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Stay in Squamish

   There are numerous hotel options in Squamish just 10 minutes away from the Sunwolf event grounds. There will be a free shuttle available in the evenings from the event back to the hotel.


Sunwolf has a limited amount of camper, RV and tenting sites available 
Call Sunwolf today at 604-898-1537 
to reserve yours. 

The Steelhead Society of British Columbia is an organization that works hard to protect wild Steelhead and the habitat that they depend on.  

wild fish in wild rivers


SkeenaWild brings together stakeholders, goverment and members of the public to ensure the long-term health of the Skeena river watershed and the wild Salmon populations that depend upon it.   








































































Join us in Squamish for three days of entertainment, education and fellowship in celebration of Steelhead culture April 3rd and 4th 2015.

CAST & BLAST is a FREE event designed to build unity and bring fun into our community of Steelhead anglers. Enjoy fun contests and parties as well as slideshows and educational presentations on a variety of topics.  Check out our Facebook page  for the most up to date info or email us at

We Hope you will consider joining us this year. Please call me directly if you would like more info on this event. I look forward to speaking with you,

Brian Niska 
Friday April 3 2015

This free event takes place at Alice Lake Provincial Park, just a few minutes from the Sunwolf grounds. The day starts at 9am on friday morning and should run until about 3pm. Come and watch some of the best long belly distance speycasters in the pacific northwest compete for the title. Some of these same competitors will be competing the following week at the world championships in San Francisco. We will also have free speycasting instruction at the lake and a series of casting presentations. A highlight of the day will be special presentation on the SOR world championships from competitors Tim Arsenault and Tyler Kushnir.

Lawn Darts and Mini Golf Casting Games 

We have some fun casting games taking place on Friday April 3rd in the afternoon and the evening.

The Chuck-n-Duck Fly Cast Mini Golf tournament  takes place in the afternoon on Friday.

The Lawn Darts grass casting spey challenge takes place on Friday night under the lights  on the Sunwolf lawn. This fun contest takes place in conjunction with a special late night on the lawn casting demo called   'Lazers under the Lights ' 
with  Tim Arsenault and Aaron Goodis. 
Tight Line Films presents Tie One On featuring the 4th annual CAST & BLAST IRON FLY on Friday April 3rd at 6pm

 We have expanded our popular Friday night Iron Fly competition into a full night of fly tying fun. Starting at 6pm Friday night in the big tent, Tight Line Films is hosting 'Tie One On'. The evening will feature a multitude of tying demonstrations as well as live painting from Dave Currie. of course the highlight of the night is our 4th annual Iron Fly contest.  Want a shot at the title? The IronFly is a fly tying contest that is as fun to watch as it is to compete in.  Here's how it works: the contestants sit around a table, vices, scissors and bobbins at the ready. A box of random tying materials appears and the timer starts. All contestants pick from the same pile of material and tie at the same time. The crowd picks the winner of each round and ultimately determines who will claim the Iron Fly title. Past winners include:

2012 - Adrienne Comeau
2013 - Kirk Gilchrist
2014 - Adrienne Comeau

Casting and fishing demos

Join us on Friday April 3rd at Alice Lake and Saturday April 4th at Sunwolf for a series of speycasting demos from some of the best instructors in the business.  This year we have  demos featuring the instruction of:

Scott Baker-McGarva - J.M. Reid - Tyler Kushner - Aaron Goodis
Brian Niska - Pat Beahen - Trevor Covich -  Tim Arsenault 

Fly Tying Demos Saturday April 4th

On Saturday April 4th we are pleased to present a full day of fly tying demos from some of the most innovative tiers around.  This is truly a talent packed line up with some of the best Steelhead fly tiers in BC We are especially excited to have CAST & BLAST regular  and Loop pro staffer Stu Foxall making a special trip from England to tie for us. 
D on't miss  presentations from:
           Mike Orlowski   -  Stu Foxall   -  Trevor Covich   
          Craig Scoot Mason  - Adrienne Comeau  + more

Saturday April 4th  10am - 7pm
Educational Slideshow Presentations 

We have lots of great slideshow presentations that will educate and entertain you all day Saturday April 4th.  Here are some of the presenters to look forward to:
Dr. Jasper Lament  10am


Dr. Jasper Lament will be doing a presentation on the work of the Nature Trust of BC and will explain how large tracts of riverside wilderness can be preserved for future generations of anglers.  Jasper was born and raised in Vancouver,  he has worked as a  Senior Environmental Coordinator at BC Hydro where he focused on fisheries and species at risk compliance.  He was a conservation program manager at Ducks Unlimited's National Headquarters and also served for over five years on the Staff of the North American Wetlands Conservation Council.  



Outdoor Photographer Aaron Goodis  11am

Aaron Goodis will be presenting an interpretive slide show entitled  'Our Sacred Coast ' . Aaron is well known for his stunning photos of fishing and nature found on the west coast of Canada. He will be presenting some of his best work and explaining how he got the shot. Tips and techniques to improve your flyfishing and nature photography.  


Bear expert Dan LeGrandeur  1pm


Dan LeGrandeur is one off North America's leading experts on bear safety. He the President and Chief Instructor at Bear Scare Ltd  and has more than 28 years field experience working with bears and other wildlife, first as a BC Conservation Officer and as an educator with Bear Scare, training others in techniques for safely co-existing with bears and other wildlife. During his time as a B.C. Conservation Officer, Dan gained extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of conflict situations involving cougars, black bears and grizzlies in farming/ranching, remote work camps, recreational situations and even urban areas. Dan was a member of Whistler's Black Bear Task Team and in 1999, he implemented Canada's first non/lethal bear management program in Whistler. Dan will be doing a presentation on staying safe in bear country and will be providing valuable information on the proper use of bear spray. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet Dan and learn about safe travel in bear country.



  Gregg Knox from SkeenaWild

We are excited to have Greg Knox join us at Cast & Blast this year. Greg is one of the leading voices in wild salmon conservation. He is the executive director of SkeenaWild conservation Trust and is a  board member with the Bulkley Valley Research Centre. A certified fisheries technician who has worked closely with First Nation groups, Greg's focus is fisheries management and habitat protection work throughout the Skeena. Greg will present an overview of the Skeena fishery detailing some of the threats that these fish currently face. He will also be presenting the launch of something truly groundbreaking for angler information in Skeena country. Trust me, you won't want to miss this.

Steelhead Biologist Bob Hooton  5pm


We are fortunate to have Bob Hooton back to present at Cast & Blast this year. There is no greater advocate of wild fish. Bob's presentation this year is titles 'How Much is too Much? Bob will provide an overview of BC's Steelhead resource. Everything you ever wanted to know about BC Steelhead.  With over 37 years of BC Steelhead management experience, Bob has a unique perspective and is well qualified to offer a real world state of the union on our Steelhead resource.

Learn about life history, migration pathways, habitat demands, distribution and abundance. Bob will also discuss some of the ideas and stories  presented in his groundbreaking book 'Skeena Steelhead
Unknown Past, Uncertain Future'. This book is a must read for anyone who has an interest in the  wild Steelhead of the Skeena river system.
For those that have already read the book, Cast & Blast provides an amazing opportunity to speak with Bob directly about any questions you may have.

Saturday April 4th  7pm-11pm
CAST & BLAST Late Night Show

We have a new format for Saturday night with Dave 'Bunky' Hughes presenting 2 hours of entertainment. Movies, slide shows, comedy, fish porn, special guests its all here. Tunes by DJ Gonzo. It's all a bit secretive but I will say that yes, Dax will be there to make you laugh at yourself.