prevent them from every day work on public streets.  For more details click on Bill 129.

Currently, there is no effective regulation of carriage horses in St. Louis which has resulted in many abuses including horses working in excessive heat and in dangerous street traffic.  

The City of St. Louis simply does not have the resources to effectively regulate the carriage horse industry.

If you live or work in the City, please let the Alderman know, and if not, please let them know that carriage horses will keep you from visiting and shopping in the City. 

"There is no way that cities, with their exhaust fumes, hard road surfaces, and busy traffic patterns can provide a humane environment for a carriage horse." 
Veterinarian Holly Cheever



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