HONOLULU, Hawaii -- At approximately 10 o'clock this morning, Democrat state Representative Matt LoPresti of Ewa Beach was forced to withdraw several months of toxic lies he'd been telling about his Republican challenger Bryan Jeremiah; defamatory lies which the Democrat-run media were eager to broadcast on their liberal airwaves in biased coverage that didn't examine the ridiculousness of publicity-seeking LoPresti's outrageous claims.
After only 90 minutes at District Court on 1111 Alakea Street in Downtown Honolulu, Bryan Jeremiah walked away 
completely vindicated
And Matt LoPresti walked away holding the shovel he has been using to dig his political grave.
House Speaker Joe Souki's West Oahu thug LoPresti ate his words as part of an outcome which deserves to bring infinite humiliation to the freshman Democrat; the lowlife LoPresti who the world now knows is a BS-er of the highest order.  LoPresti's intentional infliction of phony stories about Jeremiah -- in which LoPresti fabricates a universe of nonsensical victimhood - - resulted today with a dismissal, with prejudice, of his defamation-filled and bogus request for a Temporary Restraining Order.  To any reasonable observer, that means LoPresti admits he lied about everything.
( Don't hold your breath)
So, WHAT did LoPresti tell boldface lies about on TV, online, in print, and in his filing for a TRO against Jeremiah??
  1. LIE #1 -- That Jeremiah repeatedly came to the State Capitol in order to harass and intimidate LoPresti at his workplace.
  2. LIE #2 -- That Jeremiah threatened, chased, and attempted to assault LoPresti in Ewa Beach recently (see HIRA's previous story here).
In the first matter, LoPresti filed false reports with the State Sheriff's office, which is charged with protecting politicians at the State Capitol from non-imagined and non-made-up threats.  The Sheriff's office reportedly laughed off LoPresti's complaints filed against Jeremiah as the sort of bizarre rantings you'd expect fro m a lunatic in an asylum .  That's why, after so many months, the Sheriff's Dept. didn't bother to question Jeremiah.  HIRA learned that they just tossed LoPresti's insane complaints in the container marked "Opala".  Somehow, the news media didn't bother to report on LoPresti's phony and debunked allegations which have now been retracted.
In the second matter, LoPresti claims that he was chased by Jeremiah, who the Democrat claims "charged at me and he tried to assault me. I got away, I basically ran away from the guy and he kept coming at me and yelling and screaming."  Never mind the pesky fact that photos ( with date and time stamps) of LoPresti show that he was caught "removing" Jeremiah's campaign signs from a popular Ewa Beach intersection and that the same photos show LoPresti getting into his car moments laterNo chaseNo hidingNo waiting by LoPresti for the alleged harasser/assaulter/attacker Jeremiah to leave the area so the poor victim could sneak back to his vehicle and escapeJust a peaceful interve ntion by Jeremiah (to keep LoPresti from stealing the Republican's signs) which took place over five minutes or less .  Somehow, the news media didn't bother to actually investigate LoPresti's nonsensical story of a frightening and lengthy chase on foot through Ewa Beach which nobody saw and which resulted in LoPresti being seen (and photographed) peacefully driving away in his car while he was supposedly running for his life.

The incredibly biased story told by breathless and integrity-challenged Hawaii News Now reporter Chelsea Davis a couple of weeks ago about this incident spins the incredible yarn that LoPresti was chased by Jeremiah as if the cockamamie story made any sense.  The reporter didn't bother ask LoPresti where he hid from his attacker until the coast was clear.  She dutifully spreads the premeditated smear of Republican Jeremiah, without question.  It's a story which has now been seen by tens of thousands viewers of HNN.  And it's a story which will probably go uncorrected by the anti-Republican reporter and her liberal editors at that pro-Democrat 'news' station.  Indeed, if they bother to cover today's developments, they'll probably try to spin the outcome of today's "dismissal with prejudice" as 'mercy and compassion' being shown by LoPresti by making the whole case go away.  Stay tuned for the Democrat-approved shibai on HNN at 5pm, 6pm, 9pm and 10pm.  [ Or just tune in for the cringe-inducing banter which the anchors engage in nightly.]

It should be noted that the person who assisted Republican Jeremiah in defending against LoPresti's insane allegations was heavy-hitter Democratic state house legislator and attorney Marcus Oshiro .  Much time was spent by Oshiro and LoPresti's secret, unnamed Democrat attorney behind cl ose d doors in the judge's chambers hammering out an arrangement to spare LoPresti whatever tiny amount of self-respect he hoped to leave court with today.  [In case you're wondering, that's amount was actually ZERO.]  The fact is that LoPresti is a guy who is very familiar with law enforcement, including his arrest for drunk driving (which he never disclosed to the people of Ewa Beach).
LoPresti's allegations have been withdrawn along with his phony application for a judge to issue a TRO against Jeremiah.  DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.  Joe Souki's reprehensible henchman is exposed.

INTIMIDATION:  that's one way Democrats in Hawaii keep power.  It makes you wonder why GOP leader  Beth Fukumoto-Chang and her closet Democrat buddy Aaron  "Ling"  Johanson were so eager to con their fellow Republican legislators into putting Joe Souki into power as House Speaker, and why the Republican House caucus was so easily conned.  Zero judgment.  Pure opportunism.  Nothing short of disgusting.

Speaking of intimidation and coercion, the kindly Ewa Beach homeowner whose fence is very popular with politicians was reportedly approached with hostility by LoPresti, who tried to bully and strong arm the poor man into believing that if he didn't sign a statement backing up LoPresti's phony story that LoPresti would subpoena and grill him on the stand in court.  The "pre-written" statement forced on the poor homeowner by LoPresti ( which the Democrat scumbag ordered the homeowner to sign) never saw the light of day.  What a piece of slime Souki's thug LoPresti has turned out to be.  In the audience to witness the proceedings were Ewa politicians Rida Cabanilla (the sleazy longtime Ewa politician whom LoPresti ousted from the Ewa state house seat in the 2014 primary) and 2016 Democrat-turned-Republican state senate candidate Kurt Fevella.  It's gonna be an interesting election year in Ewa Beach . . . but isn't it always?!?
Finally, today's story in court is not the final word on LoPresti's sleaze, political desperation and zaniness.  Stay tuned for HIRA's forthcoming reporting on how LoPresti has been routinely abusing law enforcement officers at the State's Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) by filing multiple false reports alleging impropriety by Bryan JeremiahSPOILER ALERT:  The C SC tossed those phony complaints, usually before they were laughed out of the hearing room . . . but you'll never hear about these stories on Hawaii News Now, the Ige/Caldwell/Obama network of choice.  They ignore hard news to make room for 20-minute weathercasts, YouTube videos, What's Trending stories, UH sports, and more fluff segments to force feed their viewers.  There's no time for truth -- especially if it benefits Republicans.  Be warned GOPers when dealing with HNN and the rest.
Hawaii News Now owes Bryan Jeremiah an apology.
Ewa Thug Matt LoPresti owes Bryan Jeremiah an apology.
LoPresti's godfather Joe Souki owes Bryan Jeremiah an apology.
Matt LoPresti owes the people of Ewa Beach his resignation from office.
You'll never see the Hawaii GOP, Rohlfing, Tagavilla, Hellreich, Liu, Mukk or the rest reporting this political news to its members or even supporting a Republican.  (In fact, they have been too busy helping LoPresti by searching for opponents against Jeremiah).

Guess which disgraced politician is seeking to return to political office?
HintHe has filed papers with the State Elections Office to run
as a Libertarian against LoPresti and Jeremiah in 2016
, presumably on a
"Let's Get Stoned and Say Crazy Things" Platform.
Here's his photoWinning guesses will be announced in an upcoming HIRA newsletter .
PHOTO CREDIT :   Andrew Pereira, TV reporter turned Democrat spokesman for Caldwell.

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