Help Preserve Local Fee Authority!
Please Send Letters Opposing SB 831!
We need your help in defeating legislation that would eliminate all fees for the construction of accessory dwelling units, including water and sewer connection and capacity fees. The bill, SB 831 by Senator Bob Wieckowski, will be heard next in Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

We’ve provided a template letter for your use. Please feel free to add specifics about how the bill would adversely affect your agency. Send letters to:

The Honorable Mike McGuire, Chair
Senate Governance and Finance Committee
State Capitol, Room 408
Sacramento, CA 95814

Attention: Anton Favorini-Csorba, Senate Governance and Finance Committee Consultant. 

Letters can be submitted via a portal on the committee website: (Note: there is a brief registration process for submitting a letter to the committee). 

Please forward a copy of your letter to your local Senator and also to CASA

Thank you for your help. Also attached is an issue paper describing the problems with the bill in greater detail.