CASA has taken an “oppose” position on SB 332 (Hertzberg & Wiener), which mandates all wastewater agencies that discharge treated effluent to oceans, bays and estuaries to reduce their discharges by 50% by 2030, and by 95% by 2040. The bill and a summary of the bill’s provisions  are now available.
SB 332 has been referred to two policy committees and will be heard for the first time in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee on April 3 rd .   CASA is urging members to send letters of opposition to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee by March 25 th  in order to be on the record as opposing the bill.  Please view CASA’s official position letter outlining our concerns with the bill, as well as a template letter for agencies to customize to be reflective of their individual comments. Letters may be submitted via email to the committee secretary, Mimi Holtkamp at . Please also copy CASA staff and your own local legislative delegation on your letters. 
It is very important for your elected officials to hear from their constituents about how this legislation will impact their districts. Providing details about the challenges and costs associated with this proposal will be be paramount in our advocacy efforts.  
Thank you for helping CASA to advocate on an issue of major concern to the wastewater community! Please direct any questions related to this request to CASA legislative staff: Jessica Gauger and Jared Voskuhl .