Written Words Know No Fear
This week's shows are a nod to writers; those who make an impact on us. Some write to inspire, some to educate, inform, or motivate. The best writers convey authenticity also known as “essential truth.” Projecting essential truth in fictional and non-fictional writing is a concept worth discussing…

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Duncan McDougall, the Children's Literacy Foundation ED, talks to
Hanover Rotarians about the power of literacy.

Author Dr. Sharon Lamb examines her own parenting as she evaluates foster care custody of others.
VT author Ann Braden discusses "Benefits of Being an Octopus," an NPR Best Book.
VT author Archer Mayor chats about his 30th "Joe Gunter" murder mystery. Wow, 30? Prolific!
"Diet for a Small Planet" author Francis Moore Lappe chats about enviro impact on food scarcity.
"Remember your words can plant gardens or burn
whole forests down."
-Gemma Troy, Australian Poet & Artist
New Year Power Up
With a graphic like this you know we are going to encourage you to flex your voice. But this year we hope that "flexing" will lead to "strengthening" your voice which leads to "owning" your voice, which leads to that thing called "EMPOWERMENT."

The CATV crew wishes that you are in sync with your personal power in the new year. If we can help with that, we're just an email away. Reach us at info@catv8.org.
Happy New Year!
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