CASA Members/Players Code of Conduct 

Good evening CASA Family, 

I’m writing you today  to discuss a very important matter that needs to be addressed immediately. CASA  has a long-standing reputation of being a club that provides a quality soccer program where good sportsmanship and respect  are expected to be practiced by both players and members. The intent of this letter is to address concerns I have due to  situations I have seen, overheard, and dealt with during my time with CASA. 

I have been a member of CASA for the past ten years and have seen a significant decline in player/member  respect, good sportsmanship, and common courtesy toward CASA leadership, CASA staff, coaches, players, referees,  teammates, and opposing teams. At the beginning of each season players and members (parents/guardians) each sign a  Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct spells out CASA’s expectations and outlines appropriate/inappropriate behaviors. I  ask each of you to thoroughly review the Code of Conduct which can be found in the CASA Policies and Procedures, Article  VII, Section 5 (Click for Link to Policy & Procedures Manual).

Referees are at a premium these days due to a lack of people willing to go out on the field and take the abuse that  disrespectful spectators, coaches, and players dish out. At CASA, we utilize a home grown, grass roots referee system that  allows our own players, ages eleven years and older, to referee games and work toward becoming certified referees. I have  observed, and stopped, inappropriate behaviors aimed at our youth referees as well as our volunteer recreational coaches. 

CPYSL, one of the governing bodies of CASA league play, has instituted much more stringent behavior policies due  to the harassment of referees. CASA’s policies and procedures have recently been updated, and changed, to better align  with CASA’s expectations and allows the CASA Board of Directors to aggravate the disciplinary action based on the offense.  Unacceptable and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated during any CASA events, regardless of whether it is a home or away event. 

It's time we turn the game back over to the kids. Our children need this time to have fun, learn the game of  soccer, and be able to grow as athletes. Our coaches need this time to teach our children the game of soccer, mentor our  children in good sportsmanship, and be positive role models in their lives to help them become the good people we all strive  for them to become. 

As a father of four children, who all currently play travel at CASA, I have been guilty of being a hothead myself. To  say I have never yelled at a referee would be a lie. However, as my children have grown older, and progressed through their  soccer careers, I have learned I am only hurting my children by embarrassing them, angering the coaches/officials, and  making myself look like a fool. 

If I can change, so can you. I ask that each and every one of you take a good hard look in the mirror and see where  you fall in the behavior category. At CASA, we ask that you encourage all children and provide praise and encouragement  during their games, but do not give guidance or coaching from the sidelines. That’s the coach’s job. We ask that all  parent/coach conversations not take place within the twenty-four-hour period following a game, and forty-eight-hour period  following a tournament. Lastly, we ask that all parents allow their children to have fun and communicate with the CASA  office if there are any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. 

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded message and take it to heart. Our children need  us to support them and let them have fun. Our club needs us to act appropriately and be positive role models for our  children. Our referees need our courtesy and respect to be confident on the field, while trying to become great referees,  without fear of beratement from parents/coaches. Let’s get back to letting our children have fun in a safe and positive  environment. 

Ryan Bomgardner 
President, CASA Board of Directors