January 28, 2019
In Transit - January 28, 2019

January Executive Director Report, Training, and More!
Executive Director Report
Whew! 2019 is off to a busy start. As the year begins we are watching the Colorado legislature to see how having both houses with a Democrat majority and a Governor who’s also a Democrat looks. Earlier this week I attended a Transportation Stakeholders Meeting put on by Senators Winter and Zenzinger and Representatives Gray and Hanson. Although transportation is not the top priority in terms of bills this year there is some intention on the part of this group of legislatures to start figuring out a solution to Colorado’s transportation funding conundrum.

From the discussions at this meeting and others the current plan is to put together a balanced portfolio of fees that relate to transportation usage in order to avoid TABOR impacts. The hope would be that these fees would be a little pinch for everyone but still add up to real money. Some of the fees suggested or discussed at the meeting included lane mile usage fee (targeting Uber/Lyft rides) and an AV Fee. Their other goal is to keep to fees that tie logically to transportation as they felt the sales tax didn’t do well because it was not associated closely enough with transportation.

We’ll be watching this debate closely with an eye towards keeping transit in the funding allocation, making sure the solution is statewide, long term and dependable so that it can be used for what agencies really need whether that be operating or capital funding.

Colorado’s new Governor has elevated the focus on electric vehicles in his Executive Order 2019-2 which among other things states that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) shall develop a department electric vehicle policy and plan designed to assure that state transportation investments and programs support widespread transportation electrification aligned with the articulated goals and strategies outlined by the above mentioned workgroup. DTR staff is working through how this will impact the recent call for projects for the VW Settlement funding but it will likely impact future calls for that funding.

Some of you may have noticed a RFP from HCPF for a NEMT broker which brought up some questions. This RFP was only for 9 counties in the metro area. Although a statewide brokerage has been proposed and discussed, we’ve heard that it will probably be 2020 before we see an RFP for a statewide broker. There will be discussion on this topic at the spring conference so come with questions.

We’ve got some exciting new training events coming up in 2019 like an electric bus workshop and we are partnering with Davey Coach on a Maintenance Forum over the summer so stay tuned! Of course we will continue providing a variety of training opportunities throughout the year--it’s not too late to call the CASTA offices if you still need to request some training, let us know what you need.
Upcoming Training & Events
Ready to start building just, resilient, sustainable cities in your career? EcoDistricts is coming to Denver for an EcoDistricts Foundation Course Workshop on Wednesday, February 20. This workshop is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of equity, sustainable neighborhood development, and will prepare you for the exam to become an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional! Register today.
CASTA Spring Conference
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May 21-24, 2019


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Registration will be open Tuesday, February 12, 2019. We will notify you in the following e-Newsletter when you can begin making room reservations. Be on the lookout for session topics as well!
Defensive Driver Trainer:
Requirements Changed
The National Safety Council has changed the requirements for the Defensive Driving Trainer course beginning in 2019. To view the changes please follow the link to the CASTA Defensive Driver Trainer Candidate Program web page.

If you have any questions please contact Joseph Parks.

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