In order to comply with the Contra Costa County Department of Health Guidelines for COVID-19, CASA has enacted social distancing protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus within our community and is taking some precautionary measures, including:

  • Postponing the March CASA Volunteer Inital Training.
  • Moving Informational Sessions for March and April online.
  • Minimally staffing the office. Staff are still accessible via email, telephone and/or online meeting (Zoom).
  • Encouraging CASA volunteers and supporters to contact the person you want to meet with before dropping in to the CASA office.

Since Contra Costa County Department of Health has designated anyone over age 50 as “high-risk”, we felt that it was prudent to take these steps since many of our staff and CASA volunteers are over age 50, and some may also have an underlying health condition. 

In case of emergencies, contact
For general questions, contact us at

For best practices and most curret COVID-19 updates, check out CDC's webste:

Thank you for working together.