What Digital Media is Doing to Our Youth
By Judge Margaret Pickard
Children learn primarily via face-to-face interactions with their families, their caregivers, and their communities. However, kids today spend more time with media than they do with face-to-face interactions, with the average child over five spending nine hours a day on digital media, including computers, cell phones, TVs, and iPads. If we count multi-tasking, which allows children to interface with multiple devices simultaneously, that number goes up to eleven hours a day. We need to reclaim the children and re-focus their attention away from screen time if we want them to truly succeed in life and CASA volunteers can help with that effort.
Over-dependence on digital media leads to a host of problems for children, including but not limited to difficulties with social relationships, attention deficit disorders, and addiction problems. There is no question that children and adults are spending more time with their digital media devices than they are in their human interactions. It can be observed in any school, park, or restaurant, when caregivers and children may be “together,’ but are often hooked to their phone screens rather than interacting with one another.