We are the world's premier distributor of this traditional craft. This is a living folk art. This is a cottage industry, and every piece is one-of-a-kind and collectible. These images are meant as examples only. Click on the item name, image, or "Click to enter" button to see more. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Please, call  1(800) 463-9422 so we may assist you in selecting appropriate designs!

Easy, profitable wholesale support!

t's Fair Trade!

Earn  Better-Than-Average Profits!

Popular Price Points!
Many shoppers prefer  uplifting and meaningful gifts that are a confirmation of socially responsible purchasing!
Fair Trade products enhance the image of your store.  Free educational gift cards explain the concept of Fair Trade and authenticate each piece as a Fair Trade product.  It also tells the story of those who craft these lovely adornments. 
We are creating opportunity based on trust; this is a direct partnership between retailer and artisan!
Read the testimonials above and see what it means to your bottom line to be able to return your unsold product toward your next order! 
Lock in your profits and don't have them tied up in the bottom half of your inventory!
Never again work with a depleted display! 
Never again sacrifice your retail pricing by putting unchosen designs and sizes on sale!

Retailing at $5 to $50!
A 4X margin! 
Fair Trade products increase the retail value of your sale!  

Popular Designs!

$75 Minimum First Order
No Minimum Reorder!

Net 120 Billing!

We are on the forefront in the design of unique, high-demand, handcrafted, fashion driven jewelry and accessories! 
Your customers will compliment your good taste in fashion and demonstrate their enthusiasm with multiple and repeat purchases!

The first time minimum order is $75.00.
 There is no minimum on reorders.

We give you ample time to work with our beautiful jewelry, collectibles and decor accessories! 
For qualified customers, nothing comes due for 4 months. No money up front and 0% interest!

Try it First with NO RISK!

Lifetime Guarantee!

Incredible Return Policy!
No money up front! Try our products in your store for 30 days before you make  a decision to purchase!
Free high quality miniature displays!
Free Gift Cards!
Free Silk Voile Bags!
All of this makes for a meaningful gift!
Free Fair Trade Gift cards include a Consumer Lifetime Guarantee.


After your trial period you may still return any unsold merchandise for full value towards your next order!  
We will even pay for the return shipping!
For more details on the extraordinary support we give our clients and our buy-back program, consult our Retailers Benefits  HERE 


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