By Jeremy Raglin, Editor

In 2020, comfort foods are more in demand than ever before but consumers also want “better for you” comfort foods as well that have natural ingredients. CAULIPOWER has been fulfilling the demand for healthy comfort foods in recent years with their all–natural, Cauliflower based pizzas, and snacks.

Delicious Comfort Foods Made From All-Natural Ingredients

CALIPOWER was founded by Gail Becker, a mother of two boys who both have Celiac, an immune disease which means that they are unable to eat foods that have gluten, barley, wheat, or rye. 

When faced with the challenge of how to find foods that didn’t contain wheat, bread or gluten, Gail started searching for ways to make gluten–free versions of traditional comfort foods.

From those early days in her kitchen, creating cauliflower pizza crusts, she quickly realized how easy it was to create healthy versions of pizza crust and tortillas for her family and this was where she launched her CALIPOWER brand.