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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

Automotive Distribution Network
April 16, 2019 Week In Connections

An Exciting New Benefits Offering Available to CAWA Members!
The CAWA Arizona Health Trust is an Association Health Plan designed to provide high quality, affordable employee benefits programs to employers in the automotive industry, located in Arizona. 

Groups may choose from several medical and dental plan options underwritten by BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona, as well as optional vision through VSP and Life/AD&D through The Standard Insurance Company. Additional plan features include consolidated billing, online administration and free COBRA administration for all employers! 

A membership with CAWA is required to participate in the Health Trust. We look forward to announcing the expected launch date of the Health Trust very soon and will provide more information at that time. For immediate information, contact Another member benefit.
AZ Health Trust

CAWA Leadership Days Presentations in Santa Barbara, CA - June 20-21, 2019
Look forward to CAWA Leadership registration materials later this month. Presentations will include:
  • "Automotive Aftermarket eCommerce Secrets - A Comprehensive Approach to Making Your Competitors Irrelevant" - Tony Minock, CEO of Cellacore, Inc. 
  • "Understanding the Warehouseman's Role in the Skilled Trades Supply Chain" - John Gustafson, President of Gustafson Brothers, Inc. 
  • "Financing Growth: Get Your Banker to Say YES" - Brad Mewes, Principal, Supplemental Advisory - Driving Growth 
  • "What Pillars of the Auto Care Association Will Impact Your Business" - Tom Tucker, Auto Care Association, Director State Affairs 

For more information on CAWA Leadership Days, contact programs@cawa.orgAlso, there are meeting and social event sponsorships available to members and friends. 

California Employers - Another Required Posting Has Came Your Way (April 1st: Employers with 20 to 49 Employees)
The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) approved the Fair Employment and Housing Council's (FEHC) changes to the Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability notice (now called Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave), adding information about the New Parent Leave Act (NPLA). California employers covered by the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and the NPLA are required to post this new notice starting April 1, 2019. Go to HR 360 ( and search for the new poster (it's FREE to CAWA members) or call 866.340.2247 ext. 21 to reach our partners at CoreMark Insurance for assistance. Another member benefit.

Building a Successful (Sales) Culture
You just hired the perfect person: great work ethic, positive and upbeat, they show up early, leave late, take ten minutes of a fifteen-minute break, and do more than expected and more than you ask for. Now let's take that person and put them into an environment where people are negative, aren't held accountable, take three days off for a hang-nail, show up at 8:05 then spend 45 minutes "getting ready" for their day, start preparing to leave at 3:30 and leave at 5:00 like there's a fire drill. What happens to that perfect hire? One of two things: they either become just like everyone else after about a month, or they leave. See more here. Source: John Chapin
Successful Sales Culture

Cybersecurity and the Threat to Repair Industry Competition
The independent vehicle aftermarket is clearly one of the great success stories in the United States economy. Despite the increasing sophistication of vehicle systems and attempts by vehicle manufacturers to capture marketshare, independents continue to grow and prosper through innovation and just plain good customer service. However, the ability of independents to compete is based on full access to the vehicle and the tools, information and software needed to provide repairs. See more details here regarding CAWA's support of our national partners, the Auto Care Association and the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality, in search for solutions to the independent aftermarket's access to secured vehicle data. Source: Aaron Lowe, Auto Care Association

Pursuit of Association Goal Touches National Partner
CAWA is assessing the goals of the Auto Care Association and will complement them with its own efforts, out West. CAWA is currently assessing their five "strategic pillars" and their 4 major initiatives to see where we can align with and complement what they are doing.

For example, telematics, access to vehicle data by independents and the car buyer/leasee's ownership of their vehicle information is a focus of Auto Care and CAWA has a similar focus in educating the industry, the motoring public and legislators/regulators (and their staffs) regarding the aftermarket's position on these issues. CAWA has already had preliminary discussions with the Auto Care Association President & CEO, Bill Hanvey, and members of his executive team on how we can best achieve CAWA's goal of: Set a precedent and maximize the alignment of goals with our national partner, the Auto Care Association.
AutoCare Assn

Selling with Sight and Sound to Gain Velocity
Selling an intangible idea can be tough. When you are trying to sell your competitive advantage, it can be challenging to verbalize the concept in a powerful way that resonates with your prospect. Intangibles leave a lot to the imagination, and that doesn't necessarily work in your favor. If you're running into trouble, you may be relying too much on your prospect's ability to absorb information via their sense of hearing. Your differentiated advantage is on the line, so it's best to deliver that message via more than one sense. Coupling sight with sound can be a game changer that helps prospects better understand exactly what you have to offer. I have discovered that translating the intangible idea into a graphical process delivers strong results. See more explanation here. Source: Ron Karr

Want to Know Who is Leading CAWA?
See here for the roster of the Board of Directors and the roster of the Manufacturers Advisory Council. CAWA thanks these individuals for their time, effort and resources to strengthen and promote the automotive aftermarket industry, as well as, the Association itself. Should you be interested in serving your industry and the membership of CAWA, contact

CAWA and CoreMark Reminds You the Much Anticipated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Module is Now Live!
Recall, if you employ 5 or more employees all must have completed mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Education in 2019 (not just your managers/supervisors). Not only does this training now have to be completed by your staff every two years, but it also applies to temporary or seasonal employees. All CAWA members have access to this valuable training module (required via a new California law in 2019, SB1343) at no cost. 

Stop Harassment The Training360 Learning Management System delivers high quality courses to satisfy training a variety of requirements for employees of all levels, with easy-to- understand videos and tools for management tracking.  

Beyond the sexual harassment training module, other course topics include: 
  • OSHA Compliance and Safety Training 
  • Workplace violence and stress prevention 
  • And more! 

Remember, this training is available at no cost to CAWA members (whereas some training companies are charging as much as $25 per employee)! Contact Mat Nabity at CoreMark, or 866.340.2247. Another member benefit.

Net Driven Wants You to Sell More Parts and Encourage the Public to Visit Your Commercial Customers
CAWA has endorsed Net Driven as an internet/website provider for about 4 years. See some of their product and service offerings enclosed here. The question I posed to them was: Would they give the CAWA discount to our members' customers (primarily repair garages), i.e., $500 to $1,000 off start-up costs? Net Driven's answer was yes!

So a question for you: Would you be willing to promote this offering to your repair garage customers? Particularly, those customers that are looking for an internet presence to promote and sell their services to the motoring public. If you would be willing, please let me know and Net Driven's representative will be in touch with you and discuss what, if anything, they can also do for you because of your promotion of their company. Contact with questions if you have an interest.
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