May Newsletter

When Ken Brunner, Principal from Early College High School, spoke at last week's CAST Blast not only did he share his own heartfelt story, but he highlighted the importance of community, networking and the impact that CAST has made...both to him personally and to the students at his school. It was a special evening, spent celebrating with community partners, students and Adult CAST and an incredible snapshot of what we do and why we do it.

As I look ahead,we are busy preparing for Aliquippa. Taylor and I leave this Thursday with students from ECHS on our first ever CAST Mission Trip. We are all excited to tent-camp, to serve the local community, to spend time together and to see important seeds planted.

Finally, let me call special attention to Project KARE. This year, there are five students in foster care who are graduating high school and we have a special opportunity to be sure they are well-celebrated! Please consider sponsoring and attending the June 15th event. You can find more details below.

I'm so grateful for each of you and for the example of humble service that you show to our community.

With gratitude,

Sonja White

Executive Director

´╗┐CAST Blast

Aliquippa, PA Mission Trip

We are so excited to share that from June 1st-June 4th we will be taking a small group of students to Aliquippa, PA for CAST's first ever Mission Trip! The icing on the cake? We will be taking this trip alongside our affiliate and friends at RippleFX. While we are away, we are asking all of our friends at home to keep this awesome group in your prayers. Please join us this week as we pray for safe travels, memories made, and student lives changed.

Learn more about Aliquippa, PA Missions Trips
Send a Gift to a Graduate!

Project KARE

We are thrilled to announce two special ways that CAST can bless 5 students in Stark County foster care who are graduating from high school!

  1. Sponsor and/or attend the Rising Up...Moving On graduation party on June 15th.
  2. Purchase some items from the Amazon Wish List to help these students be well preparted for their next step. The link provided connects you to basic items (tool kit, backpack, gift cards) that will go a long way in blessing these new graduates!

We still have spots open for summer 2023! If you have a middle schooler who would like to participate, please use the sign up link below!

Sign up for Camp

If you would like to help supply snacks/ supplies for Blessing Boot Camp please click the link below to check out our Amazon wish list!

Amazon Wish List 

Blessing ´╗┐Boot Camp 2023

Blessing Boot Camp year three kicks off June 6th and it will be a summer to remember!

Blessing Boot Camp is CAST's free, summer day camp for middle schoolers that takes place on Tuesdays all summer long. Boot Camp offers middle school students the opportunity to serve hands on while also having fun and making friends.

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