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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

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February 13, 2019 Week In Connections

Another Successful and Well Attended CAWA Leadership Days and Educational Forum in Napa
Members and prospects, in record numbers, enjoyed the venue, general session information, meetings and social events at this month's Leadership Days in Napa, California. At the general session, they listened to the following presentations:

"Key Automotive Trends Impacting the North American Aftermarket" - by Mark Seng, Global Aftermarket Leader, HIS Markit
"Our Connected Future" - by Joe Register, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, Auto Care Association
"Grow or Die" - by Tom Marx, Principal, Hart-Marx Advisors
"What You Might Expect in Legislation Next Year that Will Impact Your Business" - with panelists: Aaron Lowe, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Auto Care Association; Gary Conover, California Legislative Advocate and Jennifer Zins, Director of Government Affairs.

Members listen to presentations during the general session:

CAWA Leadership Days
CAWA thanks the following recent Leadership Days sponsors:
Armstrong _ Associates
Parts Authority
The next Leadership Days are scheduled for June 20-21, 2019 in Santa Barbara (Goleta). Watch for registration materials in May. For further information on Leadership Days, contact Rodney Pierini at or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201. Another member benefit.

All California Employers with Five (5) or More Employees Should Know this New Law Requiring Sexual Harassment Training for Their Employees - CAWA Brings the Training to You at NO Cost in Partnership with CoreMark
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for supervisors and staff that satisfies requirements under California SB 1343 (New 2019 Law!) is available to CAWA members through our relationship with CoreMark. See here for details. Take advantage of the FREE member benefit and contact CoreMark at or 866.340.2247. Another member benefit.

Marijuana Laws Require New Workplace Policies
As states continue to liberalize marijuana use, employers are left in a bind in terms of enforcing no-drug policies, respecting their employees' right to privacy and keeping a safe workplace. Since employers have to balance their legal obligations to their employees, they also have to be able to ensure they have a safe workplace that is free of drugs.

Here's a guide to the main issues facing employers. Recall, as a member you have a FREE ½ hour per month of legal consultation for issues such as this - see for the attorney in your state. Source: Our partners at Armstrong & Associates

Overcoming the Salesperson's Biggest Obstacle: Call Reluctance
Sales people By far the biggest reason salespeople fail is because they don't make enough calls, to talk to enough people, to get enough prospects, in order to make the necessary sales. There are two causes for this, one: not putting in the hours necessary, and two: call reluctance. While the first one is a problem and needs to be addressed, I find that the latter far outweighs the former.

If you watch your average sales rep during the day, even when they are 'working' they avoid making calls. They do paperwork, clean their desk, check e-mail, service accounts, do research, and find many other ways to distract themselves during the day. Successful people are successful because they get themselves to do the things that unsuccessful people won't. Similar to homework as a kid, taking out the trash, or doing 40 minutes of intense cardio, there are some things in life we have to do if we're going to live a successful, fulfilling life, even though we don't want to. In sales, that means getting ourselves to make the calls necessary for success.

Enclosed ( here) is a list of techniques and tricks used to make the calls that need to be made. Source: John Chapin

Automotive Related E-commerce and Technology Companies are of Interest to CAWA
In pursuing a major and critical goal of the Association, a CAWA Task Force has recommended and the Board of Directors has adopted the following: "That the Association pursue automotive related e-commerce and technology companies to CAWA membership". If you know of potential member candidates from these type companies, please email with contact information. Thank you.

A Carbon Tax to Replace Sales Tax - Another Silly Idea from Our Legislators
This new type of "carbon tax" would result in both a cap on emissions from facilities and a carbon-based sales tax on the products manufactured in those facilities, potentially driving up the already-high cost of living for Californians. SB 43 (Allen; D-Santa Monica) is being regarded by some as a "study" bill. However, at the end of the study, without coming back to the Legislature, SB 43 requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to amend its 2017 Scoping Plan, the document that guides the state's strategy for meeting its 2030 goals, to include this new carbon-in-lieu-of-sales tax concept. 

While repeal of the sales and use tax would require legislative approval, concepts included in CARB's Scoping Plan tend to become a runaway train. See this link for information on a proposed carbon tax in California: Source: our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

Our President & CEO Talks About CAWA's Scholarship Program for Automotive High School Teachers
CAWA received a $25,000 grant from the University of the Aftermarket Foundation to implement this scholarship program in 2019. It will be known as the "Motorcar Parts of America - Selwyn Joffe Scholarship Program". Listen here to an interview with Remarkable Results Radio podcast host, Carm Capriotto. For further information on this new scholarship program, contact Rodney Pierini at or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201. Another member benefit.

Motorcar Parts of America 2011

CAWA 2019 Scholarships - Apply Now Through March 31, 2019
Scholarship Interested in receiving a scholarship from the Association for your employees, children, family members and others who would be welcomed into the auto care industry? Applying is easy! The online application process allows students interested in aftermarket careers to submit one application each year online at and receive consideration for several scholarships. Funds for scholarships come from generous CAWA members and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation. For more information, see or contact CAWA Member Services at Another member benefit.

CAWA Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine_s Day
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