April 2020

Greetings From Our Director:
Greetings everyone!   
             As is our new normal greeting to everyone dear to us, I hope you—and yours-- are feeling healthy and are happily productive within our present COVID-19 society.  Hopefully, our sequestering as served a positive purpose and that we all will be able to have a safe reemergence as soon as is healthily possible!  
            We here at CASA have all been productively teleworking since March 18 th  and will continue until we reach Phase Green – which will hopefully be soon enough.  
            I have heard so many wonderful anecdotes about how our Advocates have been able to stay in close “alternative” contact with their case children and I thank you so much for extending your caring and monitoring of your child(ren) despite the difficulties involved in doing so.  Thanks for writing all the Court Reports that have still been expected – and needed – by the Court.  And, thank you for making yourself available for any needed testimony.  But the Hearings have continued – almost fully – telephonically, and we have more than 30 scheduled in May!   The ASFA Guidelines “clock” does not stop ticking, so the hearings propelling a child’s return to normalcy kept pace despite the difficulties a pandemic brought.  Thank you for adapting to these challenging circumstances and consistently gathering valuable information about how your case child(ren) were faring.
Of course, you reported about many children somewhat pleasantly surviving their quarantine walls, but you also sadly reported about many confused, lonely and worried children too.  Adding such uncertainty to a traumatized child’s already unsteady emotions is another harsh blow.  But you have been there as a calming influence, extending your caring and creativity and consistency.  We thank you so much for extending yourself at such a deeply difficult time for your child.  Your loving efforts will be remembered forever by your child…and by us!  CASA Advocates rock!!
Have a beautiful May!!
Karen Burns, Executive Director
Thank you all for
participating in
Child Abuse Prevention Month !
Congratulations to our contest winners!
Missy Snyder
Sindy Diaz
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Payton Snyder
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Philomena Hanson

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our
Virtual Pinwheel Garden !
1 .   How did you first learn about CASA?
  • I was introduced to CASA when I participated in their annual golf tournament in 2017. After doing research on the organization I decided I wanted to become an advocate, however, due to my travel schedule with work I wasn’t able to commit to the training program. So, instead my wife and I volunteered at CASA events for the time being. Upon retiring I entered into the program and became an advocate in December, 2019.

2.    What made you want to volunteer with CASA, and how long have you been with us?
  • I’ve been an advocate for approximately 5 months.   I feel a child no matter what their situation is - being born with an addiction, abused during adolescence or neglected during their teenage years, should have someone in their corner fighting for their basic needs that every child should have. To be a part of a program in which you are empowered to change this child’s situation is priceless in my opinion. 

3.    What impact do you feel CASA has in the community? 
  •  It’s not only the positive impact that they are having on today’s children but it will be the generational impact that their efforts will have on future families and communities. As CASA continues to change the course that many of children where on, the positive snowball effect that it will have on their grandchildren cannot be measured.

4.    What is your professional background? (job, schooling, etc.)
  • Education:
                      i.     Associate in Computer Engineering/ University of Louisville
                               ii.     BSBA and MBA/ New Mexico State University
  • Professional:
                       i.     Executive management for manufacturing companies in the medical device and automotive sectors

5.    What other organizations are you involved with?
  • End Hunger Café/ Latrobe, PA
  • Treasurer of HOA

6.    Briefly tell us about your family. 
  •  My wife Lina and I have been married for 24 years and we have two children 21 and 19. I was born in Kentucky and spent 15 years in Texas before relocating to PA in 2010.

7.    What do you like to do in your free time? 
  • My first passion is cooking. Everything from an Italian Veal Marsala to a nice warm bowl of chili on a cold winter day.
  •  I also enjoy handyman projects, whether it’s remodeling a room or repairing items throughout the house.

8.    Is there anything else that you’d like us to include? 
  • I would recommend to anyone that is thinking of volunteering their personal time and, or resources to research what CASA is doing for Westmoreland County. Join the team and help make a positive change in a child’s life.
28th Graduating CASA Class!
CASA of Westmoreland, Inc held their first virtual swearing in, April 30,2020!

Congratulations everyone!
Welcome to the CASA team
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Transition In CASA of Westmoreland Staff Team
We bid a cordial adieu to our Development Director Carol Palcic who served in this role for CASA for the past two years. We thank her for her service to advance CASA's mission and we wish her well in all her future endeavors. Her departure means that CASA of Westmoreland is now accepting resumes for immediate consideration for the role of our Development Director. As friends of our program, if you know of an experienced non-profit fund raiser who would like to bring that experience to CASA, we would very much like to hear from them. Please direct a resume and cover letter to Karen Burns, Executive Director at:  kburns@co.westmoreland. pa.us

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