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Thank You to Our Sponsor of This Edition of CAWA Connections

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September 4, 2018 Week In Connections

Bob Cushing, President and CEO, WORLDPAC and Executive Vice President, Advance Professional to Keynote CAWA's 2018 Gala Dinner
Bob Cushing
CAWA will hold its annual gala dinner the Sunday night before AAPEX/SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 28, 2018. 

The event, to be held at Caesar's Palace, is exclusively sponsored by Motorcar Parts of America. This sponsorship allows CAWA to devote all the proceeds from the gala to its scholarship program. Mr. Cushing will keynote the event by discussing "The Changing Landscape of Our Industry".

Click here for reservation information or email

Auction Prizes or Cash Donations to Support CAWA's Scholarship Program are Now Being Accepted
Should you or your company be interested in donating cash, raffle or auction prizes, please see the contribution form ( here) and solicitation letter from this year's Fundraising Committee Chair, Ron Aparicio of Mevotech ( here). The event that raises funds for the scholarship program will be held the Sunday night before AAPEX/SEMA in Las Vegas (October 28, 2018). For more information on how you can support scholarships given by the Association, contact our President & CEO, Rodney Pierini at or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201.  Another member benefit.

Employees Going Out on Medical Leaves of Absence Often will have Questions About the California State Disability Insurance Program
SDI How long can an employee collect State Disability Insurance (SDI)? Will SDI benefits be reduced if an employee collects sick, vacation or Paid Time Off (PTO) pay while on leave? Can an employee collect partial SDI benefits if he/she is able to come back to work only part-time? Will an employee lose SDI benefits if he/she gets laid off during his/her leave? For answers to these questions, click here. Source: Our Friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

The Auto Care Industry's Economic Impact in Arizona, Nevada and California
See the enclosure that our industry offers to the consuming public: quality, choice, innovation and contributions to the states' economies (click here). Source: Our Friends at the Auto Care Association

AB 2825, Which CAWA Opposed, Has Died in the California Senate Appropriations Committee
Legislation The legislation would have required, in the case of automotive repair, to collect a debt from a repair consumer on a debt owed by the consumer for towing or impounding, prior to the consumers car being returned after repair.

Let your commercial customers know and contact our Legislative Advocate, Gary Conover, or 916.233.9655.

Other Bills in California that CAWA is Watching for You
If legislation does not pass the California legislature by last midnight Aug. 31, 2018 - it dies. The Governor will have until September 30th midnight in which to sign or veto legislation passed by the legislature. Should you have any questions regarding these bills (here), contact our Legislative Advocate, Gary Conover, or 916.233.9655.

eBay Motors Launches New Tools to Simplify Online Auto Parts Shopping
eBay Motors
Whether you're a DIYer tackling a simple car repair or a serious gearhead with a difficult project, there are two new ways to shop for parts and accessories on eBay Motors. eBay announces their latest auto feature, Shop by Diagram, which lets shoppers use interactive schematics to determine which parts are necessary, and then quickly making the exact items they need available for purchase. See complete article here. Source: Aftermarket Business World

CAWA 2019 Scholarships - Apply Now Through March 31, 2019
Interested in receiving a scholarship from the Association for your employees, children, family members and others who would be welcomed into the auto care industry? Applying is easy! The online application process allows students interested in aftermarket careers to submit one application each year online at and receive consideration for several scholarships. Funds for scholarships come from generous CAWA members and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation. For more information, see or contact CAWA Member Services at Another member benefit.

At CAWA's Request - the California Department of Motor Vehicle Field Offices Played the Magnuson Moss Warranty Video - Which is Good for Your Business!
The 178 California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) field offices throughout the state will be showing a video about the Magnuson Moss Act produced by AutoNetTV Media in conjunction with CAWA and the national Car Care Council. The 30-second animated video ( click here) will help educate motorists watching television screens in DMV waiting rooms about the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. The Act is a law that stipulates that consumers do not have to return to a new car dealership to install only original equipment replacement parts in order to protect the new car warranty. The video clarifies that consumers can obtain service and repair and install aftermarket parts at independent shops without fear of voiding the new car warranty.

These Manufacturers are Contributors in Support of CAWA's Government Affairs Program
There are automotive parts manufacturing and other companies who are financial supporters of CAWA's government affairs program. We want to recognize their support and thank them. For a complete list of companies see here. Is you companies logo included? See for membership and support information.

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