Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

You know it's election season when Hawaii's Democrats and their allies begin stealing the political signs of their Republican opponents.

Intimidation like this is just one of the techniques that deep-pocketed, heavily financed Democrats use to gain and/or retain power for the past sixty years .

But once in a while these Democrats get caught red-handed.  And we've got the whole story ( below) of that Democrat's humiliating meltdown and subsequent smear campaign.  House Speaker Joe Souki must be so proud of his protégé.

Yes, it happened this past weekend in Ewa Beach -- Saturday around 1:00 p.m -- in a VERY competitive state house district for Republicans; where a political  rematch will take place between the 2014 candidates:  Democrat Matt LoPresti and Republican Bryan Jeremiah.

The Democrat who got caught cheating this weekend knows that he barely got elected in 2014.  See these 2014 results below and you'll see how 2016 could return Ewa Beach to Republican hands.  Indeed, with former Republican Tom Berg not running againGOP challenger Bryan Jeremiah could beat Democrat incumbent LoPresti with nearly 50% of the vote to LoPresti's 47%.

Yes, the stakes are higher for Republicans (and Democrats) in Ewa Beach than just about any district in Hawaii.   And THAT is why LoPresti is already cheating.

So here, in the words of Bryan Jeremiah himself ( as well as the words of sworn incident witnesses), this second time Republican candidate for State House explains and proves his powerful case against sleazy Democrat Matt LoPresti . . . in a case study of disgusting dirty tricks.


This weekend I had the distinct displeasure of coming face to face with our district's freshman politician and the most disingenuous individual I have ever met.  I received an alarming phone call from a close friend advising me that Representative LoPresti was taking down and moving my campaign signs.

"I was stopped at the light at the intersection of Fort Weaver Rd. and Keoneula Blvd. waiting to turn left onto Hanakahi St. I noticed Matt LoPresti at the corner, had some signs in his hands and a pair of small bolt cutters, it looked like he was moving another candidate's signs to make room for his signs," said longtime Ewa resident Kurt Fevella.

When I asked him by what authority he had to move my signs he began a verbal tirade and threatening to have me arrested.

"I heard some people talking out front of my house. Came outside and I see Representative Lopresti leaning on my fence and Mr. Jeremiah talking to him from the back of the car parked in front of my yard," said the property owner.

Immediately after Matt took to Facebook completely lying about our meeting, stating he feared for his safety, he had to run away, and that Mr. Fevella and I boxed him in. This smiling hooligan carrying tools doesn't look like an individual fearing for his safety or running, nor does this look like a vehicle boxed in.

This is just another example in the long list of despicable tactics he has perpetrated to save his seat at the table of power.

He continually lies about my character to members of the community, telling them I'm a criminal with a 20-year history of crime, which is not only a lie, but very hypocritical since he has quite the history of confrontations with HPD himself.
Public records from the Hawaii State Judiciary's eCourt Kokua system.

Representative LoPresti was even arrested for DUI, which he has never disclosed to the community . . . a convenient omission.

Additionally, LoPresti's bag of political dirty tricks includes filing numerous frivolous complaints with the State Campaign Spending Commission; including the accusation that one of my donors was a fake person, which has been officially ruled as another in a series of LoPresti lies.  [Stay tuned for an exclusive account from HIRA about LoPresti's repeated false reports to law enforcement; each of which has been laughed out of the hearing room.]

Matt LoPresti is nothing more than an unstable bully, who continues to make excuses for his behavior by lying to the community and shamelessly claiming to be the victim.  Here's what the disgraced politician posted on Facebook shortly after he was caught in the act stealing campaign signs:

I will remain positive and I will continue to pray for this individual despite his actions against me.

Is this the type of person we want representing our community? I believe not, our community deserves better. Matt LoPresti is a Democrat establishment insider. He is the epitome of what is wrong in Hawaii politics today. And his misbehavior continues to be a cause of needless humiliation for House Speaker Joe Souki.

LoPresti does not care nor does he believe in our community as evidenced by his unwillingness to fight for us. He boasts that he fought for public education in Ewa. But inside sources at the State Capitol and Dept. of Education reveal that Campbell High School will remain underfunded and overcrowded for years to come; with sorely needed funds are being diverted to Maui and to the nonexistent Hoopili community in East Kapolei.

It's time for real change, please vote for me on November 8th to represent our community with honesty and integrity.

Bryan Jeremiah (R- Ewa Beach)

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