CARU's New Daily Dish Stews.
Affordable, Nutritious, Delicious Human Grade Stews for Dogs that retail for only $2.99 USD
Because there's no taste like home. Now you can serve your four-legged friend a highly nourishing stew every day that tastes like you made it at home! These hearty, grain free recipes are carefully prepared with real beef, chicken, turkey or lamb, plus a medley of chickpeas, apples, carrots, peas and pumpkin.  
They're made from 100% human grade ingredients (no ingredients from China) right here in the USA.  
Each box of Daily Dish stew:
  • Is prepared in small batches in a human food plant. 
  • Contains no genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients
  • Is a limited ingredient diet
  • Is slow cooked at low temperatures
  • Has savory gravy to help hydrate your dog
  • Contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
So when dogs get within sniffing distance of our Daily Dish stews, they know this day
is going to be great!  Click here to find out more about our new Daily Dish Stews for dogs and also how they differ from our Classic Stews for dogs. 
My See-Food Diet
H ello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our
Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).

I take my role as CTTO very seriously and as such I've decided on a See Food and Eat It Diet. I'm trying to get my pet parents (aka Mummas and Daddas) to go along with me but they are a little slow at catching on; I think it's a human thing. I've come up with a GREAT way of encouraging them to feed me. As soon as I hear them pop the tabs on the Classic Stew or Daily Dish Stew box and I know my food is on it's way, I start barking at them. It's my little way of telling them to hurry up and get the CARU Stews in my bowl and also I figure it's kind of nice for them as all my barking shows them how much I love my food. I'm not sure that they see it the same way as I routinely get sent out of the kitchen until I settle down and stop barking; these parents just don't understand how things should work. Really, the nerve! Don't they understand that I'm just doing my job and I take it very seriously?

Do any of my fellow doggies out there react when you hear the tabs pop on CARU stews or when you see it getting ready to be poured into your bowl? Check out this great video from Erin Davis with her fur baby, Molly. Erin shows everyone how to open a box of CARU stews and my girlfriend Molly, in my doggy dreams, licks her lips in anticipation of her CARU stew. Thanks Erin and Molly for such a great video.  
Erin Davis and CARU, an Open and Shut Case
Erin Davis and CARU, an Open and Shut Case

  Woofs & Tail Wags from Karu.  
CARU's Daily Dish Photo Contest
Enter CARU's October Daily Dish Contest.  
Tell us your dog's favorite Daily Dish flavor on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page for a chance to win a Daily Dish prize pack.
We will randomly pick 5 winners, who will take home a 4-pack of Daily Dish stews (one of each flavor). The winners will be chosen on 10/23/17. Good luck!
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