Celebrate spring with CATV
at First Friday, May 7!
CATV is proud to showcase our independent voices at Light River Junction First Friday with our friends at WRIF. Come to downtown White River Junction this Friday, May 7 from 5pm ~ 10pm to celebrate the bright, colorful days ahead with "'Toons and Tones," a vibrant showcase of music and movies by local artists.
Presented by WRIF in partnership with CATV, Vital Communities, the Town of Hartford, the Briggs Opera House, Revolution, the Center Cartoon Studies, and downtown businesses.
CATV captures local community events. If you have an event you want us to capture, email us at info@catv8.org or go to the CATV website for more info: www.catv8.org

CATV is your voice, your media, your community.
VT State Climatologist leads a panel presentation on climate issues.
Ornithologist & author of ‘The Singing Life of Birds,’ plays recording of local birdsongs.
Trail magic as captured by a Dartmouth film student.
Speculating on the happiness of our ancestors by studying history.
"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have."
--Leonard Nimoy, American actor
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