Cultural Preservation Meets Diversity
Cultural preservation has always been a goal of many societies. We have a way to do something that has been time tested through generations in our culture, & we have great reasons why we do that something. Unfortunately, this desire to preserve our unique cultures has historically been the source of prejudice, & harm to other cultures in proximity. We may fear that assimilation of another culture’s ways will threaten the foundations of our culture.

One of the superpowers of community media is that it can limit this inter-cultural problem. Using community media to capture and distribute the best aspects of our culture not only educates our future generations, but also shares our culture with our dissimilar neighbors, who as a result become informed about and often empathetic toward our culture. Cultural preservation without persecution. Community media is that strong. CATV is here for all our neighbors. We invite you to participate in celebrating your culture. www.CATV8.org.

CATV is your voice, your media, your community.
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