Volume 04| April 30, 2018
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Successful IUCEA Workshop in Rwanda

CARTA, the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) held the first-of-its-kind regional workshop in Kigali, Rwanda on postgraduate studies in the East Africa region.

The workshop began on April 23 to 25 at the Kigali Marriot Hotel.

Rwanda’s Minister for Education, Hon. Dr. Eugene Mutimura ( left ), opened the three-day training attended by over 70 deans and directors of graduate schools from private and public universities in East Africa.

The participants were from the six East African Community (EAC) partner States: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Universities in the region have a limited number of qualified senior university lecturers and researchers to meet the demands for the ever expanding postgraduate and mentorship programs. This consequently, has had a negative impact on the universities’ capacity to sustainably educate the next generation of university lecturers and researchers. The workshop therefore addressed some of these concerns.

Recommendations from the training will be presented by IUCEA in July, to vice chancellors, deputy vice chancellors, and commissions of university education among other policy makers.

Watch Dr. Alex Exeh's ruminations on CARTA's future

“Perhaps of all the things that I did at APHRC and one that I am really proud of is CARTA. The program is very innovative, impactful and clearly thought through. It has the right type of impact we want to see happen in Africa and within African institutions.”

Jeanette Dawa debut article in the Conversation Africa

Our Cohort Five Fellow offers expert opinion on why it's a concern that Kenya doesn't have a flu vaccine policy.

Even as 1 in 4 Kenyan patients (including babies) who seek medical care for respiratory symptoms have the flu virus.

Africa Research Gap: How to close it

Watch CARTA Program Manager Prof. Peter Ngure ’s interview at CNBC studios in Kigali, Rwanda as he is interviewed about what should be done to bolster research on the continent.

CARTA Newsletter

 In this latest edition of the CARTA newsletter, read about Former CARTA Co-director Dr. Alex Ezeh’s thoughts on the future of CARTA. 

Enjoy this and other articles in this edition of the CARTA Newsletter .  
Regional REDCap Training May 7-11, 2018

CARTA M&E Officer, Emmanuel Otukpa , is spearheading the regional training on the use of the online Research Data Capture tool (REDCap) in the tracking of CARTA fellowship awardees as well as how it can be used as a full-fledged M&E tool.
Grand Challenges Explorations grant opportunities. Deadline: May 2, 2018. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is inviting proposals for the next round of  Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE)  for the following three challenges (application deadline is  May 2, 2018 ):

Grand Challenges:  Campylobacter spp. Transmission Dynamics in Low- and Middle-Income Countries . Application deadline is  May 2, 2018.

Grand Challenges Explorations – Brazil:  Data Science Approaches to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Brazil . Application deadline is  May 2, 2018.

For other opportunities check the CARTA website
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