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August 21, 2018 Week In Connections

Chair Gosnell Appoints Bill Meyer of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology to the Association's Manufacturers' Advisory Council
CAWA Chair of the Board, Jack Gosnell of Next Level Parts, has appointed Bill Meyer of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology to the Association's Manufacturers' Advisory Council (MAC). When Chair Gosnell announced Mr. Meyer's appointment he commented: "Bill has been involved and supported CAWA for several years and the Association is pleased he has stepped up to serve on CAWA's MAC". "We know and appreciate the contributions he will make to the future successes of the Association and the industry it serves".

Mr. Meyer joined MANN+HUMMEL as part of the company's acquisition of Affinia Group in May, 2016 and is currently serving as Business Development Manager for the Western United States. He joined the company in 2008 and has spent the past 10 years working closely with warehouse distributors, independent jobbers, and fleets to maximize WIX Filters' penetration into the light-duty and heavy-duty filter aftermarket. In this role, he covers the 15 Western States including Alaska and Hawaii. He assumed the sales responsibility of MANN-FILTER since the merger's completion in 2016. With a career dedicated to the automotive industry, he has a passion for his customers and expert knowledge of his filtration brands. Prior to joining MANN+HUMMEL, Mr. Meyer served as a sales representative for a variety of automotive employers, including Pete Kotze Sales, Wondrack Distributing Inc, Astley's Automotive Warehouse and the Performance Warehouse. In addition to his experience in the automotive aftermarket, he is also a graduate of the Northwood University's Leadership 2.0 program and is a member of AAPEX, SEMA and AWDA.

Auction Prizes or Cash Donations to Support CAWA's Scholarship Program are Now Being Accepted
Should you or your company be interested in donating cash, raffle or auction prizes, please see the contribution form ( here) and solicitation letter from this year's Fundraising Committee Chair, Ron Aparicio of Mevotech ( here). The event that raises funds for the scholarship program will be held the Sunday night before AAPEX/SEMA in Las Vegas (October 28, 2018). For more information on how you can support scholarships given by the Association, contact our President & CEO, Rodney Pierini at or 800.332.2292, ext. 1201. Watch for registration materials for the annual dinner meeting to be distributed in August. Another member benefit.

CAWA Members Assist in Presenting 2018 Scholarship Awards
Thanks to CAWA members, 2018 scholarship awards were presented at their businesses on behalf of the Association. Beyond the financial award and the $500 Powerbuilt Tools certificate provided by All Trade Tools, many member companies gave the awardee tools or product certificates, as well. CAWA thanks its members for assisting in presenting this year's scholarship awards.

CAWA Members Join in to Award 2018 Scholarships

Automotive Refrigerants in Small Containers: Retailer Requirements - What you need to know!
CAWA members who sell automotive refrigerant in small containers must comply with California Air Resources Board regulatory requirements. This member alert (see here) provides important information for retailers for collecting deposit, returning used cans to manufacturers and returning unclaimed deposits. Contact CAWA's Director of Government Affairs, Jennifer Zins, at 916.871.0603 or with questions. Another member benefit.

New Rule Bans Retaliatory Drug Testing of Employees Who Report Injury
Drug Testing Our company has a mandatory drug testing policy in the event of an accident/injury. Does the new federal regulation incorporated into the record-keeping requirements now prohibit blanket drug testing policies? See for information. Source: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce

California Provides Guidance Regarding Its Salary History Ban
On January 1, 2018, California's salary history ban (A.B. 168) took effect. Under A.B. 168, California employers are prohibited from "seek[ing] salary history information" from an applicant. The statute also prohibits employers from relying on an applicant's prior salary history "as a factor in determining whether to offer employment . . . or what salary to offer an applicant." On July 18, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2282, the Fair Pay Act Bill, which takes effect on January 1, 2019, and clarifies the application of California's Equal Pay Act. Recall, as a member of CAWA, you can receive up to ½ hour free legal consultation on employee issues such as this one. See for the attorney in your state. Another member benefit.

EPA Reminds Auto Care Industry of Refrigerant Sales Restrictions
On July 23, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a letter addressed to the Auto Care Association to remind the industry of new rules extending sales restrictions for ozone-depleting refrigerants to include approved non-ozone depleting substitutes, primarily R-134a and HFO-1234yf. Under the rules, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, refrigerant vendors must verify that the purchaser of a substitute refrigerant, supplied in a two-pound container or larger, is either a certified technician or a shop that employs at least one certified technician. For details click here. Source: Auto Care Association

When Disasters Strike Like the Wild Fires the Industry has the Aftermarket Foundation to Rely On
Since 1959, the Aftermarket Foundation has assisted individuals and families of the automotive aftermarket who have fallen on hard times due to death, catastrophic illness or accident, creating financial hardship. It is the only charity dedicated solely to helping members of the automotive aftermarket and their families. For further information, contact Joel Ayres, the Foundation's Executive Director at 916.628.0271 or

Information About Paying Outside Salespeople Commission Payments --- Is it OK to Pay a Salary and Follow the Minimum Salary Rules for Exempt Employees?
Yes, it is OK to pay outside salespeople a salary instead of a commission. Actually, an outside salesperson may be paid in any manner, including hourly. Outside salespeople do not need to meet the minimum salary requirement that covers the executive, administrative and professional exemptions. See more details here - Source: Our friends at the California Chamber of Commerce  

Workers Comp Insurance Renewal for Many Members is Here
The renewal process for many CAWA members is coming upon us quickly. For competitive rates and quality customer service, call our insurance partners at Armstrong & Associates. See the enclosure ( here) for details on this year's renewal and call Glen Dailey at 800.575.6891 or Another member benefit.

Worker Comp

2018 Dues Non Deductibility Statement
For federal income tax purposes, CAWA dues may be deductible as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution. CAWA estimates that 42% of your dues for 2018 are not deductible as a business expense because they are attributable to lobbying as is in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 6033. Contributions to the Political Action Fund are not deductible as a charitable contribution or as a business expense for federal income tax purposes. For more information, consult with your accountant or tax attorney.  
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