Blue Lunar (2) Storm 

July 26, 2020 - July 24, 2021 

"Two is the ray of polarity, the sacred twins, smoky mirror and the clear reflection, all 
things in relationship. Polarity is the loom on which reality is strung, the magnetic 
dance of universal forces. Within the mirror of polarity you will find the many faces 
of illusion as well as ultimate freedom from illusion" 

Ariel Spilsbury, the Mayan Oracle

Ariel's words above feel particularly relevant as we witness Global happenings that highlight polarity and separation yet simultaneously seem to reveal a Sacred Function; potential deep healing and a move toward Unity Consciousness for Humanity. What a threshold we find ourselves on!

And amid these Global Crises ,(on July 9th, 2020 to be exact) , Venus rose as a morning Star in the sign of Gemini. Her entire morning star/evening star Cycle will carry the overtone energy of the Gemini Rainbow Goddess even as she transits all signs of the zodiac. In Esoteric Astrology Venus is said to rule/resonate with the Soul Centered Expression of the sign Gemini, seeking to connect heart and head, heaven and earth, shadow and light, yin and yang, being and doing, inbreath and outbreath , upper chakras with lower through the heart, self and other, into unified expressions of wholeness. Each individual journey upon the path of the rainbow bridge (also known as the antakarana) is unique. Yet our collective journeys have the potential to change the world; indeed they have been, and are continuing to do so.

On July 26 we enter a Dreamspell Blue Lunar (2) Storm year. Blue Storm is Catalyzing Alchemizing Plutonian energy that says:Be the Center around which Chaos Dances, and the Change you wish to see in the World. Do this through your own Powers of Transformation and Regeneration.Blue Storm facilitates Breakdown to Breakthrough, and is the Storm that brings, Lightning, Thunder, Purifying Rains,  the Promise of the Suns Return...and the Rainbow. Blue Storm is also known as Worldchanger. Read a Piecefrom the Cosmic History Chronicles at the end of the Newsletter.

Rainbow Conductor

Rainbow Word Play in the Womb of Potential: 
Re-Storying our World

I don't know about anyone else reading this, but I'm feeling like I'm on information 
overload these days and wanting and needing to limit (and be extra discerning about) 
how much I take in. At the same time I feel the need and desire to do things that are 
creative, fun and fulfilling and to share this with others.. 
And so I invite you to come out and play with me.

Many years ago a couple of friends and I played a game we called Bowl of Words. 
We each wrote five or six words on pieces of paper and put them together in a bowl. 
Then we ceremonially took them all out and wrote them on a list - and each of us 
then created a  piece of writing using the words. It was fun and so amazing 
how each one was so  uniquely, creatively wonderful!...

More recently I introduced this word play concept in a collage circle that I facilitate 
and again the pieces of writing created and shared were so powerful, beautiful 
magical and unique.

What fun it might be to do this virtually!

AN INVITATION For Catalyzing Play

And so to honor the creative, curious. Magical Gemini Goddess and her desire to network, communicate, bridge worlds and be a Catalyst for Change,(and to honor the magical 
child in us all) imagine stirring a rainbow colors cauldron that holds the energy of our individual visions for a New Earth and together magically mixing some collective inspiration.

If you're interested in participating:

Send me 3 words via email that carry the energy of a positive vision you hold 
for yourself and the world to by July 25th 

Put Word Play in the subject line

I'll  create a list of the words I receive, and email the list of words to all who are playing. 
Then we will each write something using the words (as many as you can). The list of words 
will be sent to you on  July 26 by 4PM EDT

Any style of writing - poem, affirmation, short story, prayer etc. 
it's ok to add some additional words for connection and flow

Then send your piece back to me by  August 1st.
 sign your name or remain anonymous

I'll put all of the writings together, and send them back out to all participating. 
And, with the authors permission , Ill send the writings out 
as a section of the next newsletter as well. 

Let me know also if I have your permission to put your writing in the newsletter
in addition to the email sent to participants..

Most of all, Have Fun!

The Trinity of Kin for July 26 2020
that Informs this Newsletter

The Trinity of Kin combines the Dreamspell Galactic 
calendar (Kin 119 Blue Lunar Storm) and the Tzolkin of the Yucatec Maya 
(Kin 74 White Solar Wizard)
also referred to as Q'uiche count or Long Count and adds a third (at Center) 
as a bridge to connect the two. If interested, read more about that process
by clicking on Trinity of Kin;

or simply enjoy the imagery below...


Radiantly Receptive and
Attuned to the Wisdom of the Heart
with Vision and Hope
I create Magic in the World


Do you  hear the gentle voice of golden notes calling on the wind?
 calling us to Center
from the 4 corners calling us to our Collective Center
calling us Home.

Reflections  on the Times

This is an intense time for Humanity, Some of us are experiencing
devastating losses, incredible hardship and serious illness. Our hearts ache for 
friends and family and those we don't know
whose roads are unfathomably difficult at this time.    And yet in the 
midst of all of the social unrest and personal as well as political turmoil there 
are some beautiful unifying energies  circulating in our field.. 
There is Light descending onto our beautiful planet illuminating what remains to
be addressed, and bolstering and assisting us as we allow our 
own inner light to shine;  deep ancestral and collective healing is 
possible. and is happening.

I'm old enough to remember well the turmoil and social unrest of the 60's. I
 see and feel how far  we've come since then yet also know 
how far we have to go. Do any of you who remember feel this too?
We're in another chapter of our collective story that is opening the door
into a New World of Freedom.  And We  each have a  part in writing the New Story.
We've been preparing our entire lifetime!

It feels more important than ever ...

to be kind to ourselves and to each other. 
to Nurture ourselves,  Connect with Nature . Reach out if in need of support.
and be a support for others,,. remain positive and creative while not denying harsher realities,
facing them with courage and insight and utilizing them
as bridges to greater opportunity...

to listen deeply to the rhythms of life,
to our own inner voice, and to listen deeply to others be rooted as we reach, to ground and center each day,
to find the beauty in our lives and to create beauty

to honestly be in touch with our feelings ,

to find in our hearts what we know to be our own part in the collective 
unfolding  at the present time and to play our part with humility and gratitude, create safe ways to connect with friends, family, community. 
make time for Stillness and Reflection 
And time to have some fun doing things that fill us up  and make 
our hearts smile.

Sending Love

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The Teotihuacan Temple Double Flute aka Mayan Harmony Drone and
its connection to the Morning/Evening Star Cycle of Venus and specifically
to the Gemini Cycle 

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Shared writings from the Word Play Invitation 

Gene Keys and Astrological Connections


I am Worldchanger
coded by Blue Storm
My number is nineteen
the power of all number
I am the Master Alchemist
The force behind the Philosophers Stone
Skilled at the art of Transmutation
I am the Catalytic Transformer
Of World Consciousness and Planetary Living
I oversee the changes of the weather
I am the thunder that shatters your world systems
I am the transport of clouds that are filled with lightning
to illuminate the truth behind your illusions
I am the bringer of the drenching rain that purifies
It was I who caused the triple aspect monuments of the avatar archetype
To appear in the ancient temple grounds
I oversee the Morning and Evening Stars
I behold the creator of the fifth Sun, the Present world
Sent forth am I to dwell among you
Calling forth the sixth Sun
For the Great regeneration of the World Soul
to know me is to know your own power of self-generation
from the Cosmic History Chronicles, 
Volume V, Book of the TimeSpace



 With Love and Gratitude for the Journey
 Sarah Honu-Heart Gallant